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Brandon Fights w/ Madisson's New Boyfriend | Siesta Key | MTV


(crowd chatters) – What the (beep)? – [Madison] Hi Guys! Meet my boyfriend – Oh, my God (laughs)

– Hi – [Juliette] Sure, everyone is quick to judge my new boyfriend, but Madisson's new guy is our old boss – Ish – Mm ma muah – Are you (beep) kidding me? Are you serious? – [Girl] They're in love, are you surprised? – [Ish] What's happening? – Are you kidding me? His ass is what 35, 40, I don't know? – Ish, bro

You're showing up with Madison right now man I don't know, I don't know how that feels to you, but to me it's a whole (beep) bad of weird – How's that a bag of weird? You guys weren't together – Ish, come on man, what do you mean? – You weren't together – That was the girl that I loved, what are you talking about? – Yeah

– That means that you had your sights on her for a long time, right? – No, I left I was in California – Bull (beep) Ish – Whatever, dude – That's bull (beep)! – Don't come at me hard like this, dude Don't come at me hard like this

(suspenseful music) – I just want truth Ish – You got the truth – This is a (beep) joke Ish – Bring it (beep) down – Listen, Ish, I just wanna– – I'm telling you bring it (beep) down

– You were overseeing this whole (beep) thing! – Two years ago! – Are you serious, Ish? You were giving me– – Two years ago! – You were overseeing this whole (beep)! – Do you want me to stop it, 'cause I'm not? – No, no, no I want to see it play out – I'm with her right now, so respect her feelings She doesn't wanna be with you – No, this is so uncomfortable – I come in here and everybody's (beep) happy, and you're in face pushing me and (beep)

– If I was pushing you, I'd be (beep) pushing you – You get – [Girl] Okay, I think this is enough – All I gotta say – Let's be chill

– Everybody here thinks this is weird – No, that's not true – It just is like weird – [Ish] I need a drink – [Madison] Do you guys wanna get a drink? – We're gonna get a drink

– Yes! – Chill – I'm fine, am I not fine? – No, I know you – Is that not weird? Is that not weird? – This is weird – This is a (beep) weird situation – It is

– He's a lot older – You're not in it though I'm in Chloe I'm in that situation How would you feel? – I wouldn't of cheated on her in the first place

– Oh, uh – It's all good Let him be whatever – I am very happy for you guys – [Ish] Thank you

– I've never, oh my God – Let's do some shots ♪ Every flower wilts and blooms ♪ ♪ Sun will rise, so will the moon ♪ ♪ Wow, the world keeps ♪ – You are surrounding yourself with people that are using you – I'm not convinced this is in my daughter's best interest – How do you feel about hooking up with other people? – It's (beep) up

– Me, me – Get your (beep) hands, get the (beep) out of my face (beep) (yells) – New man, who dis? – [Announcer] Next Tuesday, Juliette's found new love – I love you – [Announcer] But when her friends question her motives

– You barely know this guy – [Announcer] This is the episode where all hell breaks loose – [Man] Yes! Yes! – Wanna put your hands on me? I dare you! – You were my friend! – [Announcer] Don't miss Siesta Key All new next Tuesday at eight on MTV

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