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This is Walter White, a young and enthusiastic chemist who, with his friend Elliot and his girlfriend Gretchen, founded a little chemical company One day Walter broke up with Gretchen and left the small company selling his share for five thousand dollars

Eventually, Elliot and Gretchen married and became millionaires using Walter's ideas, while Walter became a high school chemistry teacher who doesn't make a dime Walter was very angry Of course, he didn't become a millionaire! And all that resentment gradually turns him from a good, honest guy to the biggest drug lord So today at "Summing it up" "Breaking Bad" This is the story of Walter White, a chemistry teacher who lives comfortably in Albuquerque with a lot of secondary characters And they are SKYLER as his wife WALTER JR as his son HOLLY as her daughter HANK as his brother-in-law who works for the DEA and MARIA as Hank's wife Everything was going relatively well in Walter's life until it starts to go relatively badly Because when he turns 50, his wife tells him she's pregnant And also at school the students tease him

And he also has another job where he cleans his students' cars And he also has lung cancer The thing is that one day they are watching a report of an operation of some narcos and Walter sees that the narcos make a lot of money Then he accompanies Hank to a break-in and happens to meet Jesee, a former student of his And there they meet for the first time

So Walter thinks "I think it's a good idea to get together with this young man I haven't seen in years and start cooking meth That way I will raise money to buy my medicine and to leave it to my family if I die

Yes, that's what I'll do I will cook methamphetamine" So Walter gives up his job in the car wash and goes to Jesse and says: "Jesse, Jesse, let's cook meth" "No way" says Jesse "Come on!" says Walter

"Well, you convinced me," Jesse says Then they grab some chemical stuff, buy a motorhome and start cooking drugs ♩ Let's cook ♩ ♩ a happy dish! ♩ ♩ A cup of joy ♩ ♩ Willingness to help! ♩ ♩ A pinch of optimism ♩ ♩ A bowl of friendship! ♩ ♩ And then we cook them ♩ ♩ in the heat of friendship

♩ From that day on Walter and Jesse are going to meet with different clients who, in addition to complicating their lives, are going to make Walter move to the dark side Like Crazy 8 and Emilio Walter kills one by intoxication and the other by choking, making this his first direct murder

Or Tuco Salamanca, who makes Walter cross a line blowing up his office But don't worry, because after that Walter ends up with a lot of money But the most important thing is that he ends up very happy realizing that he has found his true profession And at this point Walter is no longer Walter White, he's Heisenberg ♩ They're talking about a Heisenberg

♩ ♩ who now controls the market ♩ As the business is growing too much, Walter and Jesse have to hire a lawyer to help them And that's how the best character in the series appears Saul Goodman is going to become their lawyer and get them new clients And he's also gonna have to put up with Walter who's very cocky and no one can stop him So, more professionals and with better equipment, Walter and Jesse are gonna keep cooking drugs

But blue drug! ♩ Let's cook ♩ ♩ a happy dish! ♩ Since the meth they do is the best in the world and they are the only ones who can do it, business is going well and they are happy But Walter's happier because he's cured of cancer But Jesse is happier because he falls in love with his neighbor But the neighbor is happier because she is an addict and started dating a narco

Then Walter stops being happy because he realizes the girl is a bad influence on Jesse At night he enters the house just when the girl is about to die drowned by her own vomit Walter, instead of saving her, plays one of the best scenes in the show And Jesse's girlfriend dies But there is more bad news because Tuco's cousins come to avenge the death of his cousin

The thing is, they want to kill Walter And one day they're almost going to kill him but Walter is so lucky (You're so lucky Walter!) that at the last moment salvation arrives The one who sent the message is the most villainous villain in this series: Gustavo Fring He's a Chilean man who speaks very bad Spanish Or fi-ight me and die-e! And he also has a fast food place called " Pollos hermanos"

What's really a front to hide his big business: methamphetamine With him also appears the second best character of the series: Mike Gustavo's trustworthy goon The issue is that bad Latinos can't kill Walter White because Gustavo wants to hire him to cook Gustavo Fring has a meth lab hidden under a laundry room

The place is well equipped And he hires Walter but not Jesse, because he doesn't like Jesse Then he brings him a new partner named Gale who is also very good at making methamphetamine So together they start cooking meth but in a professional laboratory ♩ Let's cook

♩ ♩ a happy dish! ♩ As Walter becomes a millionaire Skyler begins to suspect that something is wrong with her husband She is struck by the fact that he is making a lot of money, she is struck by the fact that he has two cell phones, and she is struck by the fact that he appears naked in a supermarket Finally they end up divorcing and Walter confesses to her that he cooks meth to make a living and leave money for his family And instead of denouncing him, she becomes his accountant and helps him launder money Meanwhile, Jesse tries to be happy again and starts dating a girl

But, let me tell you that Gustavo Fring's employees kill a neighbor of the girl and Jesse wants to seek revenge He wants to kill the guys Obviously Jesse has the odds against him But, but, but salvation just arrives to star in another of the great scenes of the show This whole situation makes Gustavo Fring think that Walter is a dangerous guy who can do anything at any time

So, since Gale already knows how to make all the meth of the same quality as Walter, he orders him to be killed But, but, but Walter already knew this was going to happen So he calls Jesse to kill Gale And Jesse stars in another one of the great scenes of the show The point is that Gustavo lets them continue cooking for him but he tells them: "If you ever misbehave again, this will happen to you

" And he cuts off the neck of one of his employees The boys are still working but Walter knows that at any moment he will have to kill Gustavo and the plan is to poison him with risina And as Gustavo knows, that Walter knows that he will have to kill him at any moment, he takes Jesse to work with him and use him to make meth without Walter

And since Walter knows that Gustavo knows he wants to kill him, he gets scared and wants to go to hell And when he goes to get the money to escape he realizes that Skyler gave all the money to his ex-boss And then Walter stars in the best scene of the show But calm down, because Walter doesn't get demotivated so easily By chance, he comes up with an idea

And pay attention because the plan is very complex and it works by chance Walter poisons Jesse's girlfriend's son and tells Jesse that the one who poisoned him was Gustavo Fring so that he believes that it was actually Walter who poisoned him, so Jesse wants to kill Walter But since it was actually Gustavo, he has to kill Gustavo Jesse doesn't understand a thing He doesn't know who is cheating on him, who poisoned whom, but just in case he trusts Walter and helps him kill Gustavo

And they kill him by putting a bomb in Hector Salamanca's wheelchair And that's how Gustavo Fring

dies But instead of deciding to go back to teaching and stop fucking around, he decides to ally himself with Mike and Jesse to continue cooking meth But this time they are their own bosses

He no longer does it because he needs the money or to leave an inheritance to his family He does it because he wants to become the biggest drug lord That's how he befriends some Nazis, a girl who drinks coffee with stevia and Todd, the trigger-happy But to cook quietly he has to tie up a few loose ends First they have to break a Gustavo's computer where there's a lot of evidence

They use a giant magnet for that Then they have to get raw material And they steal a train like a western Then they have to get a lab And for that they use a fumigation company as a front and cook in houses while they fumigate

And last but not least, they have to eliminate all of Gustavo's former employees who are in jail and can talk And that's why Walter pays his Nazi friends to take care of everything in two minutes making the most ultra-violent scene of the show ♩ One, two, ultraviolent ♩ ♩ One, two, ultraviolent ♩ ♩ One, two, ultraviolent ♩ ♩ And what's going on now? ♩ The point is that the business starts to grow and grow and grow and grow even more And Walter becomes the greatest of all the greats of the greats of drugs Well done! But

everything starts to get complicated Mike is discovered by the police and he has to escape But Walter kills him

And Mike dies Goodbye Mike

May the force be with you Skyler's really stressed out about all the work of being a narco accountant Besides, they don't know what to do with that much money So Walter decides to retire and get it all over with But just, just, just that same day, Hank finally finds out

And Jesse also realizes that it was Walter who evened the kid and not Gustavo So he joins Hank to catch Walter But Walter takes his Nazi friends to catch Jesse And then everything goes to hell because the Nazis steal his money, kidnap Jesse and they also kill Hank Goodbye Hank

May the force be with you This shows that you should never trust people who got swastikas tattooed Ok, Lampy! At this point there are only two chapters left to finish the series and here begin the dramas of Walter and Jesse Jesse is being held hostage and forced to cook meth And to fuck up his life even more, they kill his girlfriend

Stop fucking with Jesse's life! Well, it's a tough story, isn't it? Very difficult Walter is having a hard time because his wife has had enough and doesn't want to see him anymore And besides, his son can't stand him because he thinks he killed his uncle And besides, all the police know that he's Heisenberg And then he gets cancer back and he's fucked up

Then he pays for that service that makes you disappear, and he disappears A few months later Walter was hiding in a cabin on the back of beyond and one day he goes to a bar for a whisky and just, just, just, just, just sees on the TV his former partners say that Walter was never part of the company And that's where Walter gets mad Of course, he was ignored on T

V ! And he thinks, "It's over, I'm going back to Albuquerque and I'm done with it" First he goes to the house of his partners and leaves them all the money he raised with the business and makes them promise that they will give it to their children as a donation And in order for them to fulfill, he frightens them by telling them that two hired killers will be following them Which are actually Jesse's two stoner friends

Then he goes to Skyler's to apologize, to give her a paper with the coordinates for the police to find Hank's body and to confess for the first time, the truth of why he got into the drug business Then he meets Todd and the Stevia girl and asks them for a meeting with the Nazis and they accept There Walter poisons the girl and the girl, hours later, dies Finally Walter goes to the Nazi house to carry out his revenge plan which, frankly, worked out well by pure chance The problem is that Walter was hit by a bullet and then he asks Jesse to kill him

But Jesse says no, because he's no longer manipulable It's too late, Jesse! Too late! He's already ruined your life! How late you realized it! So Jesse leaves and sees Walter for the last time Jesse runs away and leaves very happy because he thinks he's never going to suffer again But he will Because now there's going to be a movie to keep fucking up the poor kid's life

Walter's the one who doesn't get fucked up anymore Because when he was walking through a lab Walter White

dies And this is the end of one of the best series in the world and in the history of television Leaving a spin off that is also excellent, a film that we hope will not screw it up and a Colombian remake that is more comical than dramatic

I'm not in danger I am the danger! This was the summary of “Breaking Bad” If you like it as much as I do, comment on your favorite scenes Mine, indisputably, is this one And after that

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Period XOXO BYE BYE Good night Summing it up Idea, edition and script by Don Jorge Pinarello

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