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Breaking Bad с Климом Жуковбергом — второй сезон, седьмая серия


I categorically welcome you! Klim Sanych Good afternoon! Kind

Hello! We continue Second season, seventh episode What is there? Oh! It all starts with the fact that I was just delighted, I never even knew, as I said, when we examined the first season that there is such a Mexican stage, ie Of course, I understood that the people of the south, it’s musical, but for me it was a complete mystery, that they have something there, but it turned out – nifiga, them everything is in order, in perfect order! Muchachozy and these, like them, mariachose El mariachose And there three el mariachosa play an awesome ballad in Spanish about the mysterious drug dealer Heisinberg, which directly covered the whole of Albuquerque with mega-methamphetamine, and now the el cartel is hunting him

“They compose songs about him,” huh? They have it some kind, like we have a rogue, erroneously called chanson, they have the same industry Chanson – this is Charles Aznavour, and we call it crook Yes, they have a whole industry, I don’t remember what they’re called, as usual, but this is a whole cultural layer, where they are talking about drug dealers there sing songs The thing is honorable! Yes, of course There, a little further, even the image of a certain of the holy drug dealer Jesus of Malverde

Malverde: “mal” is “evil” and “verde” is “green”? Evil green? Evil green, yes Jesus, Jesus is Jesus Naturally, he really, his name was Jesus Juarez Maso, or Matso, is written there through “z”, I don’t know Matzo, maybe Mazo

Yes, well, he was executed a long time ago, in the year 1910, or 1909th Wow! But he has a natural reputation as Robin Hood, he even in the center of the famous state of Sinaloa in the city of Culiacan he already has a church, I saw Dedicated to him? Yes, I’m specially when I was preparing for this series, examined various photographic materials, photographic cards on the Internet of these yours: the temple is fire, just the fire! Firstly, there his statue stands with the face of actor Pedro Infante, clearly perfect

Everything around is painted with hemp branches, yes, around Kalashnikov assault rifles hung – and where does the Kalashnikov assault rifle? Boo? And the dude who died in 1909 – Kalashnikov assault rifle then there was not yet 100%, but nevertheless very beautiful church! With them, I read in a book what they have in Colombia Santa Maria Sicaria is criminally responsible in Colombia, since the age of 12, the death penalty began not so long ago, it was necessary to hire younger children as killers, to put them in impossible, and they had their own church – Santa Maria Sicaria Good! So I like this approach of the Christian religion – there’s probably a pop there, some regular obscurantist How else? There it serves the matter The cop failed – well done Well, with us, I remember, in our native Palestinians the same it was, and now, in general

Well, of course, there was no Santa Maria Sicaria, but fighting obscurantists serving the interests of criminal structures were very And now there is And now there is I personally know them He was shy to say – oh well! Yes

Well, the ballad they sing is called "Black and blue ”- well, Heisinberg in a black suit, and“ blue ”, accordingly, this is his methamphetamine blue Well, or "Black and Blue" – something like that it is called Yes, beautiful Well, in general, a long ballad, rightly so deployed, they play beautiful guitars like that – generally fire! I really liked it, I was directly pleasantly amazed Well, in general, of course, when listening to songs you must understand what foreigners are singing about

What the foreign tourist wanted to say yes, talented actors As soon as you begin to understand the sense – I'd rather you did not hear I’d better not hear it Yes there, even if you don’t understand much, it’s just I watched with English subtitles, I, in general, about I understood everything, well, at least if they translate correctly

Well, there’s a normal ballad, ie that's it – she must be very long always, there are 40 verses, or something like that: there was a man, here he was planning to cook meth, here he cooks meth, here he has it it’s very good, now they sell it everywhere, and the cartel, which now wants to find this Heisinberg, and Heisinberg needs this do something "A rocket soared into the sky and fell beyond the forest "! It is always, because music clearly has folk roots, it is strictly vital, ie akyn – what I see, about I sing Yes, yes, i

e fame has swept all over the earth, right down to Mexico, citizen Heisenberg gives out so much goods So? But Heisenberg cannot find the most important thing directly now – his main partner Jesse Pinkman, who is shocked by what he saw in the past series when Mr Spudge Konchalovsky Konchalovsky crushed his head with an ATM – full surrealism in general! And of course, Heisinberg Konchalovsky finished – such a pun was born to me Suddenly

Yes, but Heisinberg begins to rush to his house, and he’s now renting an apartment in a decent place, and there, Of course, it turns out the landlady is a girl like that a pretty one who asks: “Why are you breaking into him?” He says: "And I am his dad" – the benefit is a suitable age In general, Pinkman appears, and it turns out that he is a little not in himself – and he’s sitting there, from such a bulbulator, very beautiful, chops marijuana in industrial scale and is not going to leave his abode, because he is morally very unwell This is where we see Agent Hank Schrader, who finally got to El Paso, where a lot I didn’t want to, and now in El Paso it’s just he who observes that, firstly, the cops have all the locals on the table, not everyone, but many, have Jesus Malverde figurine, and he knows that drug dealers are praying to him, and he, of course, over laughs terribly at them – like that "well, it's you some patients, ie at all

" And they? To which a local experienced policeman tells him that there’s nothing to laugh at, because "according to the covenants Sun Tzu, I must know my enemy in the face – here it" Takes deeply “He reminds me all the time with whom we are fighting – that’s, in fact, with him" He is a saint, how can you fight with him? Well, he is the personification of all the bandos, they are with bandos are fighting You won’t put photos of all the gangsters at once for yourself, and here is one for all

Is it Christian, probably? Yes, which, in fact, recommends Schrader to do: “You look, look, here they are, in fact ” Well, in a Christian way, of course, it’s possible, simply because that naturally this jesus malverde nobody he didn’t recognize saints, it’s, as they say, locally revered holy, ie no rulings of the Vatican No papers came from the Vatican? Not, not certified as a saint, but local, I repeat, consider him a saint because, as put real Robin Hood, he took from the rich and gave to the poor And he gave it to the poor, yes Hee hee hee For which, in the end, the rich caught him and seemed to hung up The legend is that he was hanged and banned, of course bury it – let it hang so that the crows eat it and other different bastards flying by

But every local, passing the gallows, threw a stone in that direction, thus a burial mound was formed, buried him with the gallows, and now here it is on this place that the church stands in Sinaloa, in Culiacan Wow! I immediately remember the movie “Iron Grip”: “Why they hung him so high? ” – "Probably to die harder" Yes, there Lebowski annealed altogether in full! Lebowski is the best! “Are you going to shoot a man in the back?” – “Well, we must somehow make it clear that we are set up Really" Wonderful movie! And the book is great, by the way And the book is very good

In general, out of the ordinary both this and that There is a Russian translation, as always, disgusting, at all I did not master the Russian translation, it turned out to be very bad Has a documentary basis – there is this judge, who there 15 thousand people hung, cried all the time

He said: “sobbed” – all the time, signed death sentences and sobbed Good one Very good, and the movie is good Watch only in the correct translation Yes sir

There are all historical characters, which is separate perfectly – continuously remembered captain Quontrill: “So it's a robbery! ” – "So they thought so and chased after us" “Well, they thought so ” Best, just best! And the scene of the interrogation, where he is in court there, is one-eyed: “And how did he end up in a fire?” – “I don’t know, maybe the pigs pushed?” Ha ha ha Very good

A great! Well, because – returning to the cinema – business temporarily fell out of the hands of Mr Pinkman, who were weak and shaking, because he constantly smokes anasha, Heisinberg himself Spin

decide for money, for which he, of course, his own, as it is called – not "sales managers" right now, the "sales manager" is Lochowski, "Retail operators" – here! Assign an arrow to retail operators, namely Dohloma Pete, Badger and Fat Combos They meet – fire completely! – in the Museum of the atomic bomb, there, of course, these same Monkey antics of juvenile morons: “What are you doing – this is a bomb! ” “Yes, it’s empty, so you can calmly knock on it

” in the museum" Morons, damn it! Then he says that “Heisinberg is me,” of which, of course, young morons all crouched immediately: "Wow!" Immediately they told him on a hair dryer that “everything is clear, we are under you walk, no swings on the topic, full respect ”, Well, at the same time reported that the whole city of Albuquerque is full rumors that it was Jesse who killed Konchalovsky using an ATM Cool fate turned, huh ?! Well, rumors – they are such a spoiled phone The most unreliable source is a folk narrative, and indeed narrative, because someone is something wrong said the best moment is when Anthony Soprano rolled over with Adriana in a car – do not remember? Of course I remember! "Hello, Adriana took Anthony from her mouth ", and the last there: "Hey, my nephew finished right on the peak

" Uncle John was, as always, the best! Here he is – a folk narrative, damn it This is for those who like to explore authentic the present, for example, the Russian Middle Ages, using epics recorded in the 19th century The surest source! Here Uncle John is just that epic

Leads a story Yes At home, Mr White, talking with his wife, finds out that she’s going to get a job because “money no, but you hold on, "so pregnant, not pregnant – you need to go to work, which, incidentally, is very a serious indicator, because we have at such a time that's all, a decree On credit, yes

Credit Decree By the way, maybe someone does not remember why "maternity leave"? Because the bloody Bolsheviks issued a decree on this about that maternity leave: there is a maternity leave that a child up to three years old is paid vacation, this is our terrible legacy of the Leninist regime, terrible legacy! The bestial grin of totalitarianism In fact, women were forbidden to work, although: think, that she is pregnant – so what? It’s interesting, by the way, to find out how in the USA, in the citadel, with this thing at all? How many women are there on credit and are they released? And as I understand it, it depends on the labor contract, what if the company has such conditions, then yes, and if not, it might not have been so Yes, I would like to know the average country they are on maternity leave, on average, without these stories what they have there in different companies in different ways Well, they generally have very not for long – there, six months

It’s like about holidays too: “In different companies it’s different, as you agree, something else ”- with whom you are individually talking, all unanimously say: “You have to rest on the weekend, use Saturday and Sunday as much as possible, go to the city, there, go somewhere, dive, swim, swim For two days off you should rest properly because you have no vacation As soon as a vacation – there are enough people wanting to quantity, you are not so outstanding that for you something to work there

” I would like to know about this Well, as far as I, at least, could find out again in this case, I do not pretend to be 100% objectivity, that there is six months to care for a child – this is, in general, normal, not three years at all, like ours, because of the bloody the heritage of the German spy and, as it turned out, half Jew, definitely Lenin Now, the latter is especially terrible Yes it all explains! Everything explains right away I remember from citizen Govorukhin: “Russia, which we lost”, or something

It is she There as soon as they said that grandfather was Blank, there the entire hall immediately straightened out jackets: “Well, finally it became clear why we live so badly! ” Here So – wants to go to work? And where to work – the first thing she goes to her ex work, where she already worked, in a certain private office, which produces it is unclear what, to a certain Mr

Theodore Beneke, who is hereditary, is already the second generation given leads the company Here, apparently, such a classic is exactly what medium business, because something is kind of they there are workshops, they are doing something, I don’t know what – it does not say there

Well, they are doing something Something they produce so materially, just what produce, do not sell shares, as in the movie "Wolf from Wall Street, ”and they’re doing something with their hands, and there them machines Well, the fact is that there are 20 employees there, or something, at the same time show, well, by all indications, there’s no longer on the border small, but somewhere medium-sized business: some kind of office, some production workshops She already worked there as an accountant, and she stopped to work – oooh! – because a very highly moral, extremely faithful companion Mr White’s life, Skyler White, with her boss was a romance

Was there any harassment? Mutual agreement? No, quite the opposite True, she says: “What we did when we were drunk was there was a mistake, and then once – it does not count " About once we don’t know what she tells her sister about once – this, as we understand it Narrative source a narrative source yes, because judging by their joint oblique and not very sidelong glances, smiles, and everything else, apparently, there was some kind of longer adventure, in general, she was finally forced from work to leave, because it could reach the ears of the missus – well nafig, and indeed at work somehow it's not very it is, in my opinion

Well, on the other hand, the most convenient thing is at work And there is more boss Yes – promotion, bonuses All sorts of relief the awards are pretty good, yes

Yes, and there it’s so cool that the new secretary, she does not know who Skyler White is, and never I haven’t seen it, she says: “Mr Beneke is busy, you cannot, he has a meeting ” "Uh, hear " "Come We saw your resume, we’ll call you ”- as is usually the case In general, here Skyler White, of course, got fucked, immediately I knocked on the chief’s door, waved there through blinds, he saw her and says: “Run-run”, because if it weren’t, then nobody would, of course, I wouldn’t take a pregnant woman to work, well, it’s natural – what for you are needed there? Now you will give birth – so what? This is the trouble of any personnel officer: according to the law, like that, but according to the mind – you left for three years, or, no matter, for six months, instead of I won’t take anyone

If the position is occupied, who are you there Someone has to do it Headache to the personnel officer, yes Well, Mr Beneke himself is already making proposals, says: “Listen, listen, you’re wonderful accountant, just in accounting we have a complete mess, immediately come back " Says: "Well, I, like that, pregnant

" He says: “Nothing, we have insurance there ” All the better! So much the better "Come on, take the old place – you'll plow

" Here, in places, of course, "Breaking Bad" is directly Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Capitalism, there, of course, without any documentation, but in art form set out so smoothly and in detail, What do you think directly: “Wo! Here people live! ” Very vital Well, that’s why the series is so popular in the same USA So because everyone recognizes themselves immediately, there is nobody nothing needs to be explained – here it is all about us, which – Of course, it’s interesting to see this And again, the art form is so cleverly constructed, that not only will they recognize each other, but also watch this nice because in a movie that is also kind of like here in some circles it is considered almost documentary and directly reflects life – I mean, of course, the series "Brigade"

Ha ha ha! somehow with an art form and with meanings much worse We forgot the most important thing Sure, narcotic People are asking for normal ones, take the normal ones Normal? Okay Dementium is sleeping so as not to disturb In a completely different grunt, much better! Yes, after the "Brigade" without pigs it is no longer possible So? Yes, and so, this film, in my opinion, is much weaker “The Brigade, I mean

It was very funny: once I went to work to the director Alexei Sidorov once again, historical consultant, and he just had to shoot a film about Rurik, unfortunately, they did not launch it project – no money was found And of course, there the most branded joke was: and if you translate the word "squad" into English, like this will sound? Like “the brigade,” of course Ha ha ha Rurikovskaya, right? Yes, that's why Sidorov can’t get anywhere, there will be a "brigade" Well, here Rurik says to Sveneld: “Why – yes because we are a team! ” "They will shoot at me, but they will hit you" So? By the way, Heisinberg is still trying in his team establish a normal course, because

Thieves! Addict, because the main business is not in I’m building, but I need to be in the system, and he produces with Pinkman some methods of psychotherapy, namely tells him that such rumors are circulating about him that in general guard, and now he must play the role of this fish sea ​​urchin, which is inflated 5 times Tetradon Yes, and everyone is very afraid of her because of this, therefore you have, he says, a reputation It is coated with dioxin, and in her liver

is a puffer fish, just in case, in it dioxin, and it is prepared so that not all the poison is washed, but when you hawl it, flatters you, sometimes to death Flatten If weak, yes

I have lived in the aquarium, but Dementia still has live Dementium, how are your tetradons? Very nice fish You see, Dementy and I can feed someone tetradotoxin Yes, this is such a poison with the help of which in Haiti zombies shy Very nice fish! “Tetradon” is: “tetra” is “four”, “don” is “tooth” – “four-toed”, he eats all snails at once

Good fish, flies like a helicopter, he has two fin here, eyes like a chameleon, in different directions spin, it’s like a box, and like a helicopter flies: zhzhzhzh – from under the bush will leave, zhzhzhzh – also an asshole will call back, it will turn white from malice if some impudent the fish swims past – well, or gobbles, but from malice whitens, just Great fish! So, Pinkman should be like this tetradon, and everyone is already afraid of him Well, since everything turned out so well, you can’t but use it, namely: you need to capture new territories and sell drugs are no longer in the area, but wherever possible – to which, of course, Pinkman says to him: “You, old, really sick? If we climb into someone else’s territory, they will kill us

” To which he says: “Have you forgotten what – who are you now will kill? Everyone is afraid of you, because they think that you are the head is frostbitten " Didn't watch the Prison of Oz series? I watched, of course "They say you killed Adebisi?" Adebisi was beautiful! Another film is recalled, namely, "Zhmurki": "Now because of you they think that we are all frostbitten! ” – “And before?” – "And before they thought – not for everything" Here is also a wonderful movie, by the way In general, it’s kind of like he set up Jesse to serve dear domestic drug because one already in the eyes of some kind of greed lit up that whether moderate, well, at least so far, moderate, because that Heisinberg’s just concrete because he has no moderate greed, and he has it right there: “Ahhh! Grandmas chop right away! ” Already life is about to sunset, you need faster – you can understand veteran

Yes Well, now to another veteran, namely – I believe one of the best moments, at least the plot the whole series of moves – this is Mr Hank Schrader with interrogates an informant with his dangerous business colleagues, played by Danny Trejo, naturally – that's me I understand, right wow, good! Strange, by the way, he, it seems, is from decent, but plays informers all sorts – why? I do not know Who doesn’t know: Danny Trejo deeply seated

very much tried, yes And deeply seated

Well, of course, I don’t know, I don’t understand at all in how they work with informants in El Paso, but there somehow very strange working with him, namely: he lies in some there to this one of his villa in this beautiful water mattress and fingering right away, in my opinion, three or four cops – like “buy me this catalog from the catalog, buy it me from the catalog then, well, then I'm the next batch of information I'll give it to you, ”etc Interesting! Something to me somehow What is their expense item in the estimate of the local Ministry of Internal Affairs provides for the purchase of "drum" of something unthinkable? My mentor carried soup in a can, a dice broth: "On, eat it" – that was enough, as a rule

There, apparently, is richer, but, nevertheless, somehow he leads yourself It can’t be …very strange

Well, the movie Moreover, they meet the “drum” at home at the “drum”, not in a safe house This is dangerous Well, mine, now it’s there for you, a whole cavalcade of policemen arrived – it means, probably, burned, and immediately Something like this is not very, it's something after all they, in my opinion, are too smart

Well, there the whole point is that he is when Hank Schrader somewhat angry and says: “What are you here us jerking off? Let's say quickly that you know, or I will beat you! ” To which Danny Trejo tells him: “My name is Tortuga, ie Turtle, I’m in no hurry and come first everywhere, because I can wait ” Well, in a word, we started talking with Danny Trejo, then this it will be just a chic development of all this, very beautiful! But Skyler White is just telling his sister at this time that she got a job with Ted Beneke, but he’s not going to stir up with him again, because that’s just what they had on a booze, one, only once, it was a mistake Half a piece

This does not count No, it does not count Well, to me, that's all, frankly, it seems that the eldest the younger sister is constantly trying to prove that she is, well, at least, much better, but generally inaccessible authority, and now she’s such a fine fellow, of course, there are human weaknesses, but, sorry, she understands them, repeatedly does not make such mistakes and his mistake recognizes – that's such a fine fellow Very unconvincing lies in my opinion, very unconvincing, but the younger sister, of course, is, because the younger sisters at the very, as we know, stigma in the gun, she still and mentally not quite normal, to everything else And of course, you need the same in the form of an older sister though would presumably have some authority in order to focus on someone in life – here, please orient

Next comes the scene is very good, where the apartment landlordich Jane sits on the porch and draws a sketch partaka next – she turns out to be an artist by partakas This is a profession, I understand! Not normal, what if requested, and people for does it pay money? Why not? Yes, but Pinkman is interested Well, by the way – I'm sorry, I’ll interrupt – here we have for a fairly short time period has changed so radically that

just recently all these blue fingers, shoulder straps, stars, there, and so on And now there the hell in a mortar! “Believe me, bastard!” Yes: “They are tired,” and so on "The entrance is here

" Yes "Do not know grief – love me" There were good tattoos, yes, but here's the class, so to speak, fulfillment units in life could be remembered who really has something artistic there possessed some advantages, except for semantic ones, understandably Here Now cars "What is written on your feet?" shouted the army foreman – “Well, put your foot on!” One – the soldier sets his foot: “Where are you going? – The second! ” Second: “What the fuck is you?” – what it is?!" Ha ha ha The foreman was inexperienced, damn it! Well, now there is such beauty around, and even, as I understand it, you don’t even need to draw, because heaps are sold these books with sketches, there, in outline – translated, pricked The class has increased dramatically Of course! All sorts of wonderful colors, kolshchitsky cars Yes, looking at this, I’m only baptized: thank God that already 60 years old, and I don’t draw anything on myself Young, probably, can not resist I also never drew anything for myself and I’m not going to, I don’t understand the joke at all – why the hell is this mother do i need? And if it’s magic? Konstantin says – he has a familiar monk Koba, Kob is not a monk, a shaman

Nearby Well, he’s Koba, “star” in Hebrew means, and Kob – “stars”, probably "Stars" In general, no, because I do not believe in all this nichrome, then and it won’t affect me, here As we said: we are Orthodox people, signs yours do not act on us, pah-pah-pah

So sitting draws? He draws, and a biker rides awesome at such a Harley motorcycle with a steering wheel Already, I don’t know, above the ear, which says: “Hey Pinkman, he’s cool, wow, respect, bro, respect! ” – and such: urrrrr – further Well, we all remember that Pinkman is not under his own name, surname occurs And then the mistress, whom he He is trying to smear something, she says: “Oh, okay, I understand that you are not Jackson at all " Not Sidorov, yes “That you are not Sidorov I'm not a fool You pay in cash for the month in advance immediately – well, you’re probably doing something here, that, in general, the choice is small, where can there be so many evidence "

Yes, in the wealthy USA, yes Go, he doesn’t pay a thousand dollars for living By the way, I don’t remember, he counted there how much he pays for accommodation there, by the way, by the way, the amount is naughty, in any case, even when you consider that it is is there some kind of year 2007 or 2005 year, in any case, the amount is not nice, and he does it all strictly in cash, strictly in small bills, and in general, here you don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that income he, most likely, is not entirely legal And if you turn on your imagination a little bit, then probably he still sells drugs Yeah

Like all other residents of this wonderful house Well, there are two people in total living: one half – landlordich, and on the other hand on Jesse's removable hut So, and? Well, she’s from minors, she’s spinning in circles certain Then we’ll find out that it’s not just spinning, she has been treated for drug addiction for a year now, has been visiting a support club, as it is called right there, and they communicate with each other there Anonymous addicts? Anonymous drug addicts certainly go to anonymous drug addict and trying to get off the needle, and she’s exactly what is heroin, without any

Heavy Apparently, at first she just hollowed anash, then she became slowly and already to inject I tried everything You have to try everything in this life! So she tried By the way, the texture was selected very well – a girl like that slender, eyes all the time so oily, a little not here, because it’s clear that if not prick, all kind of boring around, and the world some kind of gray, these idiots are all around who are just there’s no one to even talk to

This is the main problem for drug addicts – what do we need tear her out of the social environment, and then talk not with anyone Yes, and nothing, in general Yes Yes Yes This is a whole layer of life: where to get the money, what, who, what? Gather friendly To not be accepted at the time of purchase

Yes, a sting – here, it pierced, it worked out well Well, by the way, we have recently the number of thirsty heroin has drastically reduced, everyone has switched over to everything more interesting Well, where how, if you look at the estate of Eugene Roizman, namely, the city of Sverdlovsk – there with heroin addiction still everything is in order in industrial scale, despite the "City without drugs" Yes This is not his organization

I understand It turns out that other people have created, they rule No, well, he’s like the one who told us about her, how as if we ourselves did not know that in the city of Sverdlovsk everything is alright with heroin trafficking Ha ha ha Well, how do drugs get, in this case in the USA? But just through the city of El Paso, where it’s already being prepared on the tip of Danny Trejo special operation: in the wilderness, in the savannah, on the prairie, with binoculars like a leopard lurking, lies Hank Schreider, next to him are his colleagues, all in body armor, all beautiful In the distance behind the hill are black Chevrolet Tahoe

This lake turns out so called Yes Tahoe I like to call him “Tahoe” more because written "Tahoe" Tahoe is better, of course that’s what we’ll call him And also "Sub-urban" – I did not immediately realize that the word "sub-urban" means just "suburban" "Suburban

" Suburb, yes How are they on these so-called They drive cars, I don’t understand at all I just returned from the sunny island of Mallorca, they went there on some Citroen the size of a pig? Yes, such with these, if I remember correctly, diesel, some the amount of diesel fuel consumes – in my opinion, he produces it, on the contrary, but at the same time I sprayed from the hose into the tank and drove off Yes, and travels, of course, and all that

So, but when you get back in the BMW car, every time I want to cry – now it’s going normally, and rulitsya normally And there is a motor and everything is fine, yes, but this is something incomprehensible And this is even more so, I don’t understand the love of citizens at all to american cars Well, after all, probably in this "suburban", you can Immediately a person of 8 agents to set up OBN, and in this big plus that you need not two cars, but only one, she’s like a minibus, by and large

Yes, by the way, I’ll notice that all of these buckets are terrible We’re somehow in an American car, on the Chrysler, probably traveled there, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and back – he ate, in my opinion, 24 liters Oh oh oh! gasoline per 100 kilometers – you can fuck it! Get fucked at all! I’m driving 900 km on a diesel engine at one gas station, if do not drive, and there you press the cruise control – 90 km from one gas station

The tank, however, is 80 liters, but still You and I went to Moscow repeatedly on your car, I testify: one refueling – and we are already there Yes, well, somehow it is, and 24 liters – what is it at all? If it is idling, it will refuel impossible Only at a gas station at idle can you stand with a gun stuck in So, and what are they lying? They look out, Schrader is nervous and asks: “Where is your snitch?” And then they look – because of the hillock Danny Trejo appears somehow he’s going around very slowly, because that only the head is visible

But when the head due to the hillock finally appears, it turns out that besides the head there is also a turtle, and Danny Trejo is absent, more precisely, is present, but in the form of only a severed head that is installed on top of a hefty turtle Tortuga Just the tortoises Well, of course, it’s clear that the ambush has broken, because that, apparently, the informer still burned, judging by everything Yes, and they were also burned and therefore no one will come There should only be this note: “Who the fuck in rain and mud? This is our operative part ” But instead of these beautiful and wise words, only on the turtle is written: "Hola, DEA", well, ie "Hello, drug control!" Well, of course, Schrader paled from his face like a fugo fish, only not from anger, but vice versa, from the rolling nausea, to which local experienced agents from El Paso say to him: “Dude, why didn’t you ever see a head on a turtle? Well, it’s like we have almost every day

” And what's the point – on a turtle, I wonder? Well, because he was Tortugo They pin him, of course There, apparently, because Mexico is nearby, across the border, and there really is a cartel, and they have everything in order with atrocities, they, in general, used to different things, and agent Hank Schrader is not used to to such a revelry of passions Saw the Bosko with chainsaws, right? Here, and he says: “That never Bosko on the turtle didn’t see? ”, to which Schreider says:“ Up! Pack! I’ll go to the car and take the evidence bag ” Well, there’s everything: “Bgggg!” And of course, then someone grabs Bosko, and there stretch – a grenade from below lay under the head

Reasonable How to shy! There, someone’s leg was torn off, someone was chopped off by fragments, everyone is lying around, yelling – beauty! Well, here is the Schrader, who just left literally, Well, so as not to spit From these, from experienced, from experts, who see this every day, huh? In general, of course, for such gifts when here is the head on the turtle, right there, it’s better, of course, not to approach, given that you have there on the other side kill for a year 20 thousand people, there they have firearms and the methods of guerrilla warfare are all in order, and you should be aware of everything, apparently

Well, I’ve already wondered how to technically do this, Already, of course, this is alarming, spruces, to This is necessary somehow stick the grenade so that it does not snap off and didn’t explode, with what – to tape with tape? Maybe, but then you need to cut it off, and so take by the hair, and so that it immediately explodes This time, but secondly, what kind of grenade is such that it tears off its legs? Well, if it’s close, it can be bad Then maybe there’s not a grenade, maybe there just some homemade bomb? Yes maybe There they showed what exactly lay there, only he I took by the hair – and that’s all, there was a grunt! I feel sorry for the turtle Yes

Well, the turtle had nothing to do with it at all Well, as she crawled, and her head did not fall from her, but took hair and took off It is not clear

Well, I think that those who threw the gift were lying quite nearby and the turtle was just released, and was very happy The tactical move is right, yes, that’s right Well, in a word, first aid operations – everything is bad, in general Apparently, the service in El Paso at Schrader is already not asked, here This beginning is bright

Yes And in the same Museum of the atomic bomb again a workshop between Pinkman and his accomplices: Dead Pete, Badger McConaughey And Combo!

and the Combo who tells them that progression is needed without fail Now, the three of you rumble, you should have each three people each, and those three more people, in general, to have a normal Herbalife, as we discussed in the past time Build a pyramid, yes

So sure, and that was like Tuco, and even better And everything seems to agree already, feeling actually princes of blood Already Escobars, yes, they feel Yes, ie

this one, okay, this king, but we are also princes, it's not bad, in the end – at least the duke Well ie we will work, great! This, of course, includes Heisinberg, who studied at the university and generally knows for business or how now they say, knows how to do business, that “you need to raise the price Captured the market – raise the price, says: this is the law market

We have there, conditionally how much are they there – they sell 15 thousand each? Need to sell 2

Come on, chop the dibs! ” To which, of course, he was cautious Pinkman, a fool, a fool, but somehow he somehow feels that all this will end badly, says: “Why are you so so blasted?” Apparently, the course of the business will be only improve because the most experienced people who know the laws of the market Well, that’s how the series is beautiful, that situations are all vital, whatever one may say Is it vital after all? Vitally

Quite: both do not know what they are doing Like in the series “wiretap”, remember, there is this negro, Idris Elba went to the courses with golden glasses: “How, you say there, organize a rabkrin us? And slow down, I'm recording ”- it was wonderful! I really liked the good series Yes, HBO can! They can sometimes, until they take Benioff and Weiss they don’t hire idiots and they don’t hire this is a business of idiots

Yes, now Benioff and Weiss will improve their the presence of the Star Wars franchise is final, she is already, in my opinion, beautiful, but now she’ll be even better, I can smell it right now "I can smell it in water, I can smell it in the ground, and in the air something pulled "Well, the series ends simply because Pinkman invites his landlordich to your home stomp awesome, there, 45- or 50-inch plasma the telly, which he had already been brought to, had already turned on the satellite, already hung on the wall, and he has two awesome chairs, so that you can specially tidy up the telly, because that he is so black that there is black, the blackest of all the black flowers that just happen to be

Well now, of course, after 10 years with all these televisions they already look funny somehow You can’t even compare, yes I remember: there comrades are the first "plasma" for 10 thousand bucks they were taken from somewhere in the Emirates, what the hell are there, and now I don’t know them, just after you from the store run: "Take the TV!" 40 thousand worth some kind of miracle of technology unthinkable these, over 60 – there simply can’t be taken away, damn it Cool They say because of advertising, because of the fact that in TVs advertisements shove continuously – that's because of this

Now, the TV does not work at first, because catches a satellite network for a very long time, and then it’s like it’s already working, but these two don’t need to, these are already holding hands, felt kindred souls “Doesn't bother!” "Stand up like this, I'll arrange everything" In short, Pinkman has a romantic relationship with housing somehow came together at once Not, well, on the other hand, why – they have common interests, it’s immediately obvious, while he’s completely reproductive age, and she is quite a reproductive age, those the chance that they will have a fuck-tibidoch, huge

Sex This chance is huge, therefore, in general, it is expected it happened Good series Yeah, especially, of course, about Danny Trejo calling me really liked it With Tortuga, yes

“Why are you,” he says, “the head on the turtle never saw? What's the matter?" This is unexpected, this is a turn! When I first watched – when it suddenly banged, when you don't expect anything at all, expect Schrader will puke now or maybe not puke – how will he get out of this uncomfortable situation? Tu this: “Ha! Boom!" Well thought out, well done – professionals, yes! Thank you Klim Sanych We are trying

The eighth in line Yes And that's all for today

Source: Youtube

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