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BREAKING !! Barcelona agree to selling French Star to Liverpool


Barcelona our oven to the idea of selling us money and in daily to Liverpool according to repot in the Spanish media tell this Marquess climbed at birth to the glob his team to sign the taken what beliefs can provide competition his car on attacker feed me no Sarah and money among the top three forward in the Europe and then bear a count combat man das three nicely the punishment one he comes tip to report client it will take an offer of 85 million euros to ten Barcelona into dying business a hamstring injury health coverage then they late this season he play he has client just nine game or the cutter on Giants scoring a single goal with remind to be seen when the clock will turn off still found doing this man Liverpool have already added Takumi Minami no decided to stain attacking rain merchant will stand to make a significant loss and then be a design the forward from cotton for an initial 89 million euros raising to 119 million euro with Edison vivoli purple stands on new players the big money kept to obtain the rest him unlikely so aesthetically forever up to slab of keyboard option and that was the cast with minamino silence then delay is not a bad player and m22 that is still plenty and on the bed for the NCR in 1714 for vodka he has scored nine goals and razor 17 aces about he has leg live in use it as a Becca with kidney no solace and money of an informal seemed like this time to hang fire with the melee Liverpool solving the Premier League decision with the squad they have the summer work D an eighty of time to take stock and rhesus rhythm of loss then Bailey can do the job at Santi you

Source: Youtube

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