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BREAKING: Adam Schiff FABRICATES Info To STOP Trump Re-Election GOP Livid(REPORT)!!!


BREAKING: Adam Schiff FABRICATES Info To STOP Trump Re-Election GOP Livid Adam Schiff is once again up to no good, and this time he is using his coveted position as Chairman of the Intel Committee to leak fabricated information, knowing it will hurt President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign In fact, Republicans like Devin Nunes, and Jim Jordan are livid claiming this is the new scheme to get rid of Trump

You don’t want to miss this Adam Schiff is using his position as Intel Chairman to call classified briefings, which are filled with lies to discredit President Trump Schiff must think Trump supporters in congress, and across the country are stupid We have seen this movie before, and we won’t be fooled again It all started on February 13, when Schiff called his intel committee to attend a classified briefing

When they were all in attendance, Schiff introduced Shelby Pierson, who is supposedly the top election security official of the American intelligence community Pierson told them based on intelligence reports, Russia was interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get President Trump re-elected Now, remember this is a top-secret briefing Those in attendance cannot discuss this with anyone However, one week later The Washington Post, and The New York Times published articles on the briefing citing anonymous sources

However, the GOP Congressmen inside the briefing went to Trump’s newly appointed acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, and asked him to look into the matter, specifically Shelby Pierson, and ask her to produce the underlying intelligence within the briefing which proves her case Well, come to find out anonymous intelligence officials are now reporting to CNN that, Pierson overstepped her position was misleading in her briefing, and mischaracterized the underlying intelligence The Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with her work, that Pierson has a reputation for being injudicious with her words, and not appreciating the delicate work of corralling federal agencies, technology firms, and state election officials to collaborate on election security Imagine that They threw her under the bus

But that’s not all Clearly Shelby Pierson was just taking orders from the bigger fish in the Democrat Party Before Schiff called for a top-secret briefing, one would imagine he’d ask Pierson for her sources However, Schiff was in on the scheme from the get-go, and is the guy who leaked the fabricated info to the press Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy said that, he is urging top intelligence officials to stop delivering sensitive briefings to House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, because he is a leaker

No one is above the law, except whoever leaks classified information out of Adam Schiff’s committee The intelligence committee needs to give some thought to stop briefing someone who has a history and an epidemic leaker, Quit briefing him It took two minutes this time for us to find out there was no evidence" Gowdy made these comments in reaction to the recent reports saying, the Intel Community has evidence Russia is helping Trump get re-elected President Trump himself said: “I want no help from any country, and I have been given no help from any country

” White House national security adviser Robert O'Brien denies Russia is meddling in the election to aid Trump "Well, I have not seen the finding I think what he's referring to, and what folks are talking about is a briefing that took place last week at the House Intelligence Committee, that was leaked to the press And I have not seen that report I get this second hand, but from Republican congressmen that were in the committee, there was no intelligence behind it

I haven't seen any intelligence to support the reports that were leaked out of the House" "Well, there's no briefing that I've received, that the president has received, that says that President Putin is doing anything to try and influence the elections in favor of President Trump We just haven't seen that intelligence If it's out there, I haven't seen it I'd be surprised if I haven't seen it

The leaders of our the IC have not seen it So I- again, I don't know where this is coming from I've heard these rumors, and these leaks from Adam Schiff's committee, but I have not seen them myself, and I've seen no intelligence along those lines" "What I've heard from the FBI, you know- well, what I've heard is that, Russia would like Bernie Sanders to- to win the Democrat nomination They'd probably like him to be president, understandably, because he wants to spend money on social programs, and probably would have to take it out of the military, so that would make sense

And look, the Russians have always tried to interfere with elections, because they want to divide Americans They want to undermine our democracy But the idea that they want to- they want to influence the election, and somehow cause the president to win, I just don't see it But look, I think there are a number of countries: China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, that would like to influence our elections to get the candidate that they feel would be best for their country" "I have not seen that

And again, why would they have a preference for President Trump, who is rebuilding our military, who is giving the Ukrainians lethal aid to fight Russian troops? So that doesn't make sense Now, look, we want good relations with Russia We'd like to have great relations with Russia I haven't seen any intelligence that, there's any active measures by the Russians to try, and get the president re-elected And we've got a simple message for the Russians, or any other country that wants to meddle in our elections, whoever they're behind: stay out of our democratic elections

And we're doing everything we can We're working with state and local officials We're going, in many cases" "I think if there's intelligence that we can declassify that we can get out there all the better, because, again, we weren't in office in 2016, when the last election meddling took place, and the administration did very little about it And they- you know everyone admits that, very little was done about it

We're in office now and we're doing everything we can across the interagency, and with our state and federal and local partners to- to ensure that American ballots are secure, that are our ballot machines are secure, that tabulations are secure that state, secretary of state websites are secure We want to make sure that, this is a free, and fair election that Americans select their next president, not some foreign country And we're gonna do- and the president's been deadly serious about that" It’s the same old movie we all saw in 2016 This is the same scheme the Democrats and their deep state cohorts used in 2016

They make up claims out of whole cloth, like the Russian dossier They leak the fabricated information to the media The media report it as fact Americans are duped into believing it’s true Rep

Devin Nunes who was the first one to figure out the Democrats, and the deep state rats were working together in 2016 fabricating evidence, and obtaining illegal FISA warrants, tweeted a post by actor Randy Quaid: “Stop Making Shit Up, Schiff!” Fox News reports, “Republican lawmakers who were in the Pierson briefing noted that, Trump has taken on Russia in numerous ways, one official present told The Associated Press The White House has opposed Russia’s major proposed pipeline in Germany, provided deadly arms to Ukraine, and accused Russia of violating key arms treaties, among other measures” Rep Adam Schiff fell completely off his rocker In a hysterical tirade, Schiff, who is no doubt frustrated over the Senate’s failure to move ahead with impeaching Trump, warned that the president might now do the unthinkable

According to this Democratic loon Schiff, “Trump could offer Alaska to the Russians in exchange for support in the next election Or decide to move to Mar-a-Lago personally, and let Jared Kushner run the country, delegating to him the decision whether to go to war We have known since the day we brought these charges that the bar to conviction requiring a full two-thirds of the Senate may be prohibitively high And yet, the alternative is a runaway presidency, and a nation whose elections are open to the highest bidder” And he was serious

That’s how far down the path to crazy town House Democrats have now gone They literally think Trump would surrender Alaska If you ask any one, the real danger is letting these people legislate the laws of our country Robby Starbuck, a Cuban-American producer and director tweeted that, “What do we have here? Days after they smeared Donald Trump, and had every show declare this as fact to their viewers, now CNN says that, oops there’s actually no evidence Russia is interfering to help Trump CNN and MSNBC are not news, they exist to spread Schiff’s propaganda

” It pretty clear that, the Democrats will be sticking to the same old propaganda that has made MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow sound like a raving lunatic Maddow claims daily: the Russians are interfering in our election to help Trump Maddow has devoted thousands of hours in the last three years spreading the Russia loves Trump narrative She has a base of brainwashed Americans who tune in to hear her latest conspiracy theory of what Russian oligarch is tied to President Trump With elaborate charts filled with Eastern European oligarchs, Maddow takes her viewers into her own Trump Derangement Syndrome

Well, it’s like De Ja Vu, and if any of your loved ones start parroting the Russia, and Trump talking points, make sure you give them a dose of reality, right away

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