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Breaking Bad Characters: Good to Evil (w/ Better Call Saul & El Camino) ☣️


When Breaking Bad first aired in 2008, everybody just knew that there was something perfect about this thrilling story about a man with terminal cancer who decided to cook meth to support his family And it’s still one of the most common answers to the “What’s The Greatest Television Show Of All Time?” question

And it’s universe continues to be expanded through both Better Call Saul and El Camino It’s my personal favorite show ever made, and due to the masterful writing and moral depth and complexity to the characters, it’s a show I’ve wanted us to feature on Good-to-Evil since we started doing them Finally, we’ve put it together Which characters are truly righteous and which ones break bad? We’re digging into Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and El Camino and finding out… I’m Kyle with WickedBinge put on your hazmat suit and get ready because we’re about to cook up the purest, bluest Good-to-Evil yet… And just saying now… Spoiler alert You’ve been warned As usual, we’ve broken characters down into three categories… The Good, The Grey Area and Bad to Evil Starting with the most pure and working our way down… And after much thought, we decided that the Gold Medal of Good goes to Hank Schrader

In many ways, Hank is the antithesis of Walter White at the start of the series He’s cool, fun, popular and successful in the occupation he’s chosen in life He’s respected, untamed and something of a badass even in the pilot Casually pulling out his handgun to show to his nephew kind of works as a good reflection of his character Confident, masculine and maybe a bit reckless

Kind of working as the opposite to all of Walt’s early insecurities Hank is a strong male role model… As a lot of what makes him good stems from traits that are inherently, or at least traditionally, masculine He’s strong, he’s a protector and has an overwhelming sense of honor But why does he get the Gold Medal? One could argue Hank has issues He can be rude, aggressive, he’s certainly cocky and some people (who, full disclosure, are not me) would argue his views or jokes can be “problematic”

— but even if that’s your position, most of this is surface level… In a time now where many of these character traits would be labeled as toxic in some way, the writing in Breaking Bad reinforces the reality that all of those superficial character traits don’t really matter a whole lot when it comes to a person’s character Hank is without a doubt the most honorable person on the show, with the biggest sense of justice Hank’s identity is built around being the good guy He loves his wife, and his family, and puts his life on the line to take down the bad guys because that’s who he is Whether it’s chasing down drug dealers, cleaning up the streets, defending the innocent or offering to take care of his brother-in-law’s family after he dies… And yes, even going after Walt when he discovers the truth… Honor runs through Hank’s veins

It’s what fuels him And he maintains this integrity until the very end Even when he’s looking down the barrel of the pistol that would ultimately execute him With Walter White being the anti-hero of the show, Hank is the hero The silver goes to the kids

Brock, Kaylee, Drew and Holly… Initially, I was going to rank them as most good, because they’re completely innocent and pure But I felt as though Hank’s heroism, honor and principal is really too strong to underplay But still, these are the most innocent characters caught up in the dark, violent Breaking Bad universe

There’s isn’t anything really negative you can say about these characters, frankly, because they’re too pure And that didn’t stop them from all sorts of horrific fates Drew was murdered for stumbling in on something he wasn’t supposed to see… Brock was poisoned and then had his mother killed… Innocent victims of the drug trade Not too far from Hank, we have his partner Steven Gomez Another loyal and honorable character who’s screen time is more limited in comparison to his partner

As a DEA agent, he’s always on the side of the law, and has his partner’s back right up until his grim end If we had to pick something negative out about Gomez, I suppose one could argue that he seemed to have a bit of a cruel streak when talking about the Salamanca twins, after their botched assassination attempt of his partner Suggesting he’d like to end the one in the hospital room himself and also taking joy in his amputation But I’d even say that criticism is a stretch given what they did to his friend mixed with cops notoriously having dark senses of humor A quick mention of Stacy Ehrmantraut, Mike’s widowed daughter-in-law appearing in Better Call Saul

She is a fleeting character, but it is nice to know that she continues to keep in touch with Mike even though his son, her husband, is deceased Up next, we’re placing Elliot and Gretchan Schwartz Not the most interesting characters, but you gotta feel for them Yes, they do what they can to sweep Walter White under the rug to avoid his association with their business, but it’s because they don’t want it to be synonymous with a meth empire… And remember, they offered to pay for Walt’s cancer treatment and pledged millions of dollars to struggling addicts in New Mexico… PR move or not Moving on to Walter Jr

The breakfast king himself And Walt’s teenage son who, throughout most of the series, loves his father very much Although it changes by the end, upon learning what his father has done… Specifically to his Uncle Hank Even knowing the terrible things his father did, it still hurts to watch their final phone call Still, Walter Jr

isn’t responsible… And cares deeply for the rest of his family And we can’t forget the touching moment during season one when he set up the website to help fund his dad’s cancer treatment Carmen Molina is next The assistant principal at the high school Walter taught chemistry at She attended Walt’s 50th birthday and was very understanding and supportive of his medical leaves

All and all, she seems like a compassionate person with her head screwed on right… And Walter shot his shot but she wasn’t having it Let’s talk about Andrea next Talk about a needless victim of the drug trade… Andrea wasn’t without her faults She first meets Jesse in Narcotics Anonymous, and has a history of addiction But people make mistakes and Andrea has clearly bettered herself to take care of her son Brock — who she mentions she would die for

Additionally, she helped Jesse avoid a relapse and see the potential within himself Now let’s mention Jake Pinkman, Jesse’s brother He appears in a single episode of Breaking Bad and is briefly mentioned to be in London on a band trip in El Camino He is ranked apart from the other children because he does do some wrongdoing, as when the housemaid finds Jake’s weed stash, Jake lets Jesse take the fall for it, fueling the rift between Jesse and his parents Ouch

But he’s too young to really understand much of that and you can’t really blame the kid for being worried about his uptight parents Next we’re throwing in Bogdan Wolynetz I know, this guy seems like a jerk Over-working Walt at the car wash despite only hiring him as a cashier But look at the whole picture

This guy is from Romania, and at some point, came to the States to start a business He’s clearly a no-nonsense, hard worker… and what might seem like disrespect to us is likely just an emphasis on work ethic A cultural thing given he’s moved here and built a business from nothing He even tells Walt to be a “tough boss” after he buys the place And say what you want about him, he’s not a criminal, unlike the majority of the characters in this show

Old Joe is next The guy is loyal, if anything In El Camino, Old Joe even offers to get rid of Jesse’s ride for free as the two reminisce about old times Even knowing Jesse is likely the most wanted man in America Yes, he is more than happy to aid criminals, and even goes out of his way to delay law enforcement searches by demanding a warrant…

But Joe proves himself a loyal friend when the whole world is out to get you And that says a lot Marie Schrader is up next Admittedly, a bit nosey when it comes to others’ business She tends to pry in matters which annoys her sister, Skyler

She’s also a bit shallow and snobby, with a serious OCD problem as you can probably tell by all the purple But Marie is an undoubtedly loving wife, who cares deeply for her husband and the rest of her family Sticking by Hank’s side after he’s badly wounded and aggressively pursuing the expensive physical therapy treatments he needs to heal That said, upon learning Walt’s secret, she begins to showcase her darker side Telling Walter to his face that he should kill himself to save his family from the burden of his criminal past

She also confides to her therapist that she fantasizes about poisoning Walt as well Although she would never act on it In her defense, her and her husband were royally betrayed, but it still gives us a glimpse at Marie’s dark side

On to Jane Another one of Jesse’s love interests… also a recovering addict, but with more red flags The main reason we dock Jane points is that when you look at her behavior through the lense of her father — her inability to clean up her act clearly harms her dad and those around her incredibly deeply Often demonizes her father for being overbearing When in reality all he wants is for her to be off drugs and healthy

Head of Hamlin Hamlin and McGill, Howard Hamlin is the professional counterculture to Jimmy McGill’s sweezy attitude in Better Call Saul The blunt of many of Saul Goodman’s pranks, he’s not really a bad guy, he’s just stiff and is doing Chuck McGill’s whims up until Chuck’s death Howard is an unfortunate player that doesn't want anything to do with Saul’s games, and if you put yourself in his shoes, can you really blame him? With the good characters down, it time to descend into our moral Grey Area Next up to bat, we have the idiotic, yet lovable, Skinny Pete and Badger Friends of Jesse Pinkman, the two appear in both Breaking Bad and El Camino

Though they are petty drug dealers, they have hearts of gold and help Jesse when he needs it, even though Jesse honestly tends to treat them as collateral They did try to sell meth to recovering addicts, yet changed their minds and actually worked on the twelve step program given to them when they attended a few meetings When Jesse needs help in El Camino, they give up their cash, cars and lead the police in the wrong direction to assist Jesse Though they aren’t perfect, they are just stoners looking to make quick money, not ruthless kingpins And we decided to place them as the “most good” grey area characters mainly because of their final scene in El Camino

Sometimes, loyalty is worth more than anything… And they showcased it more so than anyone in their goodbye to Jesse Mr and Mrs Pinkman are a bit difficult to rank Mainly because it’s both easy to understand their frustration with Jesse based on the things that he has done, but also difficult to understand turning your back on your own kids

It seems like Jesse’s relationship was strained partially because his parents favored his younger brother Not to excuse Jesse’s actions, but it seems like his parents could have been more loving to him growing up Ted Beneke, master tax evader and part time adulterer is undoubtedly a dislikable character Sure, he states that he has good intentions for himself and his family, but when Skyler gives him the chance for redemption from his IRS persecution, he buys a new car rather than pay off the feds For this, he is held hostage by Kuby and Huel for a short time before slipping on a carpet and breaking his neck

He’s not a very good guy, but he’s not the Voldemort of Breaking Bad If anything, he’s the Diet Coke of villainy Forward to the other friend of Jesse Pinkman, Combo He’s listed apart from Skinny Pete and Badger because he didn’t get that added kick of redemption in El Camino that those two did, since he died way earlier He shares talking points with the two however, he was just looking for easy money and didn’t stop to think of who he was hurting

Gale Boetticher, you were strange A good strange maybe, but you were strange Gale was Gus Fring’s first pick for the role of meth chemist, which we know from his cameo in Better Call Saul He is a quirky, easily manipulated cook that sees cooking meth as a service that people need, and not as anything immoral… Which is an interesting moral stretch to say the least Other than this, he really doesn't hurt a fly, and is a passive character until he finds himself passively on the wrong side of Walter White

He’s killed by Pinkman in order to secure White and Pinkman’s longevity to Fring But what can you say… cooking meth is a service that has to be done Next, we have Skyler White A loving mother, without a doubt And as Vince Gilligan has described, “a pragmatist who will do pretty much anything to keep her family together

” Skyler’s character, in the first season, is a reflection of Walt She appears to make all the decisions herself without regard for his opinions, and her personality adds to his feeling of inadequacy and emasculation But, she sticks with her husband throughout the worst times — including cancer, and does everything she can to navigate the family through it Now, when she realizes that her husband is cooking meth, morally speaking, you can likely commend her loyalty to her family… which she’s desperate to protect But at this point, she also becomes a criminal as well, which definitely docks her some points given what Walt is responsible for

Skyler ultimately works to launder the illegal money There’s also getting back at Walt with the relationship with Ted… As well as that morally reprehensible blackmail tape plan against Hank in season 5 In fact, I’d argue that tape really drops her character from ranking in the lighter grey down Overall, Skyler’s hands are far from clean Ok, with that, lets get on to the bad guys

It’s probably not surprising that this section of our list is pretty stacked Starting with Ed Galbraith Vacuum seller by day, witness protection black market by… day In Breaking Bad, he successfully moves both Walter White and Saul Goodman into hiding for a price In El Camino, we see that his prices are incredibly firm He is a stickler, as Pinkman comes just barely short of the money Ed asks for, so he calls the police on him He also charges a lonely Walter White ten grand to play cards with him, which is pretty sad

Illegally moving wanted men isn’t generally considered to be righteous, so we’ve made him the first character truly on the dark side Lawson is Albuquerque's premier illegal arms dealer, and he aims to please Pun intended He’s good at his job, he doesn’t ask questions and he makes happy customers out of Walter White, who he sells a snubbed nose revolver and M60, and Mike Ehrmantraut, who he sells a sniper rifle to in Better Call Saul Selling guns and ammo isn’t immoral… But the fact that he deals exclusively to criminals, well, that crosses the threshold of bad… Love his products though! Chuck McGill, the now deceased brother of Saul Goodman did not like his brother very much

and that’s putting it lightly, the two were diametrically in complete opposition to each other most of the time He claimed to have had ‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity,’ commonly known as a case of the crazies He is a sucky brother in his attempts to undermine Saul, and taunting and blackmailing his family certainly isn’t going to make you any friends

Huell, the not so gentle, ‘reasonably happy’ giant that makes appearances in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, is a hulk of a man that serves as a bodyguard and chore-boy for Saul Goodman He isn’t listed with his buddy Kuby because Kuby commits more crimes, though Huell gets his fair share of unethicality, such as lifting the ricin off of Pinkman to help poison Brock and accidentally assaulting a police officer in Better Call Saul The second of Saul Goodman’s associates is Patrick Kuby The boston native is notable for conning Bogdan into selling his car wash for the price that Skyler specified, pulling a not-so-convincing truck breakdown to assist Walter White and party in robbing a train, and accidentally paralyzing Ted from the neck down As of now, unlike his buddy Huel, Kuby hasn’t appeared in Better Call Saul, but, you never know

Kuby is kind of sleezy, but since he’s working for Saul and only doing what he’s told, he’s more of a lesser evil The legal bride of Saul Goodman, Kim Wexler deteriorates in morality as Better Call Saul progresses, eventually to a point where her ideas start to startle Saul in the pure outlandishness of them Namely, their playful banter about how they could destroy Howard Hamlin together turns into a serious discussion on her part to frame him and force a resolution of the Sandpiper case She also aids Jimmy in mail fraud for the sake of Huell, the two also sabotage blueprints and steal tequila from an obnoxious guy named Ken She’s not the worst person, but the fact that she is not mentioned in Breaking Bad suggests that for her, things will only continue to decline in morality

The fan favorite that was marked for death in season one, yet lived on long past his expiration date, Jesse Pinkman could be arguably the central protagonist of Breaking Bad and is unarguably the protagonist of El Camino And look… We get it

Jesse does have good in him He has a heart But we have to rank all of his actions and see how they weigh So, let’s break things down… We can’t gloss over the fact that Jesse is the first on this list that has commited murder Five times

Four of those could be considered self defense, however He kills Joaquin Salamanca, Casey, Neil and, of course, Todd Granted, executing Todd may not have been legal self defense since Walt had pretty much disarmed everyone at that point, but who could fault him for killing the sociopath who enslaved him? But, then there’s the unarmed Gale… Who he shoots point-blank He also co-created a massive meth trade, which presumably created all sorts of terrible problems for the people that meth was sold to Throughout the show, Jesse feels obvious guilt for all the wrong he does… But that doesn’t take away from the fact that he chooses to do that wrong over and over again Arguably, in the beginning of Breaking

Bad, Jesse was out of his element as a good person desperately trying to break bad… But unfortunately grew into a bad person desperate to do good What we will say about Jesse is that his goodness shines through… Specifically when it comes to children and innocents

By the end of Breaking Bad and his journey in El Camino, we do see that his criminal arc comes to a close… And what future is in store for him, nobody knows… Is he capable of becoming good again? I like to think so… But where he stands right now is pretty firmly in the bad The Jesse Pinkman of Better Call Saul, Nacho Varga is the reluctant criminal who doesn’t really know what he’s doing He wants out of the drug trade and is scared by the things that he has seen, but doesnt know how to do it Once Hector threatens his father, he switches out his heart meds, causing a stroke Later, Gus finds out and forces him to be a double agent, in which he attempts to assassinate Lalo

He’s a bad guy for sure, but unlike many other cartel members, he shows remorse Need a Good-to-Evil ranking? Better call Saul! Jimmy McGill, aka Saul Goodman, is the easily corrupted lawyer turned Cinnabon manager that can’t seem to escape his past His blatant disregard for the well-being of others puts him snuggly evil, but just because someone’s evil, doesn't mean we can’t love them An expert at conning From hiring people to fall off of billboards so he can save them, to rigging bingo games at the senior center, Saul can be pretty bad But between these things, he does do actual lawyering He helps elderly people stop getting overcharged, he gives up his share of the settlement to make things right with Irene and he tries to make amends with his brother Chuck after HMM forces him to retire He’s in the law business for himself, yet the viewer can still feel empathy for him, making him another ideal good, bad character

That said, Saul is a selfish guy And he knowingly works with the worst of the worst As long as they pay well Now then… Onto my personal favorite character Mike Ehrmantraut

Let’s get this out of the way… Man, is he cool So cool Appearing in Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, he also appears in El Camino during a flashback He has an apathetic approach to how he values human life, and ever since killing the corrupt officers who killed his son, he has been on an all out murder spree of sorts, killing anyone who could inconvienicence him He was associated early on with Saul Goodman as a man who could get things done

There is no denying that Mike is bad But I really don’t want to call him evil Because in reality, Mike is just a broken man He’s someone who has tuned out of his emotions out of self defense after the tragedy of his son’s murder And because of this has become a highly efficient killer

Truthfully, even if Mike hadn’t been killed by that a-hole chemistry teacher, things were just not destined to work out for him… As cool, calm, efficient and collected as he was, when you watch the events of Breaking Bad knowing the events of Better Call Saul, you realize that there was no fixing Mike at that point I’d argue that Mike is probably the most tragic figure in the Breaking Bad universe With all that said, even after the death of his son… Some good shines through in Mike’s character He’s clearly doing what he does so that the money would go to his granddaughter And periodically, he does offer helpful advice or assistance to younger criminals like Jesse or Nacho… Likely because he sees some sliver of good in them

He also demonstrates loyalty specifically when he refuses to give up his list of names to Walt because they’re “his guys” Casey is the first of two characters on this list who exclusively appear in El Camino, and makes no other appearances in the greater Breaking Bad universe Disguised as law enforcement, he and his partner Neil go to retrieve money from the now deceased Todd’s place and find Pinkman there Pinkman gives them two thirds of the money before coming back to their welding shop and asking for more Pinkman shoots Casey in the head, ending his life and launching him through a vending machine

Truth about Casey? He’s an absolute scumbag, but not as bad as his partner Tortuga shows up pretty briefly, but his shocking death will be forever remembered by fans of Breaking Bad He’s an undisputibly bad person, since he’s a member of the cartel, but we can’t help cringing at his grisly murder at the hands of the Salamanca brothers His head is affixed to a turtle for working with the DEA and used as an explosive to kill DEA agents What a way to go

To enforce his rule, Gus Fring hires two men, Tyrus and Victor to keep his business in check Both make appearances in Better Call Saul and are pretty intimidating and willing to do whatever terrible things Gus asks… That said, they both pay for their sins in the end in pretty brutal ways… The first of many victims at the hands of Walter White, Krazy-8 was hellbent on killing Walter and Jesse before having the tables turned when Walt poisoned him Upon discovering he survived, Walter and Jesse lock him in a basement before killing him with a bike lock He may have had a sob story when that table was turned, but he had no problem being brutal towards Walt and Jesse when he thought he had the upper hand The two meth-heads who rob Skinny-Pete, Spooge and Spooge’s woman, only appear for one episode

Nevertheless, they are genuinely bad people I mean she killed him with an ATM machine They also have a child, who they neglect to a reprehensible level Luckily Jesse Pinkman saves the day and upon leaving their home, where he was held captive by the two, calls the police to come pick up the boy One of the few female characters who can be written off as entirely evil, I’d argue, is Lydia She’s a pretty awful human Appearing in Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, she is Gus Fring’s go-to for corporate business She is used to launder money, transport meth and house germans, the last of which doesn't sound illegal but is within context She has a daughter, yet none of her actions are directed towards making a better future for her, as they are already well endowed

She also plots the murder of eleven men with no regard for human life… She may not get her hands dirty, but she has no problem having others commit murder on her behalf Neil Kandy is the second of the two who only appear in El Camino His tolerance for slavery and his general sadistic nature is what ranked him especially low You can’t overlook the fact that he was willing to give his assistance in welding an anchor so that Jesse couldn’t escape from his forced labour He also decides that the best course of action when Jesse asks him for money later on is to challenge him to a wild west duel, which admittedly isn’t the worst thing… But he definitely seems to have some psychopathic tendencies

Jesse agrees to the duel and cheats with a seperate gun in his pocket, killing Neil His name was Kandy, but he wasn’t sweet He will not be missed ‘No hard feelings, right?’ Sure, Don Eladio, sure He might've been the only one not expecting his own death, as Gustavo Fring made it pretty obvious he was going to kill him

The head of the mexican cartel, he ordered the death of Max, Gus’s best friend, sealing his fate to be killed by Gus He appears in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, the latter only in the flashbacks of fring His assembly of a meth empire south of the border and his cruel tormenting of his underlings contrast his apt charisma Murder is rarely justifyable, but his was understandable Who could forget Terminator 1 and Terminator 2, aka, Leonel and Marco Salamanca

These two are creepy and I don’t like looking at their dead eyes, but we’ll proceed The nephews of Hector Salamanca, these silent avengers come north to avenge their cousin Tuco, who was killed at the hands of Hank Schrader They kill a tractor full of immigrants in the process and once they arrive, Gus tells them that they should try to kill Hank instead of Walter, who was their original target They sure try their hardest, but Hank gets the better of both of them, killing Marco and critically injuring Leonel, who is then murdered by Mike Their cold, unfeeling irreverence towards the death of innocent people really drives down their rankings, as there is no hint of remorse ever pointed to

It’s safe to say that every fan of the show was glad to see them gone Hector Salamanca is a very interesting character in the intersecting storylines of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul In Breaking Bad, he’s more of an object than a man He’s wheelchair bound and forced to speak through a bell, so he is immediately underestimated the moment he is seen Little do Jess, Walter and the audience know that he is incredibly capable for his situation, and becomes a likable, dislikable character, with his suicide bombing in season four of Breaking Bad being the climax of his character development

We learn that he is a cruel underling of the Don in Better Call Saul, and that he has a burning pride for his family name that supersedes all loyalty to the cartel He kills and tortures several innocent people for little to no reason and kills his own ice cream truck driver for insolence What a mean old man We will, however, give him a couple points for how he values family… Even if he does show it in a screwed way at times The next character is tight… tight tigh tight

We’ve had our bad guys on this list, but Tuco Salamanca is a new level of evil he’s psychotic He breaks the legs of Saul’s skateboarder buds in Better Call Saul and he repeatedly tries to harm Walt and Jesse in Breaking Bad

He’s a salamanca, so he is a drug lord by default He’s a family man, but that’s his only redeeming quality He harasses the elderly, stabs people in prison, not a good guy Tuco is without a doubt a psychopath, probably best demonstrated when he beats one of his own men to death just for a comment that wasn’t even a big deal Aside from his family, Tuco shows no loyalty and is willing to murder anyone who happens to piss him off that day

Uncle Jack’s Lieutenant, Kenny, is next This guy’s an evil scumbag all around Not only is he a criminal, he’s a violent one who has no problem with murdering innocent people He’s completely fine with killing Andrea Plus whacking about a dozen informants in prison

He’s also in on killing Hank Not to mention enslaving and torturing Jesse And something about his tattoos suggests he might not have the most tolerant of views His brutality is especially evident when we see his brutal treatment of Jesse Pinkman when he’s held captive

Overall, the man is a piece of trash He’s got good taste in shotguns though Lalo Salamanca is a cheerful, charismatic player that you can't help but- wait, he did what? Let’s rewind Lalo Salamanca is a sadistic maniac that takes a little too much pleasure in torturing and killing people Appearing exclusively in Better Call Saul, though he is mentioned in Breaking Bad briefly, he starts to run the Salamanca business up north after Hector’s stroke

His servitude for the cartel is unwavering, and his crafitness makes him a worthy foe in combat At the end of season five, he narrowly escapes assassination and murders all of the would-be mercenaries in cold blood It’ll be anyone’s guess on how he plans to retaliate against Saul, Mike and Gus in the coming season Where would we be without everybody’s favorite chilean drug kingpin, Gustavo Fring Gus starts off as a seemingly soft spoken businessman before having his dreams crushed by Don Eladio

After that, it’s all downhill as he becomes a calculating meth machine with a knack for the trade, evolving into an incredibly powerful and careful drug lord with little tolerance for insurrection If being the biggest meth distributor in the southwest wasn't bad enough, he kills dozens of higher members of the cartel to prove a point and tries to get rid of Walter White as soon as he can He saves the life of Hector Salamanca after he has a stroke just so he can keep him alive long enough to kill his loved ones before he kills him himself So he’s clearly sadistic in his own right He kills his best employee with a box-cutter only to make Walter and Jesse more on edge around him And he also threatens to kill Walt’s innocent family including his infant child

And based on what we’ve seen, this is in no way an empty threat Gus is a cold-as-ice murder who will kill anyone who gets in his way I am the one who ranks, and I think it’s about time to rank the one and only Heisenberg: Walter White Walt is the perfect example of good intentions gone awry, with his earnest endeavor to pay for his cancer treatment through small scale production of methamphetamine directly and indirectly resulting in the deaths of over two hundred people throughout Breaking Bad He starts off as an all around mediocre but lovable man, and his descent into the evils of the drug trade is both sad and subsequently badass to witness

Remember how we said Jesse starting out as a good character who was desperate to break bad, and then ended as a bad character desperate to be good? Well, Walt ended up a bad character who continued to outdo himself with evil He lets preventable deaths happen, sells out his associates when it’s convenient, and his entire character can be summarised in one word: Greed When money starts piling up, he doesn’t care about his family or his cancer anymore, he only cares about himself, and this is personified in the increasing reckless actions that he takes to make himself more powerful while hurting the people that he loves He claims to be doing it all for his family despite the fact that the job he has is tearing his family apart, and in the last episode of the show, he admits what the audience knew all along He didn’t do it for his family, he did it for himself

If we really dive into the list of Walt’s evil deeds… we’d have to include poisoning Brock, allowing Jane to overdose and then gloating about it to Jesse… right after he handed him over to a violent gang to torture information out of him He set off a bomb in a nursing home… He setup the murder of nine inmates in prison all to stop them from offering testimony against him… and killed Mike He tried to blackmail his brother in law… Not to mention building a meth empire that likely destroyed countless lives I guess, on the good side of things, selfishness aside, Walt did care about his family… Even if he was what destroyed it If you thought that Walter White would be the bottom of the list, you thought wrong

Because at least Walter cared about his product… or something Uncle Jack is a cold, psychopathic, swastika-tatted, murdering scumbag who’s willing to enslave people, torture and kill innocent civilians He deserved everything that he got He killed Hank and Gomez… He enslaved Jesse for a year to make meth for him, not to mention the prison murders that he helps Walter set up When Jesse tries to escape, he enlists his nephew to shoot his girlfriend Andrea in the back of the head

And he is more than happy to kill her son Brock too, if needed When Walter returns from hiding in New Hampshire, he immediately takes the licensing to kill him He nearly does it too, but Walt had other plans Safe to say, no one shed a tear… But Uncle Jack only gets the Silver Medal of Evil… So we’re try to say something nice All things considered… He demonstrates loyalty to his gang, and his nephew Todd

He actually does seem to care about his family And surprisingly, he shows a small amount of honor when it comes to leaving Walt a barrel of money… All because his nephew respects him But that’s really all we got for good things… But speaking of family… Todd Alquist is the nephew of Uncle Jack, and he’s our pick for the most evil character in the Breaking Bad expanded universe Does he have the most kills? No Is he needlessly cruel? Yes, but kinda no

Given he doesn’t really demonstrate sadism in the sense that everything he does is kind of because it has to be done, not because he enjoys any of it But that’s just the thing… What makes Todd the most evil character on the show is his utter lack of emotion that he has when killing people He’s absolutely a sociopath He routinely kills innocent people, including children, with no emotional reaction He’s incapable of feeling anything

He punishes Jesse Pinkman by killing his ex-girlfriend, orphaning her only son Brock He’s a monster who doesn’t even seem to think he’s a bad guy, which makes him objectively worse When he is killed by Jesse Pinkman at the end of Breaking Bad, his brutal execution was absolutely satisfying But what do you think? Who’s the most evil Breaking Bad character? Let us know Don’t forget to hit that notification bell and binge our full Good-to-Evil playlist, where we break down the morality of the characters in your favorite shows, cartoons and movies

But most importantly… Stay wicked

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