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Breaking 90 on TOP TEN Golf Course in the WORLD!


– [Dan] I wanna see just a kangaroo in the wild – Ah okay (upbeat instrumental music) – Look at that – [Dan] What? – Yes, on the green – [Dan] Where's that par smile? I know it's there

– Yeah – Wow! – Are you kidding me? Welcome to Royal Melbourne Golf Club in Melbourne, Australia It's a week after they had the Presidents Cup here so the tents are still up, the bleachers are still up and everything We're going to attempt to break 90 on one of the top 10 courses in the world, Royal Melbourne West – Sim, look inside this, look at that

(gravel crunching) – What? – How do they grow that – [Dan] Look, it's like there's a walkway up top on both sides – This place is cool (upbeat electronic music) – [Dan] All right, check it out what we got here – They say our name on them

– [Dan] They already have our name engraved on it? – Yeah, that's so cool – We are all checked in It doesn't appear that we have anybody with us We have two caddies, we each got a caddy One of them is the club champion

So he's good and knows the course The other one, is the person that runs the entire caddy program here So, we've got some pretty good caddies here I think that helps our chances to break 90 because these guys know the course Unfortunately, they're gonna watch us play and be like, oh man, why are we caddying with these guys? – Look, the actual course guides

– Oh my, gosh (Lincoln speaking faintly) – Old courses too – (laughs) And it has a leather case for it All right, we are here on the first hole of the west course, which, during the Presidents Cup, this was the 17th hole and they actually have a golden cup next to it that shows you which one is in the Presidents Cup Meet the real pros of today

(Aaron laughs) These are our caddies All right, tell me your name, tell me a little bit about yourself – Darcy Brereton, I'm 25 years old, a member here at Royal Melbourne Golf Club, won the club championships this year and just turned pro two weeks ago so, – (chuckles) Nice! – should be fun today – [Dan] Okay, and who are you caddying for? – I'm caddying for Lincoln – [Dan] Lincoln, you have the club pro, you have an actual pro, just turned pro two weeks ago as your caddy

– That's awesome – [Dan] That's pretty good! Okay! – Should be fun – All right, my name is Aaron Southern I'm 47, been a member here for 5 years I'm also a wine maker, we have our own winery in the Barossa Valley, and I'm caddying for Dan – Yeah! They say it should take about four hours here, and Lincoln versus me but the real challenge is can either one of us break 90 today? (upbeat instrumental music) (golf club swishing) (golf club clinking) (upbeat instrumental music) (golf club clinking) Crushed the first ball, super straight, a little bit to the left, might've rolled into the yellow grass but, the fairways here at Royal Melbourne are a little bit wider than a lot of like, I guess I'd say, championship-type courses, where the pros play, which is nice for amateur golfers like me, who aren't as consistent with where my ball goes I played at Pebble Beach and some of those courses this last summer and it was tough

I lost a lotta balls The fairways are so much narrower than you would ever imagine, and so I am a little happier that it's a little wider here Here we are, there's my yellow ball I am definitely off of the fairway But that's not bad at all, look at this

Look at the ground here, hard but should be playable The green right there, there's the fairway, just missed it Lincoln must be right up there (wind swooshing) (birds chirping) Go, go buddy – Yeah! – Okay, a little short

(upbeat instrumental music) (golf club swooshing) Oh, right On green in two – Stunning – (chuckles) I'll take it (upbeat instrumental music) (golf club thwacking) Ooh, that's pretty, a little left though

Good shot, just off the green, not bad (upbeat funky music) (golf club thwacking) (Dan chuckles) (upbeat funky music) – Oh! (person speaking faintly) – [Dan] 3 putted on the first hole Those greens are very fast (upbeat funky music) (golf club swooshing) (golf club clinking) There's a bunker about 225 and were hitting into the wind, and so I aimed left of it, 'cause I don't know that I can carry it that far Lincoln hit it into the bunker, but either way it's a par 5

See if we can get to the green still – [Dan] What are you thinking about this so far, Lincoln? – It's so cool, I've never played on a course like this – [Dan] In what way? – It's like the fairways are perfect with zero divots, and the greens are really fast and firm – They're fast – Really fast, yeah

(upbeat funky music) (golf club swooshing) (person speaking faintly) – Okay so Lincoln, I didn't film it, but Lincoln just striked his, what was it, 3-iron? – Yeah – The 3-iron hybrid – [Licoln] Hybrid, yeah – Onto the back of the green He's on in three This is my third shot, pressures on 75 yards out

(golf club thwacking) Go buddy, go – Ah, wind's there – [Man] (speaking faintly) look at it go – Nice, that's really good – Oh, pretty good

– Hit high, just missed right (upbeat instrumental music) (speech drowned out) – Oh, two putt Was that two putt for par? – Yeah! – Ah! – (chuckles) Oh! I just two putted for par Lincoln two putted for par – You're the club champion, – Yeah

– [Dan] What is the best score you've shot here? – On the west course I've had 62 twice – Sixty what, three? – 62 – 62, twice – So that's 10 under par (upbeat instrumental music) (golf club clinking) – [Dan] Oh, that's a beaut

(upbeat instrumental music) (golf club clinking) There's Lincoln's ball there And here's mine, over here, underneath the grandstands – You got 147 to the flag, okay? So it's a tough one to keep it on this green 'cause everything slopes from front to back If you can keep going, you've done very well (upbeat rock music) (golf club thwacking) – I'm not as good at hitting out of the sand

I always seem to hit the ground a little bit before I hit the ball and so, this is par 4 right? – Yep – Okay Par 4 I can get on in 3 (upbeat instrumental music) – Wow, Lincoln – What in the world is that green it just shot? – Look it's still going

– [Licoln] What the heck? Sit down! (man speaking faintly) (Dan laughs) – What the heck? – [Dan] That rolled so far I thought you were way too short (Licoln and Darcy laughing) (upbeat instrumental music) (golf ball rattling) – That one was good – Good par, good hole Lincoln Bogey for me, par for Lincoln

This hole right here is the number four which is the second hole that they play in the Presidents Cup, and it looks like we've got a mountain that we get to hit over that there's sand on the top – Par 5 dogleg right You need to be aiming for that gap in the trees that you can see It's a 210 carry to get over that bunker (birds chirping) (golf club swooshing) (golf club clinking) – [Licoln] Now over there

– Wow, I am so glad I didn't hit in this bunker Look at that thing, look at the cliff Lincoln is down there Please don't hit me, Lincoln (golf club clinking) Good bounce, it's rolling, it's kind of in that junk a little bit

(upbeat instrumental music) I'm just off the fairway again and this is a par 5, right? – Yep – [Dan] Well, here's where we're at, boys Right here up against this little bush and there's the green up that way (upbeat instrumental music) (golf club swooshing) (golf club thudding) Ah oh, that bush got me, darn (upbeat instrumental music) (golf ball rattling) – Yes! – Oh! – All right! – [Dan] Look at this guy

Nice shot (Darcy's voice drowned out) – Budding on him – These greens, I love these greens (Dan laughs) – [Dan] They're pure, that was pure, Lincoln – Oh! (Dan speaking faintly) (upbeat instrumental music) – Got it! – Oh! – Nicely done

– Sure! – Okay what is that? What did I get on that? One, two, three, four, five, six (Licoln laughs) I got a bogey What did you get? – I got par – How'd you get a par? – I would've eagled'd it, if I wouldn't have hit that one out of bounds – [Dan] Ah, three pars in a row, Lincoln

The break-90 challenge is going strong with this one This right here is the fifth hole, which was the third hole in the Presidents Cup and it is a beauty I mean, this is one of the signature holes here at the west course It's a Par 3, and you can see if you miss short, it's coming back It's gonna roll all the way down that hill

– What do you hit 160 yards? – I would probably hit an easier 7-iron – Okay, I can go, just go the 7 – Yeah – Let's go the 7, if it comes out lower it'll bounce up (upbeat electronic music) (golf club swooshing) (golf club clinking) (upbeat electronic music) (golf club swooshing) (golf club clinking) – [Dan] No, don't go in the bunker

– [Licoln] Oh no Oh no, right in the bunker (Dan laughs) (upbeat electronic music) That shot's a little tricky, You've got all of this hill right here You don't want to leave it short and then the green, it's pretty big but, he's gotta get it up there At least, he's on grass

(upbeat electronic music) (golf club clinking) – [Licoln] Great, great, great! – [Dan] It's a beautiful elevated tee box, looking down there, some sort of like river-type thing down there How far is it to that? – Par for, it's a 213 carry to get over those bunkers – 213? – Doglegs down to the right – [Dan] Oh, it goes to the right? – Yeah! – Ohh (jazzy Lo-Fi music) (golf club clinking) (jazzy Lo-Fi music) – [Dan] The drive worked out well

I hit it from up there Barely cleared the bunkers and then it rolled over here to this beautiful spot looking up at that Lincoln went a little right into those bushes Lincoln's third shot coming up Gotta knock this close so he can get himself par

(bird screeching) (golf club thwacking) (Licoln speech muffled) – Yeah, nice! – Very good! – Great shot mate – Look at that shot – [Aaron] Don't worry mate you got it (speech muffled) – I have decided that Lincoln needs a caddy, and I am not qualified for that, because these guys are way better than I have ever been at giving him advice 'cause he hitting shots I never would have thought of (uplifting Lo-Fi music) (golf club thwacking) – Mate, there we go! (speech drowned out by music) (uplifting Lo-Fi music) (golf club thwacking) – Oh boy

(Dan's voice drowned out) – That's right where mine was (Aaron speaking faintly) – [Dan] Oh yeah, look at Lincoln's ball, it rolled down here, he's got a nice look at par (golf club thwacking) (uplifting Lo-Fi music) (Dan speech muffled) – Ah! – Not a bad effort – I'm terrible at bunkers Lincoln for birdie here

A two putt par would be really good from where he's at right now – [Aaron] That's a nice putt (speech muffled) (uplifting Lo-Fi music) – Oh, well done! – Oh! – [Dan] Nice (speech drowned out by music) Where's that par smile? ♪ Whoo ♪ – I know it's there – Yeah! (Dan chuckles) – [Dan] All right this is the food cart here

What do we got here? – We got drinks, sandwiches, apples, chocolate – What do you need? – Gatorade – [Dan] Gatorade, all right There goes the food truck By the way, the money here is super cool and it's plastic

You can't rip it – Can't rip it It's not possible – Yeah, so we got a beautiful Kit Kat, and Lincoln got a Gatorade So here we are on the eight hole

It's a temporary tee box because they are getting rid of all of the grandstands and everything, and still cleaning up But it's still a beautiful hole So this is a par 4 that Dustin Johnson, during the Presidents Cup, drove it onto the green within three feet Bad news is he missed the putt, but quite the drive This is a par 3 for us today, and we'll see how we can do with it

It's super pretty with all the big trees, and the neighborhood over there (upbeat Lo-Fi music) (golf club clinking) Ace cam is live (upbeat Lo-Fi music) Good shot! (upbeat Lo-Fi music) (golf club thwacking) Oh, don't go over the bunk (upbeat Lo-Fi music) (man speaking faintly) (golf club thwacking) (speech drowned out by music) (golf club thwacking) (golf ball rattling – Got par! – I got a par, finally (upbeat Lo-Fi music) (golf ball rattling) Another par, not bad

Okay so here's the one thing I wanna see in Australia, that I haven't seen yet, I wanna see just a kangaroo in the wild – Ah okay – [Dan] Are they anywhere in Melbourne? – Darcy does a good impression of a kangaroo (Dan laughs) (Aaron's voice drowned out) – What do you mean? (Darcy and Dan laughing) No, not me, not me (chuckles) The best bet is probably in Melbourne's to go to the zoo, don't you reckon? – Yeah

(upbeat Lo-Fi music) (golf club clinking) – [Dan] Why don't you tell the viewers what I just did on that last hole – Drove the green on a par 4 that's 250 yards – 250 yards, baby So Lincoln's just hit it in the bushes a little bit, and he's gonna drop right here, take a penalty, and hit it up there (uplifting electronic music) Oh, into the bunker All right, there's my ball after my drive

I know it's only 250 yard par 4, really, really short, but still, I'm on the green, I drove it to the green Lincoln just hit it into the bunker and what's interesting is you've got the grandstands and so he gets free relief I'm not sure how you take it inside of a bunker If it were me, I'd probably just drop it out of the bunker 'cause I can't stand bunkers (upbeat electronic music) (golf club thwacking) (upbeat electronic music) (golf club thwacking) – Great! (upbeat electronic music) – I got a birdie It did take a 250 yard par 4 for me to get a birdie

But hey, I'll take a birdie any day (golf club thwacking) – Oh! (speech drowned out) – What a guy, what a guy! – He's rolling it isn't he? – [Dan] He is rolling it well – Bogey, I needed to make that (Dan chuckles) (hands slapping) (uplifting electronic music) (golf club swooshing) (golf club clinking) – No! – Keep going buddy You've got this giant bunker right here and Lincoln stopped it right there on the edge on this uphill spot

(uplifting electronic music) (golf club thwacking) (Dan sighs) – Good! – Zero falter, just dirt – Yeah, good – On the green attakid All right! – You got 62 yards we're gonna land at the 55 – Okay, I'm thinking 60

– Yeah! (uplifting electronic music) (golf club thwacking) – Keep going buddy Little short but, could be worse, – It's solid! A little short, but it could be worse, it could be off the green That's two, this is a very short par 4 Again, I love short par 4s (upbeat electronic music) (golf club thwacking) (upbeat electronic music) (speech muffled) Par, another par

Come on baby! – Oh! – No No! (upbeat electronic music) – [Aaron] The hotspot! (uplifting Lo-Fi music) (golf club swooshing) (golf club clinking) (golf club swooshing) (golf club thwacking) – Good shot! (uplifting Lo-Fi music) – Oh! – Oh, lips it out You just need to move to Australia It improves your putting game by – I know, I love these greens – three or four strokes

(uplifting Lo-Fi music) (golf ball rattling) This is a beautiful tee box Unreal, and you know this is where the pros play from because there's literally no further back that they can go, other than right over here And this was the eighth hole for them, and it's the 12th hole for us (uplifting Lo-Fi music) (golf club thwacking) Beauty – [Darcy] Great shot! (uplifting Lo-Fi music) (golf club clinking) – Oh-oh! (uplifting Lo-Fi music) (golf club thwacking) (upbeat Lo-Fi music) – [Dan] (voice drowned out by music) for that

(uplifting Lo-Fi music) Oh, he hit it over the green I don't know what's going on over there but, it looks like he's going to attempt to hit it from under a tree or something Oh it's out (uplifting Lo-Fi music) ♪ Oh-Oh-Oh ♪ ♪ Oh-Oh-Oh ♪ – [Aaron] It might role ♪ Oh-Oh-Oh ♪ Wow! – Are you kidding me? What happened to you? Where did Lincoln go? – I have a caddy that knows the greens, it's fantastic

– Oh my goodness (Darcy's speech muffled) (Darcy laughs) Lincoln, where did this putting machine come from over here? – I love these greens so much – [Dan] What is it about the greens that you like? – When you see where you're supposed to hit it there's no surprises in the green It's like there's no breaks that you really don't see If there's a break and you put it in the right spot, like it's going in

– [Dan] So you just gotta hit the putt? – Yeah! (uplifting Lo-Fi music) (golf club swooshing) (golf club clinking) – Oh no, I came out! – Shorty – [Licoln] Still out of the bunker (golf club thwacking) It's good (men voices drowned out) Nice shot, get in the hole (uplifting Lo-Fi music) (man's speech muffled) – [Darcy] Ooh, you did it good! – Nice

– Oh, that's right buddy Don't go over the hill! – Sorry! – Good shot! – Yes, – Nice! – on the green Not an ace but hey, on the green (uplifting Lo-Fi music) (golf club thwacking) – Go! – Pretty good! – Pretty good! (Dan's speech muffled) – [Licoln] No damage ♪ Oh-Oh-Oh ♪ ♪ Dump-Dump-Da-Dump ♪ ♪ Da-Dump-Dump-Da-Dump ♪ ♪ Oh-Oh-Oh ♪ ♪ Dump-Dump-Dump-Da-Dump ♪ ♪ Oh-Oh-Oh ♪ ♪ Dump-Dump ♪ ♪ Dump-Dump-Da-Dump ♪ ♪ Oh-Oh-Oh ♪ ♪ Dump-Dump-Da-Dump ♪ [Dan] Seriously though

Look at that smile on his face He knows he is dialed in today (golf ball thwacking) – Pull out (voice muffled) (upbeat Lo-Fi music) (birds screeching) – [Dan] Oh no, no, why'd I do that? (upbeat Lo-Fi music) (birds screeching) (golf club thwacking) And I missed it, oh! – I'm feeling good I've no clue what my score is, no clue

– [Dan] It's five or six better than me, that's all you need to know But do you think that we'll be able to, you'll be able to shoot under 90 ninety, break 90 today? – Hopefully – [Dan] I'm feeling pretty good about you being able to do that (upbeat Lo-Fi music) – Bro! – Even more – [Dan] You'll get there, everybody misses one sometime

(upbeat Lo-Fi music) Good run though, Lincoln (golf ball rattling) Good run of one or two putt (upbeat Lo-Fi music) (golf club swooshing) (golf club clinking) – No! – Go, go over, there (upbeat Lo-Fi music) The heat is kicking in a little bit I had a good drive, a little left, and Lincoln hit it almost in a neighborhood, but it hit somebody's fence and bounced in so, really good break but on a long par 5 he'll be fine hitting out of the rough

Overall, super fun day I've missed a few putts, a lot of putts, but Lincoln is playing really well His putting has been really great I mean look at these trees, how cool they look on this par 5, just beautiful (upbeat Lo-Fi music) – It's just a full 8-iron, yeah? (golf club thwacking) And just keep it right at the pin

(upbeat Lo-Fi music) (golf club thwacking) – Wow! – That's fine – That's a first – Good lad! – [Dan] Got the most beautiful third shot onto this long par 5 Lincoln what club did you hit? – 8-iron – 8-iron, that was pretty

(upbeat Lo-Fi music) (golf club thwacking) (bird cawing) – [Licoln] Stay down, stay down, stay down – [Dan] Oh that's tough (golf club thudding) – [Licoln] Left too short (upbeat Lo-Fi music) (golf club clinking) (upbeat Lo-Fi music) – [Darcy] We'll get it going (speech muffled) – [Dan] You've got a pretty deep lie in this grass right here, and then the bunker, and a more bunker, about 50 yards to the flag (grass rustling) – That's a nice shot

– Oh, just money – Oh, man! – [Darcy] Great shot! – [Licoln] That was close! – [Darcy] That was a good touch to it though (Darcy chuckles) Look at that – Really good mate – He's right there

Lincoln, after a great second shot form a tough spot, this could be for par (upbeat Lo-Fi music) (golf club thwacking) (golf ball rattling) – Not bad It's okay, not a bad ball (upbeat funky music) (golf club swooshing) (golf club clinking) (upbeat funky music) (Lincoln grunts) (golf club thwacking) – [Aaron] That's (speech drowned out) looking good (speech drowned out by music) – Yip, you got on it

– [Aaron] Yeah! (golf club thwacking) (speech drowned out by music) – The greens here are definitely more difficult than the greens that we've played on before But, you have to really know where to hit it, and how to hit it, and luckily we've got some great caddies that are helping us Final hole we've got the 18, which is the tenth in the Presidents Cup, very beautiful Those high trees, they look like something out of Hyde Park, California (upbeat funky music) (golf club swooshing) (golf club clinking) – [Licoln] Wow! (golf club swooshing) (golf club clinking) (upbeat funky music) – There's where we hit from, there's where the green is, here's where we hit our ball

Underneath the grandstand, which for today is fantastic because you get a free drop because it's the grandstands It's not like a natural thing that's here all the time (golf club swooshing) (golf club thwacking) (upbeat funky music) All right we thought we'd do a little challenge, how about we, both of us couldn't get on the green, so were going to let our caddies both take a shot with my clubs, and see if they can get it on the green (Darcy's speech muffled) (golf club thwacking) – [Dan] (laughs) It's the clubs (Darcy laughs) (Aaron's speech muffled) He's like what are these clubs? – That was poor

– How do you play with these It's not like you've been swinging for the last three hours – Oh, yeah! (laughs) – [Licoln] You can hit another if you want – [Darcy] Nah, it's all right I don't wanna hold up the guy behind us

(golf club swooshing) (golf club thwacking) – Oh that's pretty – Oh! – Oh that is sailing so high – That's out! – Not enough to stay though – That is, oh that's there, that's long Oh, it's short

– I'm sorry (bird screeching) (golf club thwacking) – [Licoln] Oh, no! – [Dan] Final shot and were gonna pop up the score on the screen right now and people can see– – I don't even know what I have? – [Dan] If you broke 90 (golf ball rattling) – There we go – [Dan] There we go Good round, Lincoln, that was really fun

– Yeah, really good The only thing, yeah – Thanks Dan– – [Dan] Take you hat off, and shake hands that's how we do it here – Thanks Licoln, enjoyed it – Thanks Dan

Good play, guys – Thank you – Yeah, it was awesome – Thanks, Licoln, good stuff – Hope you had fun Dan

– Yeah, it was real fun – Good luck, – Thank you! – I'll see you on the tour – Yeah, definitely, that be nice – I mean, I won't be on the tour but you'll be on it, and we'll watch you (Darcy and Dan chuckling) – I think Licoln (speech muffled)

– [Dan] Think Lincoln got 87 and I got like 95 – You have 89 – [Dan] Oh, I broke 90, yes – You had 83 – Yeah! – Oh Lincoln, whipped me – Which is a pretty good round of the rope (Aaron's voice muffled) – Yes! – 83, look at this guy

We got it on camera, the first time Lincoln beat me, 83, Royal Melbourne, Excellent caddies, great course Again, this is not like a paid promotion, we paid to be here today, but, I will tell you, if you're ever in Australia, you wanna go to a really cool, professional course, this is the place to go It's forgiving enough for average golfers, but difficult still and just a lot of fun If you're a member of a country club somewhere in The United States or international, you can file and submit, and ask if you can play here I just left that out until now

We are not a member but we got lucky enough that we asked if we made a YouTube video So I just said this wasn't sponsored They gave us access, we still paid our way, but grateful to be here Okay, Lincoln, how do you feel about your round today? – Good, really good, yeah, happy with it I think that the key to my putting success, and to my whole success is having a caddy, it was great

But I think that's, I wish I had a caddy when I could golf in tournaments, because– – I know, they don't even let you in Utah, you can't event have a caddy – It would save me so many struggles – [Dan] Did you see the way that they read the greens today? – Yeah – That's something that, even if you don't have a caddy, some of the things that they were thinking about I think is helpful for you as a golfer – Yeah! – Okay so we both broke 90

We had a great time at this course We got a really cool silver-looking bag tag that we're gonna put on there Let us know what other golf videos you'd like us to do, and what places we should go We really love golfing Don't know how exciting the golf is because we're not shooting like in the 70s, but hey, most golfers don't so I don't feel too bad

– I mean, 83, here for my first time I'm happy with that, really happy (door buzzing) Those hedges are so cool – [Dan] Those hedges are amazing That's it from Royal Melbourne

We came, we had a great time, and I hope you guy's enjoyed this video We're gonna go get some food, some barbecue – It was awesome I'm really happy, 83 (uplifting Lo-Fi music) – [Dan] President's Cup 2011, November

– Tiger signed that one, he probably signed that one – There's Adam Scott up there I don't think Tiger was on the team, oh he wasn't – Oh, no, he wasn't! – Maybe one of his down years Watch

– [Licoln] What? (machine whirring) (air hissing) How did you do that? – [Dan] Polished my Nike shoes – I wish I knew that (Dan chuckles) (uplifting Lo-Fi music) – That's a role! – Oh! (uplifting Lo-Fi music) (bird chirping) (golf ball rattling) – Yes! – Oh! – Go, mate! – [Dan] Look at this guy (bird chirping) (uplifting Lo-Fi music) (golf club thwacking) – Nice roll It's going

– Geez, he's quite good Wow! – Are you kidding me? (Licoln laughs) What happened to you? – What's going on?

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