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Breaking Bad || Mr Rattlebone


Maybe all this it's time to leave it behind

Yes, Mr White (Just leave the town) Yes Science Do you want to cook crystal meth? Don't look back This is art Look, you two are just You're human Okay? Mr White

is the devil No He's smarter than you more lucky You're the only one in the ass Keep your friends close Keep your enemy closer As you say I'm not in danger Skyler

the danger is mine I'll give you Jesse Pinkman As you said it was the problem, the problem was always it The man is shot when he opens his door Are you putting me in her place? No, it's me who knocks the door

Do you want to know what you're doing? Do you want to hear? He poisoned a little boy Since I met you everything everything I value it disappeared

ruined, devalued … Since the day I met the magnificent Heisenberg, all I see is death Heisenberg, Heisenberg What happened to me is not about any disease

About the elections My choices The choices I stand behind Before I said it was over … Never ends No, come on My friend, an example citizen who fits every rule like you Suddenly he will go bad at the age of 60 What happened to you Because this is not you I woke up now

Who the hell are you? You know You all know exactly who I am Say my name Heisenberg What happened? I won He can't get away from it all the time

Source: Youtube

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