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Body Control /w Aya (From DownTown) | BREAK ADVICE


Hello everyone With you Aya from France, I represent the teams From DownTown and Les Ratz

And today we are at the Break Advice Today, the topic of the lesson will be "control" Body control and mainly frieze control How to catch yourself on friezes First you need to warm up

I will not show the basic workout Immediately move on I will give you tips and various exercises Here, for the sake of example, a variation of push-ups Get on your elbows this way

The legs are wide apart Go forward and do push-ups, lifting your legs in the air Go down and return to the starting position And repeat Second exercise

We will walk around the handstand For those who are still not very confident in their arms, we will start with a simple variation Get up, fold your legs like this In this exercise you need to learn to look at your hands and look in front of you without moving or falling Try to push your shoulders

All this time your back should be even Your pelvis should be in line with your shoulders After you have learned to stand steady in your arms, work on this exercise It will teach you to catch yourself when you lose balance and fall from a handstand It looks like this

Get down in one direction, come back, get down in the other Do not forget to breathe This exercise develops both sides of the body and will help if you fall during the round from the position of the handstand Another important point Usually, everyone is trying to stand static in their arms, but in fact it is very important to be able to move – walk in your arms in any direction

Learn to walk in all directions and in a circle without falls Try not to fall and catch the balance This will help you catch your body when you are freestyle The next exercise will be strength It is very useful

In fact, these are handstand pushups The most important thing here is to breathe When you do all these exercises, you are ready to move on to the training of controlling your friezes Let's take one basic frieze Take the base 'AirBaby'

We go to the frieze Further we change the side Make sure that every time the knee rests evenly on the elbow One leg on the floor, the other bent We put the knee on the elbow

Like this And then I just raise my leg The same thing on the other side The next step Here you need more friezes We will mix them and reach the moment when we begin to fall through

I go back on airbaby, go up, go down to the other side And back Then I change the frieze I go on my head, go down And I reach the moment when I need to return the balance

I am returning to the "closed" position Do this until the forces are completely exhausted and you can not do friezes This is just one way to develop control There are many others When you learn to control the friezes, which mainly involve the front muscles of the body, then you can move on to the control of friezes that use the back muscles

Basically, these are movements of the "bridge" type Stretch back and forth Take one arm or the other arm, raise one or the other leg Now we mix everything that we did in one combination I can go to 'airbaby'

We rise, we leave in the bridge We change the side and go into the 'chair' This way you mix all your friezes Another good exercise for developing control of your friezes and racks is to try to change the point you are looking at Here is an example

When I am in a stand with no hands, I can look up or select some other point Try to take different points Because every time the balance will change My final tip would not be about control We all started dancing break, because we looked at him and he seemed to us something fresh and interesting

And it was fun Let it remain the same Try to be fresh, funky and don't forget about flow Peace

Source: Youtube

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