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Today we are in part three of Break Free I believe today's message might be the most important message you will hear in your life

I rarely make those statements, and I pray for God's grace upon each one of us here today and those who'll be watching this and re-listening it I want to answer and help people, this is not gonna be for every person People who keep falling into the same sin this message will deal with that issue A few months ago I was in this place getting ready to get my haircut done As I was waiting in the lobby, a young man approached me and he asked me the question

He says can I talk to you? and I said well of course yes sit down I'm waiting to get called in And as he sits down he begins to tell me about his issue And he says hey I need to tell you I'm struggling with this sin It's crazy like the moment people find out you're a pastor, everybody starts you know, they think you're a priest It's tough so I'm like I'm like you need to do it officially you know, Father how does it go in the Catholic Church? Father I have sinned

? Forgive me Father for I have sinned! Come on Catholics help me out and stuff So so but he didn't start like that, he didn't start father, forgive me Father I have sinned And he just began to say I'm struggling with this, and I kind of right away discern what it is and as he goes in and he's like I go to church, I'm a Christian and he says but I keep falling into it

So I ask him a little bit more information And I could see you know a great shame and guilt on his face and so when he told me what it was, and I asked him if he prayed about it, if he told somebody about it, if he confessed that if he renounced it, he says Vlad he says I've done most of these things and it keeps happening again

And this guy's about to be breaking breaking in tears right before I get called in And so and I start to minister to him start telling him what I'm about to share with you on How to Find Freedom, but most importantly How to Overcome that Struggle of Repeated Sin His biggest issue of course was with guilt and with shame And how can I be a Christian and still fall into this issue How can I be a Christian

and still struggle with this problem? And I told him something that the Bible says that the righteous man falls seven times and he gets up are you with me? The Bible says the righteous falls seven times and rises again Somebody say rises again! But the wicked stumbles in times of calamity Meaning a wicked takes one fall and he never gets up again And so I tell this man, I say, what makes you righteous is not your inability to fall, righteous people fall, but righteous people get up And you can be righteous and still fall into the same thing, in the same place once a day

But the difference is between righteous and the wicked is the righteous doesn't stay down righteous he gets up But it's difficult to get up if you fell into the same ditch all over again, because of the fear that I will fall again What's the point of getting up? and I'm telling this young man I say you have to see yourself not from a religious perspective, you have to see yourself from the perspective of a father and a child

I said when you were a kid and you were learning to walk, you fell again and again and again every single day Did you give up on walking? Because you couldn't learn to walk? Did your parents pull out a belt the first time you took a step and you fell and they whooped you? No they didn't and if they did you need to call police A father and a mother stands there with the child falling into the same floor, takes one step down They pick them up and they don't simply say well our child is not destined to walk Our child is not meant to walk he's tried seven days already

he already has blood in here he fell he cried, the child doesn't want to try to walk a child is not meant to walk? No Daddy and the Mommy understands one thing is that it's a process of walking you fall more but later on you learn to walk so good that you fall less in 10 years than you fell as a child in 10 minutes But when you're a kid, when you're learning to walk the devil is there to remind you You will never walk, you will never be pure, you will never be smoke free, you will never be free from alcohol, you will never be free from the tormenting thoughts of your abuse, you will never be free from the nightmares

You will never be free from anxiety you will never be free from depression, the fears and the phobias You will never be free from that Your insecurities, that is who you are why? because look at how many times you've fallen in these many times But what the devil does not know is God doesn't stand and check if you stand or fall, God is a Father, stands with His hands stretch forward, He says: come on take one more step You fell down God says come on come on, get up he is a FATHER not a religious dictator measuring your righteousness based on how you fall or not! Somebody give God praise right now

Hallelujah! The Bible says a righteous man falls seven times but he gets up The Bible also says that the righteous man has many afflictions are you with me? But the Lord delivers them out of them all The righteous man has many afflictions but the Lord delivers him out of them all Jesus said, in Matthew He says when you pray our Father Who is in Heaven, that means we're Children of God Your Kingdom come, Your will be done and then it inserts this prayer deliver us from the devil

Now how many of you know, if you're delivered you don't pray that prayer? That means that you can be a child of God and still be needing deliverance The religious world will tell you that if you need deliverance then something is wrong with your Christianity but we see in the Bible – you can be righteous and fall, you can be righteous and still need deliverance And so I'm telling this young man I said, the reason why you fall it's not because you're not righteous, you're just not free The reason you keep repeating the same sin it's not because you're not a Christian, it's because you're not free And don't let anybody just tell you that just because you're a Christian or just because you are righteous, that means you're automatically free

You're automatically righteous but you're not yet automatically free Just because you were born as a child and you got two of your legs on the same day you were born They were not shipped by FedEx two years later Just because you got your legs, how many of you know you did not learn to walk the day you got your legs Just because you got salvation and just because you got the gift of righteousness, your name is in the lamp's book of life it doesn't mean you're actually walking in that freedom

That's why you got your Mama you got a Daddy who doesn't beat you when you fall, who pick you up and say try it again try it again!!! Give me a little bit more juice in my microphone until we get this thing warmed up and then we can lower it down Try it again and I told something to this young man I said the challenge happens with us, the reason why many of us don't get free it's not just the power of sin, it's the culture of church we're in Which stones people who fall When I was addicted to pornography and I struggled with insecurity at my teenage years and on top of that I had extreme migraine headaches during the summer Put all of these three things together and going through the puberty, talking about a world war 3 inside of you

Literally you confused, you scared, you feel shame and guilt You got demons screaming and whispering because the devil knew that God had a plan for my future and he knew that the best way to knock this guy out is in his infancy It's when he's confused when he doesn't know, he takes one step and he falls two steps But I give thanks to God that I had a church and I had a pastor And I had a church that that did not throw stones when they found my sin and didn't publicize it and punish me for it, but they restored me gently

And the pastor didn't remove those sins from me but he said, listen you got it boy, you're gonna do better, you gonna recover from this, you're gonna be fine, God is still with you You still have ministry inside of you, I know you're bound by those things but you're still righteousness, you're still God's child and we love you and everything is gonna be all right He gave me a sense of "I'm gonna be fine", did it make me enjoy my sin? h*** no! sorry that's a bad word No it did not let me enjoy my sin because the difference between a Swine and the Sheep is, the swine enjoys the mud, a sheep cries in the mud I cried in my mud but somebody washed me off of it, as somebody said listen you can be, you will be recovered maybe not today but you will be free

The churches today exist, they're more like hyenas or somebody falls and bleeds and they attack and everybody goes for a pound of flesh They're like sharks and they see when they see blood they go and attack They publicize things it's kind of like what happened to the jots you know what stuff just became bloated up And we go in like Pharisees and we want to attack, we want to publish I say why because it gives a sense of self-righteousness The church that you come into today I want to tell you something we will shoot our own wounded soldiers

Because church is the only army at some places that shoots its own wounded soldiers We shoot one enemy his name is the devil, his name is demons and his name is sin We protect our people, we fight for our people, we pray for our people, we restore our people, we love our people, we forgive our people, we raise our people, we encourage our people Somebody give God a shout in this place you may say you take your seats, you may say, how dare you call people hyenas

They're worse than that Because if I go to the doctor and I am bleeding and they bring me to emergency and the doctor of the hospital gathers the nurses to throw rocks at me they're hyenas they're not doctors We're Church, we're not religious craziest perfect people we are a hospital and we help hurting people One of the reasons many people don't recover and don't get set free is because you can't grow bananas in Alaska You can't be free if the religious environment you are in judges a sinner instead of restores the sinner

We know sin and sin is sin, sin is bad, but the sinners need help And if we all get really really honest we realized we still got some 'stuff' we need help in, come on somebody Behind the religious facade, behind the religious masks and behind the perfection and the good Christian quotes and Instagram, we still got 'stuff' The only difference is my stuff is not as bad as your stuff but it's still stuff and I need help from God with it Come on somebody

We want to build a church where people who are Saints can struggle and find hope instead of pretend, and the moment you come out and something happens and you fell or you're struggling we all gather like bunch of hyenas and eat you for lunch And my pastor he didn't do that to me he gave me compassion, I was scared I remember first time I confessed my sin, I thought I will be presented to the board of all the Pentecostal churches in the world

I thought that they're gonna drag my name through the mud and this little poor teenager is gonna be kicked out of the church And when he showed compassion and he showed mercy did you think I wanted to do that sin no? I hated it more but it gave me a sense of hope People sometimes you hear me speak about deliverance and I said why there's one thing that we feel is we feel help, we feel that you're for people And I said the reason why is because that was extended to me, and if it wouldn't be for that I would never be in this place There are people in this room today and some of you you went through places where you fell and you've been in a religious institution that they dragged you through mud, they had everybody say their stupid opinion about what they thought about your issue

And like that woman caught in the act of adultery everybody threw stuff at you and your connection to God today is that experience Listen what you experienced is bunch of hyenas not Saviors, it's religious world, it's vicious and it's mean and it's rude Religious people could be the meanest people in the world

Jesus Christ is different he looked at the woman caught in the act of adultery who didn't have a chance to respond to the altar call and He says listen woman, she didn't even repent, she didn't even apologize, she got caught and he says I don't condemn you, go and sin no more If we don't give people grace if we don't give people help, we don't give them power to overcome the sin that they're stuck in And so I want to tell you something that today in this church I know I'm afraid sometimes people will misunderstand this message and continue their sin without understanding that the grace is not an excuse but a power to overcome your sin But I'll rather err on grace than hurt people because while hurting people I'm also hurting myself!

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