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Breaking and (Partially) Fixing Provably Secure Onion Routing


Onion routing aims at breaking the connection between a message and its sender by using multiple hops With usage in the TOR protocol and others, it is today's de-facto standard for anonymous communication on the Internet

Several of the onion routing and mix networks have even been proven secure by a common proof strategy The strategy proposes four properties an onion routing or mix network has to fulfill to be secure However, we describe an attack that allows an honest but curious exit node to limit the anonymity set drastically; and another that allows a colluding adversary who controls the first relay and receiver to identify the sender without using any traffic analysis or timing information Investigating the reasons for the attacks, we show that two of the suggested properties are not needed and another is flawed We propose new properties and prove that they indeed imply the security for onion routing and mix net formats without sessions or reply channels

Source: Youtube

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