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Breaking and Entering


AHHHHHHHH *under breath* what was that hes throwing *thinking* what is it calledplates *HEAVY BREATHING* oh fuck look at him the fuck are you doing throw something at him *IN SHOCK AND DENIAL* He just used the force Please dont go to the fucking toilet Dont go to the toilet what is that sound of dying dog And Jimmie you are saying that this isn't scary? At least he is giving you privacy while you are on the toilet Oscar what did you do? Oscar? I have no fucking clue where am I? *SCREAMING* WTF IS THIS GUYS GUYS GUYS *Hannes in the background*: What are you gonna cry now? OK GOOD GOOD Just gonna check what benny sent me UH OH he is outside Yeah Yeah Perfect OH he found you Not a chance that he can get up here It's fine *VACCUM SOUNDS* *REALIZATION OF FUCKING UP ENSUES* HE HAS A VACCUM!

Source: Youtube

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