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Bong Joon-Ho, Zazie Beetz & More Reveal the Least Classy Thing About Them | MTV News


– Okay, so this is the classiest night of the year What's the least classy thing about either of you? – About me? – What are you hiding? – About me? Oh my

– I'm hiding so much – It can get deep – How many hours do you have? – How big is that memory chip? Let's do this, come on – The least classy? Probably my tracksuit fetish – [Oscar Isaac] Where shall I begin? – I've got time

– There's a lot of not classy things about me – I'm a mess – No – I think I'm a pretty classy guy Do I not come across as such? – No, yeah

– All right – Yeah – I'm not classy, what are talking about? We’re all dressed up right now We’re all putting on airs – When the tux comes off? – The nicest suit I have ever worn in my life

Thank you, Tom Ford – I'm wearing Underoos right now – Oh god – I can't sit in this dress, so I gotta figure out how to do that That's the least classy thing I'm dealing with today

– I have Jordans on My feet hurt like crazy – Exfoliation, a problem – They can scrub the girl up, but I'm a country girl from the middle of nowhere in Ireland, and it's always there – I'm very outwardly composed, and internally, I'm many things

– Should I come up with something gross for you? – I'm gonna go home and just fart (Josh laughs) (laughing) Go home and let out the fart that I've been holding in all night long – I like Cheesecake Factory and cruises And I think a cruise is pretty much the Cheesecake Factory on water I don't know if that's classy, but it's my kind of thing

– Everything I eat, no matter what it is, immediately resides in my teeth for the next six to 10 weeks – I don't know, I don't know what's, like, not gonna get me canceled? – Open your mouth and something crazy's gonna come out? – I mean, I always put my foot in it – What's the least classy thing about Bong Joon-Ho? (speaking Korean) – So after this, we're gonna go drinking Once I start drinking, you'll see all the classiness just go out of me, and you can come and see what happens – You can sit near me

– I don't even know what the right answer is because that's put judgment on something I try not to judge – The truth is, you are classy, you're a classy lady – I try to be classy – I don't know

(Josh laughs) I never have something ready Sorry for lack of soundbite (Josh laughs)

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