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BREAKING: 5th Australian Wool Industry Exposé—Does It Look Like Anything Has Changed?


Can you tell what has changed? First back in 2014, PETA exposed extreme cruelty to sheep in Australia and six shearers pleaded guilty The wool industry called that case a "wake-up call" that had forever changed it but did anything really change? Well, just days before the wool industry claimed to have made reforms, another eyewitness was inside the sheds seeing exactly the same abuse as before

In December 2017, the wool industry again condemned such cruelty and again, it vowed that it and the shearers would do better Well the very month that those claims were made, yet another eyewitness was inside shearing sheds in South Australia and Victoria documenting the same sickening abuse The very same cruelty that PETA had exposed again and again Workers still struck petrified sheep in the face with sharp metal clippers, they still cut them up and stitched up their gaping wounds without any pain relief, and they still threw them out of the sheds Does this look better to you? Does this look like the industry has changed one bit? When the gentle, naturally timid sheep and lambs flailed in fear, workers used them as punching bags and hit them in the face over and over again with their clippers

They slammed the sheep's heads against the hard wooden floors, they stomped and stood on their necks and pinned them down using their bodyweight Shearers working quickly and forcefully cut sheep badly leaving huge swaths of their skin attached to the fleece As workers roughly stitched them up right on the filthy shearing floor, they were given no pain relief whatsoever Some sheep died of extreme stress during shearing Others, including one who was panting, were dragged out into the sun and were left without water or care for hours and finally died PETA and its international affiliates exposed cruelty in Australia in 2014, 2015, and 2017 and now again this year

Abuse was unveiled in three states in the US in 2014, and a fourth in 2017; in Argentina in the summer of 2015; and then again that fall; and in 2016 in Chile Animal abuse is rampant and routine in the wool industry No matter what the industry and retailers say or do, sheep continue to endure unspeakable suffering

It's up to you, the consumer, to stop this and cruelty to other animals in the clothing industry by refusing to buy anything made of wool or any other items that come from animals Please give sheep something to be thankful for Check the tag and if it says "wool", leave it on the rack Thank you

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