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Brazil – Breaking the Technology Addiction


RABBI SCHNEIDER>> (♪♪) I'm gonna take you today inside the country of Brazil I spoke in two large churches there, one in the city of Belo Horizonte and the other in the city of Campinas

In Campinas I was actually ministering at a pastor's conference to hundreds of pastors that were hungry and thirsty to understand the Jewish roots of their Christian faith I wasn't focused on miracles, I was focused on laying sound doctrine for the building of the kingdom Let's go now inside the country of Brazil to see what God is doing there as He's teaching the church worldwide the Jewish roots of our Christian faith ♪♪ RABBI SCHNEIDER>> I'm gonna take you inside Brazil today I'll be in several cities, but right now I'm standing in a spot in the city of Belo Horizonte

It's one of the larger cities in Brazil What I've been doing today is taking a tour of the city to see a whole spectrum of the types of people I'll be ministering to ♪♪ We started out in some of the more affluent neighborhoods, and then we went down to the very slums ♪♪ PAT MARTINS DE SÁ>> Well Brazil is a huge country So it's like five countries rolled into one, so it's kind of hard to generalize, but what I can generalize I think is financially there is a lot of poor, very few rich

There's a lot of financial need Inflation's very high Things are expensive Because of the economic necessity there really is a lot of crime Spiritually speaking they are a religious people

They'll latch on to anything they consider to be truth, so it's not always the truth But they're generally pretty receptive to something spiritual So that can be good and that can be bad LUIS JANUÁRIO>> Here in Brazil they have very open hearts for the work of God They accept God's word and they move with the Holy Spirit without restriction and that makes it easy for the operation of the Holy Spirit in their lives and hearts

People here in Brazil are very needy, maybe because of all the difficulties that we face That's why we need to feel more and more this move, the penetration of the word of God RABBI SCHNEIDER>> We came to Brazil, because we felt like the Lord was calling us to expand our on the ground missionary, evangelistic crusades beyond Africa And so a door opened up for us here in Brazil I'm here this time first and foremost, developing relationships with key leaders here, for the purpose of coming back and doing on the ground evangelistic crusades to reach the lost

But I need the support of the key leaders here to be able to do that ROBERTO MARTINS DE SÁ>> I have been privileged of meeting him The in-depth revelation that he brings is just tremendous It enters out hearts with such power and we are able to see the Biblical principles with a lot more clarity JORGE LINHARES>> Rabbi's presence here was a blessing

It brought us joy and was like an anointing of heaven, because this church that I lead loves Israel And receiving a messianic Jew like Rabbi, has strengthened our faith RABBI SCHNEIDER>> In addition to forming relationships with key leaders, I also was able to minister to many people And what I found was, they are so hungry here to understand the Jewish Jesus, to understand the Judaic roots of their Christian faith PAT MARTINS DE SÁ>> I believe that God has called Rabbi to come to Brazil, because he has a message about our Jewish roots that the church needs

PHILLIP MARTINS DE SÁ>> Connecting Old Testament and New Testament is important, because like the Rabbi said himself, our faith comes from the Jews But understanding where it comes from, it causes us to have a deeper understanding of God Himself RABBI SCHNEIDER>> This is why the Lord had Israel build the tabernacle in Exodus twenty five He wanted a people that He could dwell with (Translator) See it's in God's heart to dwell with us

ROBERTO MARTINS DE SÁ>> His message is greatly needed, because there are so much confusion among the Christians regarding the Jews and Gentiles And then when we think as Gentiles, we just think of being saved and going to heaven But we never think in a way that we have been brought in to the commonwealth of Israel RABBI SCHNEIDER>> I want to talk about how have we got to this place (Translator) How has the church got separated from her Jewish roots? On Saturday I spoke two times and I went through approximately twelve points that covered both historical reasons as well as the theological reasons, how Judaism and Christianity became two separate movements

And then conversely I talked about how traditional Judaism views Christianity and Jesus as something that's un-Jewish Remember Deuteronomy 6:4, (Translator) the most famous declaration of Judaism (Translator) "Hear oh Israel the Lord our God is echad" He's one But listen, this word echad in scripture is not used to just reflect a singular unity

For example, in Genesis we read that when a man gets married, (Translator) he shall leave his father and mother and the two shall become one flesh, and the Hebrew word there is echad And it was a message that was very scholastic I mean it was very much from the perspective of information But then when I continued to minister the next day and talked about the Father's love and talked about the church being the bride of Christ, it really brought everything all together to them And I think that they walked away so blessed, realizing what a balanced ministry had been given to them

LUIS JANUÁRIO>> Even as a pastor I never heard such a clarifying explanation It was such a deep and well founded word from God This teaching brought such a clear feeling to me about the reality of Christ being in my life MARY BULASCOSCHI>> In my life a lot of things is going on different My husband is in coma for seven months, almost eight months and I was thinking much about God loves me

And during this time, this ministry, I could feel God speaking in my heart, "Don't worry I love you I'm with you and I'm gonna help you" And it was amazing for me I could feel His hand

I could feel His voice I could hear His voice talking to me, putting His hand in my heart and saying, "Daughter I am with you" Was not just a word, but was something like He was holding me And I felt like secured in His hand I don't have my husband right now with me and He hold me and He said, "I'm with you

I'm gonna take care of you You don't need to understand, but you need to trust Me" PASTOR>> How Rabbi has brought an awareness of our Jewish origins was very important in my life And I'm going to take this message to my congregation and the world ♪♪ RABBI SCHNEIDER>> One of the things I really enjoyed about the church in Campinas was their heart to not just reach their congregation, but to impact their whole community

They realized that it wasn't enough just to have services, so they built a school in their community to establish a Biblical foundation, educating the children from preschool all the way up into the adolescent grades It was such a blessing to tour the Christian school and they brought us in a few of the classes And so one of the classes they brought us in they gave me an opportunity to speak a few words to the children It was such a blessing Okay I'm gonna ask the question and then the first one that raises their hand to know the answer I'm gonna call on ya

The winner will get a US Dollar [Cheering] I began to administer a Bible quiz to the young people It was so fun

They all were laughing [Children laughing] ANA OLEVAERA>> When Rabbi walked into the classroom and started asking the students questions their eyes just lit up RABBI SCHNEIDER>> What is the name of the capital city of heaven? CHILD 1>> New Jerusalem RABBI SCHNEDIER>> New Jerusalem! [Clapping] Congratulations It was so fun

They were all laughing and you know what if I wasn't an apostle and a pastor and a prophet and an evangelist, I would love just being an elementary school teacher, being with kids and teaching them I think I would love that life ANA OLEVAERA>> I thought it was really impactful when Rabbi blessed the students before he left It was a moment that the students will never forget [Clapping] ♪♪ RABBI SCHNEIDER>> When I step into an area I try to be careful about not pre-planning what I'm gonna preach too much, because I want to be able to sense what is actually happening in that area in the Spirit

And so when I stepped on the platform I was very open to how the Spirit would lead me And right when I stepped onto the pulpit I was able just to sense kind of the spiritual climate of the people that were in the auditorium How many of you have been to a restaurant and as you look around the restaurant everyone at the table is talking on their phone? (Translator) How many have seen that before? (Translator) Okay How many of you sleep with your phone next to your bed, or pillow? Raise your hand for me Okay

Now think about that We have to die to the outer world to become sensitive to the inner world (Translator) We have to choose to love Him more than we love staying connected to our friends on the internet (Translator) Now this doesn't mean we can never use Facebook (Translator) and it doesn't mean we can never communicate to our friends (Translator) What it means however is that we break the demonic addiction

(Translator) We stop checking our smartphone first thing in the morning and instead begin the day by giving our hearts to God So I called people to repent of this and to create boundaries between them and technology, between them and the internet And then we of course gave an altar call for people to come forward and we had a fantastic response, because so many are addicted Some of you that are seated, you stayed seated, because you were afraid that I was gonna ask you to give up your smartphone (Translator) You made the decision, you chose your smartphone over Jesus

(Translator) It's as plain and as simple as that (Translator) I'm gonna give one more chance to repent (Translator) Those of you that are seated, I'm gonna count to three, anybody else that wants to come and then we're gonna pray One, two, three You know I sensed what was happening and I preached against the addiction that was keeping people from going deeper with God

And at the end of the message it was like you know, I don't know if there wasn't anybody in the auditorium that wasn't convicted at some level JORGE LINHARES>> I saw people coming to the altar and that is not a common thing in my church But tonight everybody came I saw tears coming down their faces I saw them repenting before the Lord

As I exited the building there was a couple there that were strategically waiting for me to exit, because a night before she had had a dream and in the dream she had seen her husband addicted to the computer PRISCILA DAROCHA>> Last night when I was dreaming there was this old man He was dirty and ugly looking He was tying my husband's hands and his feet In this dream the whole time my husband was watching his computer

I tried calling his name, so that he could see the man that was tying his hands But my husband couldn't hear me, because the other man had his hands over my husband's ears He blocked his ears and his eyes as well This dream was just like what Rabbi was talking about in his message tonight In the dream my husband was using his laptop and cellphone at the same time

Both devices were being charged all the time, so they would never run out At that time I began to pray and the chain that had been put on his hands and his feet fell off RABBI SCHNEIDER>> So how do you think what happened tonight, God used what happened tonight in this whole process? PRISCILA DAROCHA>> At tonight's service with Rabbi I saw God's doing and fulfilling what He had showed me in the dream My husband went to receive prayer tonight

He came down from the balcony to be prayed over and now he feels free DOMINGOS SOUZA>> Today I felt the touch of the Spirit and He spoke to me In our house we have a small room, which we use for prayer I used to go to that room first thing every morning and I would pray for the souls of those in other countries However, I got addicted to my cellphone and I have been going to that first thing instead

The Lord spoke to me very clearly tonight while you were praying for me, to go back to the old ways RABBI SCHNEIDER>> I just want to pray for you especially one more time Father God in Yeshua's name, Jesus Thank You Father God for this couple Beloved this is a subject that's really dear to my heart, because I firmly believe that the devil is strangling God's people through technology

It is one of the most powerful addictions on the earth right now Wherever I go, every country I'm in, people are addicted to their smartphones Let me ask you a question, you that are watching right now, are you addicted to your smartphone? Are you addicted to technology? How often are you spending time going and checking your e-mails, checking your text, checking your Facebook account every day? Perhaps for some of you it's not a problem, but I'm convinced that for many, probably the majority even of you that are watching right now, it's a big, big problem The problem with technology is that the devil takes us out of our own soul into some pseudo reality, focusing on what's outside of ourselves rather than being connected to what's inside ourselves And what's inside our self beloved one, is Jesus Himself

We can't be conscious of God's Holy Spirit abiding in us if we're connected to what's happening outside us all the time We need to bring ourselves back The scripture says, "Return to the ancient path and to the good way and walk on it" The devil is literally bringing people out of their own soul to be connected to the realm of darkness through technology Listen, these things that people are doing, it's just a facade

The different portraits that they're painting of themselves online, it isn't the real world If you find yourself sleeping with your phone next to your bed, waking up in the morning checking your phone before you do anything else, checking your phone every half hour or even more, for some of you, throughout the day; I want to say to you, the devil is really harming you God wants you to bring yourself back Sure, technology can be used as a tool and a very effective one at that for sure But for most of us it's more than a tool

It's become our master I want to strongly challenge you today to put discipline into your life regarding how you're relating to technology I want to encourage you, let's go back beloved, to the basics Let's learn how to once again be still before God, to sit in His presence, to be in His word, to focus on real relationships, rather than pseudo relationships that take place through technology Beloved, please take this very seriously

This is no small thing I'm telling you, the devil is using this to separate people from God But by the power of God you can bring yourself back Use discipline and put technology under your feet Become its master, rather than letting it master you

♪♪ MARY BULASCOSCHI>> What Brazil needs is not just the word of God, but we need to experience anointing ♪♪ PHILLIP MARTINS DE SÁ>> Him coming here is God's appointment for our church ROBERTO MARTINS DE SÁ>> I've already heard and seen the results of his messages in our hearts For instance today we met with our pastors and they're all saying how much God spoke to their hearts and opened their minds to see things that they didn't before LUIS JANUÁRIO>> God spoke to me personally in this morning's service

I felt this great burden being removed from my life and I believe many others felt that as well MICHELE JUNQUEIRA>> I can now see the Father in an even deeper way I see how He is near to me at every moment, even when I disobey Him He doesn't reject me, but instead He's always there waiting for me to come back to Him

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