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Breaking All the Rules ? A Double Shot At Love


♪ Feels so good ♪ ♪ Gotta move, gotta grove, and dance ♪ ♪ Feels so good ♪ – [Pauly] Oh, waddup my dude? – [Brandon] Waddup, my boy? – [Pauly] I didn't know you was up I would've brought you something

Nice robe Where you get that at? – It's my sex robe – Wait, what? – I made sexy time last night – With who? – Marissa can I kiss you – I knew that was gonna happen! – [Brandon] Yeah

– I could've called that – [Brandon] Yeah – Oh, that's wassup – This right here is something special It's my sex robe

After I have sex I put the robe on kind of like a Hugh Hefner vibe You're gonna be seeing a lot of this bad boy right here – They're gonna be gossiping – [Brandon] Yeah, of course They're gonna be gossiping for sure

– [Maria] And how was Brandon? How'd that go? Did you sleep with him? No! (Marissa chuckles) No I really, no, you did not actually– – [Marissa] Yes, I did I slept with Brandon and I want to fuggedaboudit because, I don't know why I did that – So you do realize what happens now? – [Brandon] What? (Pauly chuckles) – [Pauly] It's always some sort of drama when somebody hooks up in the house – [Brandon] No, dude – What do you mean? Oh man, oh man, oh man

Let me just tell you It sounds simple, but there's levels to this It's a mess It's a disaster Okay, here's what's gonna happen

Now if you pull someone else random from the club and bring her back, she's gonna feel a type of way Talk to another girl in the house, she's gonna feel a type of way How it could also get weird, you could catch feelings, see her hooking up with a dude That could happen – Probably not gonna happen

(Pauly laughs) – [Maria] So do you like him or no? – Am I attracted to him? Yes But I'm not looking for anything with anybody – You never know – [Marissa] You know how he is I feel like he was telling me a bunch of bull (beep) last night

– Just to get with you? – [Marissa] Yeah – I would honestly maybe consider marrying you, honestly I really would – [Marissa] Oh my god And I told him actions speak louder than words

– Correct – [Brandon] We kind of discussed it – You did? – Yeah I'm cool with whatever happens We could hook up, have fun, keep it casual

– [Marissa] I'm cool with it – So it was strictly casual? – Yeah Well, you gotta set boundaries – Oh, so you might be good – [Brandon] Yeah, man

– He has no idea what he's doing Come on, dude – Thanks for taking one for the team Now we don't have to touch him – You're an asshole

– Yo, you're up Good – Waddup? (Pauly chuckles) – I got some gossip – What happened? – Brandon smashed Marissa last night – [Vinny] Get the (beep) outta here

Are you serious? – Yes – Bro you can't, that's like breaking rule number one – Exactly – When you hook up with somebody in the house it definitely can cause problems You (beep) Shane

– [Female] Shut the (beep) up! You (beep) 22 over a (beep) – [Male] Oh my God – I'm still dealing with problems with girls I hooked up with in my house and that was like ten years ago (beep) gonna get weird, bro – It's already gonna be weird

– (beep) where he slept – [B-Lashes] At least someone's having sex, I guess – I don't know – Here's the real question Are you gonna do it again? – I don't know

– [Derryn] That's a yes Okay – [Marissa] I don't know if I should tell my mom – Marissa's really close with her mom, but the last thing I think she should do is tell her that she just had sex with her roommate – [B-Lashes] I know your mom and I feel like I probably wouldn't

– I feel so guilty – [Derryn] I don't think you should – I mean, her mom is an OG Italian She's gonna go (beep) ape (beep) – Well, Vegas, you've done me dirty

– [Vinny] Enough of the fun and games though Today is the day, man – Yeah today we gotta get to business, man We got these guys jobs Today's orientation today

So, I actually stuck my neck out to get these kids jobs at Dre's where I DJ, so I hope they don't (beep) us up – Some of the guys I'm not that worried about – Yeah – But, I can't picture B-Lashes working What's she gonna (beep) work in her disco shorts? (Pauly laughs) – [Pauly] Exactly

(club music) – Where's all my lip (beep)? – [Brandon] B-Lashes's swag is crazy – The way she walks – [Pauly] So it's about that time for orientation Let's go – Can't have them late for the first day

– Nope Let's go get them set up – There they are – [Pauly And Vinny] Oh – [Nicky] Waddup, waddup, waddup, waddup? – [Pauly] What's up ex-girlfriend and new boyfriends? We hear some people had an eventful evening

Yeah? – [Vinny] This guy – Why is Marissa glowing right now? (group laughs) – Oh my god, here we go – Looks like sexual glow (Brandon chuckles) – Shut up, Pauly

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