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Breaking Bad || Dust In The Wind


Everything is over! Walt! Come out! I'm sorry that the guy does not see this But I see for sure You are a time bomb tick tick tick Just drop all this nonsense about caring and just tell the truth

Enough I don't need any of your delusional excuses And I have no desire to be around when the bomb detonates You, you pretend like I need to leave the city, as if everything was for my sake and my new beginning but in fact, it's you All this Everything I'm sorry Mike This is all for me Sorry? Truth? But due to the fact that this happened, that I have to lie down and die with him? I don’t even know who I'm talking to Listen, you two

just two guys Okay? Mr

White The devil in the flesh

-Don't pop into my territory All of you perfectly know who I am I will not allow my children to live in the same house as a drug dealer, harming people, killing people and justifying all this "Shit happens" What is my name? You obviously don’t understand who you’re talking to So let me clarify He is smarter than you

He is luckier than you Whatever was to happen, he will make the exact opposite happen To stand! Put a bullet in my head, kill me right now! Oh, if I could live exactly up to this point -You shouldn't do that You say you want it! I'm not in danger, Skyler Shit happens, huh? I am a danger -No Someone will open their door and get a bullet in the forehead, do you think I will be it? He is a family! -Just want you to know, nothing personal Everythingwhat have I ever cared for gone Destroyed, buried in shit Get out of here right now Everyone is dead All this since I got in touch with The Great Heisenberg I've never been so alone I have absolutely nothing left! We are a family! Nobody! What is wrong with you! He cannot continue to leave with impunity !!! What difference does it make to you until it coincides with your interests ?! -How many people should die because of us? -Nobody Now that we are in charge, no one will be hurt You keep repeating this, and it's complete bullshit every time! You know what, Walt? Someone needs to protect this family from someone who is trying to protect their family It was for me I liked it

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