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Breaking Bad VS The 80s


Yes that's me You are probably wondering how I ended up in this situation

BAD DAY BAD DAY IN ENDOR It was carried to the freezer buckets What kind of crazy bitch takes the ice buckets from the freezer? Hey, you leave something Yes, you forget the ice buckets! You will need the buckets! Skyler, put the knife down, please Wendy Give me the bat Give me the bat Ah! Daughter of Get out! I need a doctor Walter? Down here

Up! Come on, you are smart You made poison with beans! Are you telling me that you have made a time machine with a DeLorean? Yes, science! and suddenly, bam! We were in that ditch Yes, bam !, and I eat what the hell? What if you use these chemicals to make a…

space fuel? Or we could throw a sparkler OR you make some kind of

robot The future Are you going there? That's 25 years into the future! Do not lose those tapes I will need them as documentation

I will put this here There is a cow house about two miles away, but I do not see anyone Cows house? Yes Where they live Cows

Did your mother drop you on your head when you were a baby? The buzz didn't sound! Well, that was my day How was yours?

Source: Youtube

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