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Break Free – Short Film | Sanchana Natarajan, Vinod Anand | Vignesh Raj | Ondraga Entertainment


My baby girl in a saree You look absolutely beautiful Gorgeous Stunning! But I was thinking if I could wear something less fancy Non-sense! I just got off the phone with your grandma You're going to be the most beautiful girl at Ganga's wedding Everyone is waiting to see you It's just that Look at yourself Okay I'm gonna change now If only your mother was here to see you Call Hello Sathya! Papa, coming SATHYAA! TWO SECONDS, PAPA! If only your mother was here to see you

♫ I want to break free ♫ Satyaa PAPA Satya papa I need to tell you something But I don't know how to What is wrong? What do you mean, Satya? I'm not a girl What do you mean you're not a girl? Papa I know you see me as your little daughter- as a girl But on the inside I'm not a girl, papa I'm a Boy! A boy? Is this why you're always dressing like this? Listen, kid! This is all just a phase I've seen many girls in my office go through this You will get over it You're just confused I'M NOT CONFUSED, PAPA And I'm not wearing that saree to the wedding Just like you I want to stand tall and be myself Like me? What do you know about what it's like to be me? Do you know what our relatives will say if they come to hear about this? Do you know what society will say? HIJRA You will be shunned by society

You will never get married You will never have children Is that what you want? Papa, it's not about what I want It's not about you It's not about anybody else It's about me And I don't have much choices, papa This is who I am who? Who you're? I don't even know who you are I am a Trans, papa A Kinnar Why is that so hard for you to understand? You're so bothered about society, what everybody is gonna think But you don't want to understand me

How dare you HOW DARE YOU I just thank god that your mother is not here alive to see this day If it's a hijra that you want to be Get out of the house GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND GO BEG ON THE STREETS LIKE THEM

Source: Youtube

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