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Breaking and Entering (2006) 720p HD Full Movie Eng Sub


(engine rumbling) MAN: When do you stop looking at each other? Shouldn't there be a warning? Shouldn't somebody say to us, "Hey, watch out, pay attention"? Because you can be thinking, "I'm okay, we're okay, we're good" Then you turn around and

a distance between you (indistinct conversation) (boys shouting) (horn beeping) (shouting and cheering) (man speaking Bosnian) (speaking Bosnian) Zorany! Miro! I've got a little job for you The Speed Merchants? I'm sorry, I apologize

Traffic Yeah, bad traffic for three days? Hi, Bea Hi, Dad Very exciting Okay, Bea

– No, I want – Stop with the balloon No, stop, stop

MAN: Who's that? – That's one of the cleaners – Yeah It's the cleaner, yeah Yeah, you know her– Erika She's staggering

Staggering Why do you have a picture of one of the cleaners on your computer? I was just experimenting with my camera I was just, um, you know, "Can I just? Oh, that's good" Come on It's all right for you, mate, you've got a gorgeous, Swedish wife Girlfriend Half Swedish

You cannot say girlfriend after ten years You all right? I mean, isn't that true? You've been there, are you gassed in Sweden if you're ugly? Or maybe just given a penis, because some of the men can be very ugly, but I've never seen an ugly Swedish woman Jesus, look at Liv (indistinct conversations) WOMAN: Oh, I love this space MAN: We do

We think it's a steal Thanks for coming (banging) (glass breaking) (alarm beeping) (beeping continues) (beeping faster) (beeping continues) (tapping keys) (beeping stops) (knocking) That's us Let's go! (sighs) (fox yipping) Are we crazy? No About what? King's Cross

Sandy still thinks we're crazy to move there It's so the area

It's a great office, isn't it? And it was a It's a great project, it was a great night I don't know

It's all great (fox yipping) Thank you for making an effort tonight The launch, I know it's not your but it really helped It's okay It's fine Was it an effort? What? That's her (fox yipping) That's Bea

No, that's a fox No, it's her, she was exhausted They're taking over London I hate that noise (sighs): It's so late

How can she just not sleep? I don't think going to her always I don't know if that helps I know you don't

Let's go back and see someone I've seen too many someones Sorry I'm sorry Listen, what you're doing, the whole project, for London, the office, everything– it's wonderful

I think it can genuinely be something Rubbish – Terrible

– genuinely rubbish-like (chuckles) Crap

I'll come back Down, hold one, two, three

Turn, one, two, three Bea, darling, it's 3:30 in the morning We have to stop this One, two (phone ringing) Hello? Yeah, well, no, I mean, I'm his partner, so Yes, I am

What?! Hi Officer, this place is my business Go on, go ahead – My partner's in there already – Okay

I had everything on that laptop, my life is on that laptop WOMAN: I'm very sorry, sir Will! Will! All the computers, my laptop, the petty cash Well, how did they get in? Through the roof – What about the alarm? – They turned it off Well, how do they know the code? I wasn't here I don't know – Jesus Christ

– Do you have cleaners? It's not the cleaners This is covered in glass It's not the cleaners I know it's I know the cleaners How can we have a break-in on our first day? Unless the cleaners have turned into a bunch of acrobats MAN: Who is it? It's Zoran and Miro (speaking Bosnian) – Hey

– Hey How's my best nephew, hmm? – Dragan – Huh? See my hands? See his? Uh-huh His dad had the big brains I had the big hands

Your dad had hands like a girl's And the girls loved him It's the same with you two My son is the clumsy one (tapes clatter on floor) This is for you

Wipe everything You know how to do that? Erase everything? They'll be delivering new computers, and then you can go back in, my little monkey (TV playing) Hi, Mom How was school? It was okay Lots of homework? No, not really

Not really? Mirsad, you've not been at school for weeks They sent another letter It's a mistake– half the time they don't know who's there and who's not there Now we have to go back to see people at the Social Services We survived

Do you understand? We survived, and that's not free I didn't ask to survive Imagine your father If we could offer him just one day, one hour– imagine You have a life and you are throwing it away I don't even remember him I don't remember him Where do you go? Where do you go every day? I'm working, I'm earning money

You have to go to school That's what we promised, with police and the court Otherwise, they'll put you in prison I'll be 16 in three months Mirsad

You're a clever boy You're clever, you've got a brain I have to go

I'm late If somebody, if one of his family, if any of our people are leading you, I'm telling you, if anyone of them is, I'll kill them! And I wouldn't care! (man speaking Bosnian) (indistinct audio from computer) LIV: We've never really had a proper diagnosis, but I've always known Bea was special Yeah! She's double happy, double sad, double excited, double awake, double needy– well, no, triple needy, actually (laughs) I know even even when Bea was ten months old, she, she was already distressed by noise

Sh-She would only sleep with a particular blanket next to her or-or eat with a particular spoon Lately it's been getting worse and she can't sleep at all She can't manage at school, where, uh all of us, just completely at our wits' end I can't, I'm sorry, I'm late (indistinct conversation) (heavy machinery running) eat foods of a certain color Sorry Sorry I'm Rosemary McCloud Hi, Rosemary

I'm Will Where's Bea? Oh, no, Bea No, the structure is that before I begin any sort of diagnosis, I'd like to meet the parents first, alone

Right, great So I'm just, uh, finishing with Liv Um Well, I'd like to, uh, listen to these documentaries I must have heard them in the past Uh, no, they're mostly World Service Liv explained that she's going to semi-retire until Bea gets That's not true – Effectively – Will It's, it's either Bea's gymnastics, Bea's art therapy, Bea's music therapy, it's a sacrifice is all I'm saying Liv won prizes for the work she did, did she tell you that? It's a big sacrifice is all I'm saying, hmm I was just explaining to Rosemary She's up all nightthat, um, in these past few months, that Bea's gotten worse – Hmm – Yeah And, uh, she's not sleeping, and it's intense Yes Hav-Have either of you– therapy– have either of you considered ever-ever thought about doing that or? I did see someone When? For a while, 'cause I can get low sometimes – I just go into low – Wow Um, my father died and my mother died – and my sister died and – Hmm It's family with a short life expectancy And a grandmother of 93 And a grandmother of 93 But some days the cup is empty and some days its 93% full

Were you, um, were you brought up in Sweden or? Oh, my father was American, and I went to university there – Uh-huh

– Chicago Addicted to cold No Uh, are you concerned about Bea? Sure, you know, but Liv is (sighs) Liv worries so much, there's, there's not much room for

You know, but a 13-year-old girl who collects batteries, doesn't sleep, doesn't let us sleep, won't eat anything, spends all day wanting to do somersaults, I mean, yeah, sure, I'm concerned Of course I'm concerned Liv says that you're wrapped up in your work

Wrapped up? Wrapped up? That's fair I love how working hard, working really hard, becomes wrapped up, becomes something selfish I love that When you say that you love it, do you mean that you don't love it? Let's just back up We love Bea

It's not a competition to see who loves her the most If it were a competition, I would happily let Liv win You win MAN: It says here your father died, your husband, your sister This was where? Sarajevo? Um, Miro and I left with the Red Cross

My husband stayed behind and was, uh, he stayed behind and was murdered You're Serbs? My husband was Serb I'm Muslim Uh, it's complicated We're Bosnian, we're all Bosnian

It's complicated Do you have relatives in Britain? My husband's family His brother, sisters and aunt

Was a time when a smack around the ear or my auntie would give me a thump Matter of fact, she punctured my eardrum at one point, but you knew where you were Simple, we're all simple What about you, Sonny Jim? What have you been up to while you've not been at school? Back thieving, stealing again? Hmm? See, things are not things Things are always somebody's things

Car is Jack's car, 'cause he worked for it Your Prada jacket is little Kevin's Prada jacket, before it was his– I can see your little brain ticking over His Prada jacket belonged to Mr Prada What about before that? Before what? Before it was Mr

Prada's? Did it belong to the women who made it? 'Cause my mom does that– makes clothes for other people, slaves for other people Or like when prisoners make trains Next time you're going down We'll catch you, and then you can discuss who owns the trains with your cell mates (water bottle smacks) Back in a minute

Sorry I'm late again, but everything is here – All the Macs Everything – It's okay – Excellent Thank you

– Thank you Excuse me You dropped this Oh, thanks, Erika Oh, please, come up, Erika

It is Erika, isn't it? – Yes, sir – Sandy We set the alarm, sir I did it myself You have my word

I'm not accusing you The police have already called my mobile phone, asking me questions Yeah, that is normal About this thing and then that thing I'm so sorry

It was like Kafka "Where did you get your car?" "Why are you ordering takeaway?" You know, we try to do a good job You-you do, you do do a very good job Erika, listen We have to have a new code for the alarm

Now, we're going to give you your own code, You're going to choose it, not us, so there's absolutely no way of you being wrongly accused of anything – Is that a deal? – Okay, thanks Oh, listen I had your picture on my computer What would the burglar make of that? My photograph? Yeah

Well, from when I was, um, trying my camera out, if you remember So, the burglar, someone who didn't know the context, would think you were a friend or a girlfriend I mean, someone standing over there who couldn't hear us, what would he make of this? Well, apart from my uniform Of course apart from the uniform, yeah But say, if we were too far away to see the uniform

Y-You know? And I could give you this book, and you know, for all matey-boy over there knows, that's a collected works of Franz Kafka, that's your birthday – Or the Bible – Or the Bible

Uh WILL: The model hasn't changed Of course I know

Because we'd have to plant Why isn't she moving? You can't take a fish out of the water I have 50 e-mails

– Why isn't she moving? – She's dead You can't take a fish out of the water – Okay, put her down – Darling, listen to Mommy No, no, you can't take a fish out of the water

No, no, don't put her back in You can't take a fish out of water! She needs water Sandy, no, I can't get to the office If you can get to the office for me Well, I can't because I'm needed here

You're right, you can't take a fish out You can't, but she's dead See? She's dead You can go? Okay, that's great Thank you

– It's okay We'll bury her – I'll speak later Okay, this is what we're going to do We're going to put her in a little box

Oh, don't cry, darling Don't cry Come on, we're going to put her in a box (voice trails off) (shuffling) (sniffing) (indistinct conversation) New code Two, one seven, eight

It's my date of birth (door slamming) (beeping stops) (distant chatter) (alarm blaring) (alarm stops) Now what are you doing? (rapid honking) Let's go! Leave it Come on, let's go! (engine starting) Come on! Get the door! Oh! Jesus Christ! Fucking hell (dog barking) Oh MAN: This is brilliant You're really going to do all this, I mean, put a canal right through the middle? Yeah It's brilliant I'm Bruno Fella, CID

Are you Sandy or Will? – I'm Will – Hello, Will – Hi – You know what? I was born right there, just about there I'd have drowned

Mm I love it I think it's really nice This is Sandy, um, Hoffman, my partner – Sandy

– Hello Detective Bruno Fella, CID Hi, Bruno I'm just saying this is a fabulous building I think it's brilliant

Thank you Was it you had the scrape with the villains? No, I wouldn't say it was a scrape Well, they scraped my car No, I was running late for the first break-in I wasn't quite prepared for the second

Well, I get it, completely You know, completely get it, you know? You're, um, disgruntled I would be, you know, putting all that effort into making such a fabulous building, you know, in an off-style community You know, you don't need the grief, do you? Well, it's no fun, Bruno You know, financially it's a disaster

The insurance is gonna be through the roof You know your problem, Sandy? What's my problem? King's Cross Is what? What is it? I mean that's you there You got a British Library over there with Eurostar, and bang in the middle you got crack village with a load of Somalians walking about with machetes It's an area in flux WILL: Oh, they left a computer disk, the burglars Did you know that? With my photographs

Oh What do you mean? Where? <i>Sorry, they returned it</i> More than that, they downloaded my personal photographs off my laptop, that they stole the first time, and they brought it back Well, can we see it? Yeah Lovely

So they got compassion I won't go that far Well, I'm not saying you gotta show them compassion You know, you're just like my girlfriend, my ex-girlfriend <i>They're the criminals, they're the bad guys

</i> Can I have a go? There Don't you just love a Mac? Sweet, huh? And what do you say to your girlfriend? I'm the Old Bill, Will, you know? I've been on the beat, undercover, in a suit, you know, it's the law It's, uh, Einstein's law of relativity

What does that mean, exactly, sir? Relativity? Well, relatively speaking, um, it means, if me and Sandy here break the law, you know, we're gonna get a decent lawyer Hmm Now these guys who broke in here, they go straight to jail "Do not pass Go" One law for us, one for them

Except we haven't broken the law Everyone's broken the law WILL (on computer): Our vision for King's Cross, for the public spaces of King's Cross, starts with the premise <i>that we acknowledge an urban landscape is a built landscape</i> It starts as an argument with society's phony love affair with nature We are against the mistaking of grass for nature, of green for nature

King's Cross is an area of North London associated with poverty, crime, vice and urban decay Our job is to transform the landscape, not decorate it with green because how we feel about ourselves, how we behave, is directly affected by the space around us

How we design the outdoors of our city is as important as how we design the indoors We're gonna take the canal, and use it like calligraphy, like ink, to write around the development MAN: We think it's the cleaners WILL: What about the cleaners? Breaking in They don't even clean properly

It's true They don't They never empty the dishwasher– or load it, for that matter They bring their kids, their boyfriends – Come on

– They do And to be honest, Will, it's getting a little traumatic I'm staying late at the office and worrying that the place is gonna be ransacked while I'm in it Look, they're cleaners and they're not clean WILL: Okay

Good, thanks Thanks for the tea, thanks for the theory I'm sorry, but what does that mean? <i>It means your boyfriend's been to the office, Ruby,</i> and yours, Wei Ping, and yours, actually, Joe, <i>so where do the rules say we can have boyfriends,</i> but the cleaners can't? Or kids And explain this to me, please How the cleaners are getting up onto the roof <i>then swinging through the roof line, and why they are,</i> when they've already got the keys and codes? All right Hi I've just been trying to defend our cleaners

Uh-huh Well, I've just spoken to the alarm company Whoever broke in used the cleaners' code WILL: What do we actually do if we see a burglar? Call the police? Kill them? SANDY: There's a weird ecology, of course, to these break-ins The new computers, they're upgrades, you know, they're new models

You could argue that a break-in every, oh, say, six months, it's good business, isn't it? Just not every six days I wish they would steal this car, for instance

42,000 miles I've got the criminal mind Lots of wanting to be bad See an ass, want to bite it (chuckles) I just never do

Good Good What you've done, there is you strayed from the moral to the criminal, and you crossed the moral-criminal divide <i>Wanting to bite an ass is a moral issue,</i> and then only if the ass belongs to someone who objects to the idea Criminal would be biting the ass without permission

You're such a lawyer Yeah Anyway, then what? Then what, what? You bite the ass, then what? Well, then they bite yours Is the theory It's so long since I've bitten or been bit It's good to talk about that Mm The problem is, you find out we're all so miserable Hello, hello He doesn't look happy

Do you recognize him? Uh no I don't know

God, I wish I could lip-read Hang on <i>I think I can</i> "I don't like you anymore "I like Sandy

"He's everything I want in a man "And stop burgling his bloody office" (knocking) God (both laughing) Hello Got a light? We don't smoke

Sorry But there is the car lighter All right So is it? 'Course it is I don't believe it

Okay I've got nothing on under my coat Well, this, this might warm you up Christ Oh, God

Okay? Have a good night Christ Can I get inside? It's cold Sorry Come on, this is a car

It's not a community cent Jesus Christ Hey

Come on (chuckling) – Um – So what are – you guys looking for? – Huh? Oh, fuck

Fuck Are you spying on us? – No – Not at all – Who's this? – It's insulting – No, we're

– Seriously, we've been Did you not trust us This your girlfriend? No, she's not my girlfriend Trust– if you have to say it, it means there is none Use a condom That's my answer to trust

Sure, I trust you– use a condom One minute you're nice to me, the next you're spying on me No, Erika Erika, listen Erika

Uh-oh Please, please, can you just listen? Please <i>50 pounds, whatever you want</i> What's your name? Except talk What if I want to talk? Call the Samaritans

Oh, please You know, I don't have time for this WOMAN: Humans Chat, chat, chat, chat, chat We talk

Why? I don't know Animals don't talk, because they don't lie Erika! A ridiculous idea That was good? You really helped We should, uh

We need, we, we need to lock up You work here? Yeah Yes

Bad place for an office What's your project about? I don't really know A place I'd like to live in or run through I would love to jump, you know Chik, chik, chik

jump from building to building Chika-chik, chik (sighs) This is amazing But what? No buts Is that amazing? Yeah

But dangerous Oh (laughing) No buts You see the city? What is it like? Better Did my dad just not want to come with us? Uh

He, um He loved you, but, uh, he was engineer He was needed Every bridge was blown up So Anyway, it's more complicated No story from Sarajevo is simple No! No! I don't want to (indistinct shouting) No! No! (engine starts) WILL: There's no bread

No bread, no butter, no flour, no dairy Nor last night You didn't notice I did Hmm

We're trying a diet How's the chicken? Chicken's good Good Ice cream is dairy <i>Ice cream is dairy,</i> That's right

Sweetie, try the chicken WILL: Try the chicken first LIV: This is a diet just for you Bea, put those things back, now Have some chicken

Rosemary suggested we try this – Where is it? – Remember her? <i>- Where is it? – Therapist Rosemary</i> What have you done with the ice cream? There's amazing stuff about the affect of food on mood, on the brain Rosemary I chose it! She said that? Wow

It's not fair! Every time I say something in this house, it gets repeated back as a question You know I like ice cream! If I say "good morning," people ask me what makes me think it's a good morning – What? – No ice cream! I'm trying to hold this family together, Will There's no ice cream, Mama Who are "people"? Who are these mysterious people? I feel a fool with my sun box, I do, but it's the only sun you can rely on in this house

– I want the ice cream! – No, Liv Hey, Liv, come on – What are you talking about? – Why have you taken it away?! I wanted a slice of bread

You know what? Really? Can we, can we just try this? Can we try this as a family, please? Just as a family for a week? Don't say try together if we don't decide together Well, don't take a side together, if we don't cook together or talk together or do anything together – It's not fair! – We don't do anything together – There we are – Exercise

– Exercise – "There we are" what? – Stop that – Exercise Exercise You don't even hear it, Will – You don't even hear it – Exercise, exercise Eat your chicken first! – No! – Stop yelling Chicken? I'm a vegetarian – Don't you yell at me – You don't eat vegetables – It's disgusting! – You don't eat vegetables

– Disgusting! Disgusting! – Will you stop? (all shouting) No, it's disgusting! No, leave me alone! (china breaking) Now, what we know is, if we smash things and we scream and we shout, we get our own way That's what we know Or run away Great Great That's great (clattering plates, silverware) Liv Liv, darling

(shouts): Liv! Or we just say nothing! Because God forbid we ever we ever say what we actually meant! No, just let the shutter come down! Anyway I really have to get back to the office Bea, my car keys Where's the battery? Bea Hey, I need the battery

We're human Don't punish us We get fed up Fed up Is that about the diet? No

It means upset I don't know why It's a metaphor, remember? We spoke about those "Cried your eyes out" doesn't mean your eyeballs fall out Metaphors

"Fed up" It's nothing to do with food Where's my battery, Bea? – It's in my box – Where's your box? It's my box You can't go in my box

– Well, you go get the battery – Bea It's all right We're working it out Bea, go and get Will's battery

"Will's battery"? Can you explain to me why you suddenly need to go to the office? – You know why – You're not the police No, and the police are not night watchmen Nor are you Most wives would worry if their husbands went cruising in King's Cross – every night

– Come on Hire a security company, Will Most wives are married to their husbands, as we're being so accurate tonight Dads, wives, Will's battery Thanks for that

I don't see the real father around much I love your sun box, whatever the fuck it's supposed to do I keep hoping it'll warm you up Skinny cup, extra shot, right? Right Thanks

Oh I brought a CD I've got some CDs No For dancing

I like to dance In cars? Inside, outside, upside down I can dance on your lap, but it's not – for free – Absolutely I still make you come, but not inside me

Some guys think that's not cheating Hmm? # I need a man # # To make me love # # To make me sing # # I sing, I need a man # # To make me feel # # Like I'm a queen # – (shuts off music) – That's good You are You're very good

You're great That's okay It's fine What do you mean? It's okay (fox screeching) Hi

I'm sorry You smell of perfume I don't know how I do Nor do I I love you

Is that an answer? It's the truth What do you need? What do you want ever? I feel as if I'm tapping on a window You're somewhere behind the glass, but you can't hear me Even when you're angry, like now, it's like someone a long, long way away is angry with me Well, glass is better than ice, which is where we were earlier

Sweden, ice, depression, the high rate of suicide? Mm-hmm I never got close to anybody who didn't want to talk about that – Mm – Or free love – Liv Ullmann

– Liv Ullmann Who's Norwegian, by the way Well, there are no other Swedes to talk about? Nobody lives there You could drive for hours before you pass another Volvo Abba

Let's face it It's a sad old list What about the English? You brought us what? Sarcasm? – Mm – And the Beatles # Yeah, yeah, yeah

# # Knowing me, knowing you # A-ha Lager louts No You invented lager

Excuse me The Danes Yeah, same difference No, no, no (laughing) I love your laugh

I love your laugh I'd like to gather up all your laughs and lock them in a box, like Bea's, and nobody would be allowed the key Where are you going? – The shower – (fox screeches) Or to kill that fucking fox Come back here

– Mama? – WILL: I'll take you – I'm taking you – Mom takes me No, no It's okay

It's okay I'm taking Bea I want to Go back to sleep Mom takes me

Daddy will take you today It's fine It's fine See? I'm up It's okay

Seat belt, Bea (music blasting) What's that? Is that a CD? Yeah Yes, it's a CD Is it yours? N Yes Shut up! "Shut up" is good, isn't it? Excellent I did it! I did it! I did it! You watch, I'm going to do it again Paul? Paul, are you ready? Are you ready? Sweetie, you're still wet

You're dripping Yellow towel It's not yellow Is it yellow? Yellow stitching Oh

You have to dry yourself I did I used the hair dryer Well, how about my sweater? It's kind of a towel Is it a good color? It's a good color, and it's a sort of towel

<i>But you'll be cold</i> No If I get cold, I'll wear the towel Hey, look Those guys– they're amazing

I want a lesson (laughing) Oh! – (laughing) – Mom, are you okay? You okay? Get up Oh, you're soaked Excuse me We would like to donate our towel

No, I'm fine, thanks Really, we hate our towel We hate our towel We do We hate it

It's looking for a new home Thank you Come on, lovey (laughing) That was good You should join the circus

Get off me! (laughing) It's cold It's a bit cold Why wind down the window? To get some air Why? You know Quite a strong perfume

– Actually – It's my job I got you a present

In return for the CD, the coffees It's good, I think My wife uses it

She says it's good That's fucked up What man wants to be with a girl that smells like his wife? No, I didn't say I wanted to be with a girl You think I like to smell like this? You think I like to wear panties which cut my pussy in half? I didn't mention your Men are incredible! Thank you (grunts) Ow! So what, you clean this area up? – Is that the plan? – Not exactly If you work with nature, why are you so against nature? Well, A: I'm not, and B: I'm absolutely not The fox in your garden

What about the fox in my garden? The one wild thing in your life and it makes you crazy You know, turn the whole world into a park, – like Disneyland – That's not what we do – With flowers – Oh, that's ironic, because that's the opposite of what we do Go ahead, clean up, because we will move to another alley, and we'll take the foxes with us Good Because this is the human heart

This is the world It's light and dark They're putting fortune cookies in with the crack now, are they? This is what, the human heart? This is the world? This is shit You're talking shit I have to charge you

– Huh? – No, I have to charge you You crossed the line – What do you mean? – We have chit chat, it's free I keep warm, I buy coffee It's a trade

You abuse me, that's business How did I abuse you? Men abuse me, I get paid 50 pound No way am I giving you 50 pounds 50 pound

I'm not giving you 50 pounds 50 pounds! No – Fuck! – Oh Uh-oh – He's like a monkey

– I've got to call the police What? To say what? To say what?! There's a man breaking into my building! It's not a man, it's a boy I've got a special thing, a code, four-three, uh No, I'm Hoff Yes, I'm Hoff Well, my partner's Hoffman Where am I?! I'm in my car! I'm looking at him! I'm four! Hey! Wait! Come here! Fuck Hey! (sirens approaching) We're getting out of here

– (engine starts) – What about Miro? What about Miro? (pants) WOMAN: What happened to your hand? MIRO: Forgot my keys You're bleeding (speaking Bosnian) No (speaking Bosnian) I didn't fall, Mom (speaking Bosnian) Why can't you do it? You're a tailor

Dad! Dad! Dad! I'm too old to chase robbers Dad! All right, hey Oh Hey, what are you crying about? SANDY: Where the hell have you been? We've been worried sick Why is Mommy crying? Why aren't you in bed? I near

I could've caught him I nearly caught him The police weren't going to get here, so I followed him

I mean, I imagine, it's just a boy What did the police do with my car? The police? They were here for probably about a minute So what are you telling me? Somebody's stolen my car? – Eh? – Oh My bag's in there, the wallet, my keys Oh, Jesus Christ, Will You left the car open? Yeah, well, I was chasing a thief, Liv Did you get a look at this boy? No, not really Hey, hey

it's okay Reminds me of when I first met you, driving around, trying to get her to sleep in the back You in your nightgown

Remember? So beautiful Will, a boy can still stab you Now, what if you'd caught up with him? I don't know Anyway, he's not going to come back It's probably all over now

Zoran Zoran, watch Hey, did you see that? Did you see that? I just landed it

Yeah, yeah, nice (indistinct talking) (dog barks) You're in the wrong place, man (indistinct foreign TV audio) (bell rings) I telephoned earlier about my jacket Yes This is strange

You probably don't remember, we bumped into each other the other day at the sport center We gave you our towel Oh, that's right So, I've, uh, I tore my jacket Oh, I can't repair that

Well, I can, but you'd always see the tear I don't think, the cost, I don't think is worth doing

Really? It's a favorite I'd hate to throw it away I can try Come back Friday Great

Friday Good, I'll see you on Friday Friday – Excuse me! – Excuse me! Your wallet It was in your jacket

Oh, thank you It's new I've already lost one wallet this week Thank you I was rude, I'm sorry

This city, you know, you see someone in one place, and then another, it makes you very Sure – I have to get back

– All right Can you if I, if I brought a suit, can– I lost some weight– if I brought it tomorrow, say? I'm out tomorrow

Friday then? Okay Thank you for this (humming) Will, she's asleep – Huh? – It's a miracle I can't believe it

That's great, huh? Why are you trying on suits? Nothing really fits me It looks fine Can I say "Rosemary says"? Absolutely What does Rosemary say? She says Well, you know, it's: Bea says "I need" I say "I'm here," she says, "I need," I say "I'm here" I'm not talking about going to work tomorrow, I'm just thinking about going back to work Good And start thinking about you About us

Bea can come with me sometimes She can dig, make a mess No, that's great, but you're busy and distracted And? Go on And

she's not my daughter And right now when she's such a, she's so you can't trust me to take care of her If you were measuring how far away from where we need to be, you and me is that a long way? I don't think you can ask a question like that It's

Put on a suit, sound like a suit It feels a long, long way right now from where it needs to be I wish we could unsay and unhurt back to wherever that is, and start again And how far back? I remember you bit me You were angry with me and you bit me

I don't remember why I don't know why either, but I remember I bit you You really bit me And I thought we were very close We were

Yeah, but that's just teeth It's not invisible, but That's amazing

Astonishing, great – Shall I put it on? – Yes Is there, somewhere? Uh, yeah, my son's room Just there Is he in

? No, no, he's at school Your son, is he studying to be an architect? No, he's only 15 It's a school project

I'm an architect of sorts Hmm

(chuckles) Funny Your son's project We use those figures They're scale figures They're from Japan

Hard to find in London Oh He must get them from school Uh, your trousers? You have, uh, children? Oh, you were with a little girl – My daughter

– Uh-huh I remember her This will take a week, at least I'll have to remove the lining That's fine

I'll write you a bill for the jacket Should I just write "repairs"? Yeah What's this? A practice keyboard No space for piano up here You can play electric or electronic keyboard? Um, no, I'm happy with this

You know, I imagine (hums melody) You know, so Not a good place to make noises You could always use headphones I'm fixing this and I, um, should mind my own business

People like me from my country, we– I'm Bosnian– we think it's dangerous not to be able to hear (door slides open) Tell your son if he's interested, he can come and see our office, you know, to look around We're very close King's Cross I might do that

Will Francis is your name? – Mm – Hmm (humming) (humming melody) (sniffling): She'll never be his daughter ROSEMARY: You wish Bea was Will's daughter, is that it? I wish she was I wish she was

Then maybe we'd all be happy I don't want to be cold I don't want to be sad I don't want to be angry with him anymore I have this light box

What kind of light box? For depression The doctor prescribed it and I sit in front of it for hours It's supposed to stop me from getting down Give me an image of that change that you hope for in Will He's looking at me

Sugar? Uh, no, thank you I think you'll want sugar Okay Are you unhappy? What makes you say that? You always seem, when you come here, I don't know I'm happy enough

Happy enough So English (chuckles) LIV: I think it was the happiest day, really when Bea was born And then sometimes I think sometimes I think Bea was punished because I left my husband and I left Sweden

And then I met Will, and he was kind And we were happy, we really were But then I just push him away, I don't know why I just push him away from me (doorbell ringing) Oh, this is, um, this is going to sound really stupid

I forgot the shirt I was going to bring a shirt for you, you to copy and I forgot, I forgot it

Um, all right Should I go back and get it? I can go back and get it now And I'd be, like, two seconds Okay Or perhaps when you come for the suit? It's a bad time? You mean without the shirt? Right, that doesn't make any sense, does it? (chuckling) Uh

I'm going to the supermarket – Right – I have to go to work

How do you get the shopping home? Uh, bus I'm practically driving a bus My car's stolen, so I have a company van It's electric You could probably walk faster

Pedestrians will overtake us Say yes, and what's the worst thing that could happen? Yes Tell me about your son – Mirsad? – Mirsad? It's, um He hates his name, but was a name for Sarajevo, not for London Now his name's Miro But I think he should love his name You know, names in my country, they're like flags

You can live or die because of your name Mirsad– it's a Muslim name It should be Serbian because of his father, but, you know, I can be stubborn sometimes You what? Stubborn sometimes But that name saved his life

When we, when we were getting out of Sarajevo, we came out with Red Cross, leaving the siege The guards, the Serbs, stopped us at one of the checkpoints, and they took him, they took my son, and they said what's your name? And he said, "Mirsad, my name is Mirsad," his Muslim name Well, if he told his family name, the Serbian name, "Simic," they might have taken him as a son of a traitor Anyway, since then, I don't think he's ever really He-he gets in trouble That's another story I can't talk about siege in supermarket, sorry We had a break-in

Several, actually, in our office Something gets smashed, I mean, I mean, not just the windows But not all breaking's bad, is it, you know? I mean, you break habits Maybe, maybe before you repair the window, you should smash a few more That's all I do, you see, in my job, I tidy up

There's a mess between buildings, and we come in Squeeze in bits of green, like dressing Like lipstick, like pretty Anyway, that's a roundabout way of saying the shape of your mouth, I could probably draw it by heart What are you thinking? I was thinking, uh, that was a roundabout way of saying you're married, which I know, and I was thinking Bosnian men would say less, but, uh would want more They love to talk, they love talk, believe me, but, uh, talk for them is politics, women for them is not talk That's crushing (laughs) I didn't mean it bad LIV: She's going to be disappointed, but okay

MAN: Yeah I have to take the boys to cricket (indistinct talking) Here's Mom Dad can't make it Aw

But here's what we're going to do It's okay Look, sweet

Why can't Dad come? Because he's working He can't make it in time He never comes

We have the videos, video, video, video Hey! Hoopla Stop That stop there is very good I know

I realize Again, again – Again? – Again (cheering over TV) LIV (chuckling): What do you think? – She's great, eh? – Great It's good, too, because the batteries are back in the remote

It's a mystery how these batteries finally went home just when we need them Big mystery Mystery two: How did you video this and be in the picture at the same time? Paul was cameraman – Paul? – Bea's trainer You've met him a hundred times

Paul loves Mom No, Paul loves Bea (chuckles) But does Paul love me? (inaudible chatter) (bell tolling in distance) WILL: If you could do anything right now, what would it be? I have to work, I have to get back Oh, come on (groans): Let me think I don't know, uh (seagulls calling) Change everything up until this moment Uh, not my son, everything else I can't do that for you You didn't say what could you do

What would I do is what you said, not what you could do What could I do? Why? I-I-I don't understand I don't understand, either If I had a magic wand, I don't know, persuade my son to come to Sarajevo with me, start a new life And you, if you could do anything right now, what would you do? I'm sorry

Sorry I'm sorry (children shouting in distance) (giggles) Hey, are you waking up? Mm-hmm I made bread I can smell them

It's hot Careful You're happy Is that so strange? (chuckles) Put on the telly; it might be on the news Ha! You are not so big I can sit on you

(laughs) Mm Ah, Miro Hmm

We should go home this summer to Sarajevo I think you would love it Tanja says there are flights for a few pounds

Maybe Hmm Maybe Your grandmother would cry for weeks (both laugh) Great

(door closes) (camera beeps) What's this? Oh, uh, I-I forgot – I put it in your room – Where'd you get it? It's a customer I sewed his jacket He's an architect

He said, uh, you could go and look at his office What's the matter? I have to go out What did you say to him? Wh-Wh-What do you mean? Did he go in my room?! No Just to try some trousers Why do people have to go into my room?! <i>Miro, dushma, he's a good person, he's a good man

</i> He was just trying to help You think everyone is good No one is good What are you (clattering) What is it? I'm in such shit MIRO: She's taken back the laptop ZORAN: She what? She's taken back the laptop That is so fucked up

She says they're friends Yeah, but that's like, "Hello, my son did it Lock him up" She says she's going to talk to him, do some sort of deal Papa

Papa WOMAN: Will! WILL: What? Lady looking for you What? A lady is looking for you Are you okay? What is it you want from me? Nothing, I don't want anything Because you don't just walk into someone's life and knock on their door and kiss them

– You cannot do that – I know that What? What-what's the matter? You used me; you have someone else – Oh, you mean Liv? – Promise me, promise me That's the last thing I want, believe

Promise you what? Promise you I'm not flirting? – I know what that is – I don't believe you I know what that is, – and this is not what it is

– I don't believe you I don't I can't talk anymore

I want to go somewhere and not talk Not talk I have a friend; she she works Maybe she would lend her place It's close to here Call her It's not a hotel, it's not a palace Call her

What's her number? (inaudible chatter, keys jingling) The clothes under my clothes, they're not I've always wanted to make something in silk I'm, uh, giving myself to you

I want it to be worth something Come here (mouthing words) (siren wailing in distance) – WILL: Hi – Hi I'm, uh, I never met somebody when I was already in their bed

I'm Will Thank you I'm Tanja It's good to have a man in my bed I hope it's contagious

I'll get my, uh BEA: "'Don't kill the boy,' Brave Benoit said, "but Dai replied, "'Why not? I come from the Isle of Wight "We eat young boys a lot

' "But secretly, Dai had a heart "He kept it in a jar "He hadn't seen that jar for years He found it in his car" Great reading

That's not reading, that's knowing by heart There's a metaphor Where? WILL: To know by heart "'Forgive, forget, and eat more jam,' the jar said on the lid "Dai ate some jam and thought a lot, "and in the end, he did

ALL: "Go home and be a better boy, "although sometimes, it's tricky "There is a moral to this tale: Jam makes fingers sticky" (giggles) Well done Sticky jam Okay, my sweetie

It is now time for you and bunny (squeaky-voiced): to get some sleep (distant chatter) (speaking Bosnian) You're a monkey, be a wise monkey Somebody asks you a question, you know nothing, you see nothing, you hear nothing I'm not a monkey for sure Your mother's a Muslim dog

They have loose tongues Are you my brother's son, or your mother's? We'll find out And you don't come to the car wash You don't come to our house If the police find anything, we're all going to prison Hurry up! You're a thief– I'll kill you! Go ahead, dent the dents

Get away from my boy! It's no wonder my brother was fucking someone else (shouting) I don't want you in this house! – Sure, whatever – Understand? (door slams) Mirsad Why didn't you give it back? I will, I will I will give it back

I don't get it He knows, doesn't he? Why doesn't he just tell the police? I don't get it Will? Yeah You should come and see this – What? – Come

come see Just left here Keys are inside

(engine starts, rock music blaring) # I need a man # (music stops, Will chuckles) What does that mean? I don't know Will, is there something going on with you? (sighs) I don't know

(clears throat) Something's going on with me Erika, you know, Erika (clears throat)

forgave me, and, uh, well (chuckles) It's early doors, but you know, you know, lattes have been drunk – That's great – (chuckles) Sandy, can we go somewhere? Can we drive somewhere now? – Will – Anywhere? (clears throat): Don't tell me you're fooling around, okay? I'm just entering fidelity; don't exit It's not about fooling around It's always about fooling around – (screeching) – Fucking hell (chuckles) (yelping) (chuckles) Will, I've, I've got to

and so have you (up-tempo hip-hop song playing) BRUNO: Oi! Where do you think you're going? Get on the back I'm late for school

Yeah, two years late– get on the back You're in a lot of trouble, son Put your helmet on; it makes you invisible (engine starts) And don't stab me while I'm driving You'll fall off

Everybody's chasing around looking for evidence– fingerprints, DNA I just look at the buildings and I know it's you I know Someone's doing very well, and you're not I mean, what do you earn, a few quid, pair of trainers? You're the bit you spit out to your friends– whoever they are– and I know who they are

They're not your friends How long are we staying? Ah she's lovely

(sighs) They should tip London on its side and let a few million people slide right off, you see? There's no air There's no air in a cell None And that's where you're going, no question, and that's a tragedy Which of us is lying the most? About what? That's not even the right question

Which of us is lying to themselves the most? What? About this I'm not lying I have, um a photograph What photograph? Of us It's, uh incriminating is-is the right the word I don't know if it's the right word, unless I know what you're talking about It took me a a little while to make sense of the jacket You suddenly appearing at my door That you'd been following my son (sighs) You must know that mothers will do anything to protect their children Why-Why would you take a photograph? Was that when your friend came back? Why would you do that? Why would you do this? You steal someone's heart; that's a real crime

And then what? You call the police? No I don't know No! Did you know how long

(sighs) Do you know how long since anybody touched me? I should have told you, I know I should have said something It wasn't a plan

It wasn't a plan– it was you, that's the truth I have to get out Is that why you come to bed with me? For what, a photograph? How squalid The water is cold But what about

? But it It doesn't make any sense What about today? Or now? Look, a lie, that's right That's my That's me– I lie, I lie Can't we drawn a line and say no more lies between us? No more lies No, I have to ask you to lie, to continue to lie I have to beg you not to report my son That's what this is: a bribe

If you like I'm, um not stopping

Old Bill's been at our place He says he's going to try and charge my dad You shouldn't be here What if they followed you? Then what? So? There's nothing for them to find here, is there? They've been down the car wash, as well, making out with all this evidence They've got nothing

Trust me, nothing (hip-hop music playing in distance) Hey! Zoran! The laptop! They'll find my laptop! OFFICER: Oi! (panting) Up there! Come on! (both panting) Get to the other end – Come on! – Come on! Don't do it! Hey! Little bastards are going through Eastern Avenue, Eastern Avenue, on their way! (sirens wailing) OFFICER: The towpath! (groans) Miro! – Miro! – OFFICER: I'll head him off Miro! Miro! (groans) Don't, don't move him Come on! Don't move! (chorus singing in Bosnian) (song continues) (indistinct whispering) (singing fades) (door clangs) I'm sorry

WILL: You going to be okay? Uh-huh Show Mommy she can go to her work, we can do ours Hmm? Wei Ping, can you just? MAN: exactly as it says on the model Number nine needs to go left

All right, take it back, please Yeah, way left To the very end At least three feet to the left The model's not bad

Number nine is Way back! – Will? – Yeah? A couple colleagues of mine This is Erin and Lorna, this is Mr Francis – Hello

– Hello Was a fair result all around on the burglary, and the DNA matched, and we got most of your stolen goods back Yes, Sandy said, um, he's a young boy? Yeah, he's 15 He's been in and out of trouble You know, final warning

He's going to prison BRUNO: If he gets convicted he will, yes He'll go to Youth Detention Center Is this your computer, Will? It's got all your files on it Well, then it must be

Great ERIN: Well, I'm afraid we're going to have to keep it just until the case comes to court Bea? Bea, no! – Bea! – Wei Ping, could you just? I'm okay, I'm fine Darling, stay with Wei Ping This is a hollow victory for us, ain't it, girls? It is, yeah I mean, he's just the little runt who's done all the dirty work We can't make a case against the adults

They're the real villains Yeah, it's hollow Well, you may find it hollow, we find it whatever is the opposite of hollow Of course, we understand Because actually, it's been like a siege, okay? We have felt under siege, and worse than that, innocent people have been wrongly accused, our cleaners, you know, it's very degrading

It's because we know the boy, you know? I mean, there's nothing wrong with him Nothing wrong? He's a thief, that's what's wrong with him Well, there's no question Will, all this is about some court – It's not a court – Conciliation court Whereby, if we go along to meet the boy What is it? Explain, it's a Camden thing He gets let off, hooray It's not a court Me and Lorna, we work on the Youth Offenders team, and we encourage the offenders to face their victims

Right, so we go to the court, arrange to meet him Not a court, sorry, whatever court it is, and he might not go to prison? Yeah, that's right, yeah The law's an ass

BRUNO: Look, he's a boy The last thing he needs is prison ERIN: You know he's a Bosnian boy, and his mom, well, well, they're refugees, and his mom's, his mom's in pieces BRUNO: Mr Francis, what do you think? You've been very quiet

I just, I want to draw a line under the whole thing (screams) Bea! WOMAN: Somebody call an ambulance! WEI PING: I'm so sorry! I am so sorry! All right, don't move It's gonna be all right I'm here, I'm here (sobbing): I'm so sorry

Hi, sweetie My fibula's broken, two places Ouch And they have to put wires in to fix it Oh

The doctor said, she said what? She said that I'd be up and climbing again in no time Hmm We've got an X-ray if you want to see Definitely BEA: Sorry

Oh, sweetie, don't be sorry <i>I'm sorry</i> I'm sorriest – Daddy cried – I did not

I laughed on the wrong side of my face – Is it hurting? – It did We had painkillers Bea had two, daddy had four You did not

So, listen, Mommy's going to stay, okay? And I brought everything I brought Stuffy This hospital's very peculiar They don't understand color, do they? Tried to put us in a yellow room I need to speak to Mommy

Mommy's here I need to speak to Mommy by myself Will? Okay (computerized voice on phone): You have four new messages Hello, Will, it's Amira

I need to see you Uh, call me Thank you Hello, Will, it's Amira Uh

I'm sorry First of all, I want to give you this, which are the pictures I wish, I wish they hadn't caught him

I wish I hadn't hurt you Truly Then help me Help him I can't

This meeting with Miro and police, if you came, it would I really can't He'll go to prison

He's agreed, Miro If you help him, he'll come back with me to Sarajevo He won't say anything in court except he's sorry, I promise you You're a good person; I know you – Don't do that

Don't do that – Please – Don't do that – Please Amira, I can't, I can't do what you want

How can I? If I meet your son, it will come out that I know you, how I know you Please, help me I can't help you I can't help you I can't

I'm sorry Please! Please! Listen, I really tried to get him out of trouble They've got too much evidence (sobbing) Come on I can't

Please, please, please, I'm begging you I can't – I beg you I beg you – Amira, please

I beg you! I beg you! Please, please help I can't I can't (cries) I was determined not to blame you And I know it wasn't your fault, I know it wasn't this afternoon

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry No, it's me who should be saying sorry I've been looking for love out there I thought I might have found it And did you? I think I might have lost the love I did have The love of my life Did I? Liv, I need to tell you everything

I need to tell you what I've done I thought you were going I can't go I slept with her It was hard enough to tell you that last night

That was bad enough without saying it in public, without hurting you twice When you hurt this much, you can't be hurt twice I was looking at you and I was thinking how long since I'd looked at you I don't even know how to be honest Maybe that's why I like metaphors Because what I want to say is there's a circle– yours and Bea's– and I'm not in it But that's just to justify it, because there's a part of me so dark, that sees that circle as a cage

Thanks Will You made it (indistinct chatter) WOMAN: Come in and sit down I'm sorry, there, um

th-this is, there's been a big mistake – Mistake? – Yeah, um Yeah This boy is definitely not the burglar I know him, and I know his I know his mother MAN: What do you mean you know them? They came to our office They came to the office Well, how can that be? You were told their names, yet you never said you recognized them

I don't remember you saying the name "Simic" You definitely didn't say "Simic" Miro and I know each other Actually, very well Um, Miro is, um, interested in architecture

Mrs Simic? He is, yes No, I'm asking is it true that you and Mr Um, Francis Francis– know each other? Mr Francis is, um, I've done some work for him, adjusting his suit I think this Mrs– Mrs

, um, Amira is being discreet What do you mean, discreet? Amira is being discreet about the nature of our relationship, which was not an appropriate one, and I think she's trying to save me from embarrassment, from the embarrassment of myself and my family

And that's why she, um, that's why she's not saying sh-she came to the office with Miro I remember it, though; it was the day of the last burglary (clears throat) And Miro cut his hand, and that's obviously where the, uh, well, that's where the DNA confusion occurred Mr Hoffman? Mr

Hoffman, do you know anything about this? No No, I can't say I do Is this some sort of– I mean, are we supposed to believe this? Actually, I've met both of them at the office Yes And I-I dressed the boy's cut, didn't I? WILL (softly): Yeah

MAN: Wai– hang on a minute We recalled a computer, which you claimed had been stolen Yeah, I lent (clears throat): I lent Mrs Simic my laptop sometime when we were, um, together She takes photographs, and I was showing her how to store them, um, what to do with them, how to delete them

I'd completely forgotten; I was, um (sighs) I was confused I'm sorry

Really sorry What you did back there, you gave that boy back his life Stop the car What? Liv, what are you doing? You just don't get it, do you? – What? – Oh, God We just go home, right? We just go home, nothing happened, nothing happened

– (horn honking) – Liv? – Go, go to Bosnia, go! – I can't hear you Get back in the car, Liv Just go, go (horn honking) Why were you looking for love? Ask yourself Why? Why weren't you looking for me? Liv, get back in the car

No I don't want you in the house! I don't want you in the house! God! God, you drive me out You marry me then! No, I don't want a husband! I want a good night's sleep No Marry me

– No – Marry me – I'm sorry – No! I want you back – Then win me back

– How? I don't know How? What will I do? What do I do? – I don't know! – I've been such an idiot Just tell me what I have to do I don't know! Look, I love you I love you

Oh, God, I'm so sorry I'm so sorry Mirsad We never met, did we; I'm Will Hi

So you're off to Sarajevo? You wanted to say something, right? I just wanted to say that I'm sorry – And – Wait

Sandy, have you got a minute? I just wanted to say that I was sorry and thanks for what you did You've given me another chance Okay, thanks for coming in Thank you This, I think, is the stuff my mom mended for you

Tell her tell her thanks for mending stuff for me WILL: I thought maybe your mother would come with you

Yeah, she was going to, but she's packing Is she? Thank you (chatting softly) (chatting indistinctly) What is this? (woman singing high-pitched soft notes in foreign language) (chorus joins in)

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