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Body Camera Video Shows Fatal Shooting Of 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo In Chicago | NBC News NOW


  1. Little boy with a gun played pretend in a man’s world and now his momma will be sending flowers to his grave every year.

    Let this be a warning to all you young thugs out there…

  2. He had a gun, but everyone ignore that and prefer accuse the cops…

  3. People need to understand that this was ultimately the cops fault. It’s obvious and clear from the bodycam that this cop was very inexperienced with how fast he reacted after the 13 year old boy raised his hands. If he waited just 1, 2 or 3 seconds, he could have just arrested him. But rather not thinking before he acts, just like the cop that killed Dante Wright…it only takes 6 months to graduate from the police academy. They don’t lie when they say that anyone can be a cop. We need to change the laws and requirements as an officer and for guns cause innocent lives are being taken too easily. ENOUGH SAID, HAVE A GOOD DAY EVERYONE.

  4. how can the cop still be on duty, the cop should be in jail, the kid was un armed and put his hand up

  5. My guess…. there were shots fired ….he had a gun and how was the policeman to know it was a 13 yr old kid …. it was 2 30 in the morning… In this case my heart goes to the policeman

  6. The police office said put your hands up , and he does so and gets shot in the chest not the arm or any other body part where he would’ve not died.

  7. Soon, these events won’t even reach the news, as they are so frequent. There should be a complete change of police training. Who in their right mind uses a strobe light to see what another person is doing?? It’s clear to any sane person that you can never see all a person’s movements when faced with strobe lighting.
    Seeing this from the U.K., it makes me sick and I’m relieved that our police do not usually carry guns. It seems from here that the US police are always so angry when dealing with the public, almost as if they’re taking crimes personally. It’s bizarre to see, and I really hope there’s change very soon. I pray for all the families affected by the shootings, and I pray too that someone in authority sees sense and makes changes that come far too late for hundreds of people killed by a police firearm in error.

  8. He had a gun on his hand the police officer had to choose between his own life or the boys life… Teach your kids to stop doing crime…

  9. When it happens to your own people it hit different heh? That's why injustice everywhere is an injustice to everyone.

  10. A 13yr old with a gun roaming the streets like bro when I was 13 I was hyped about the new black ops 2 that came out I never went outside

  11. I feel so bad for that officer. If you defend yourself then you might face life in prison. The kid was armed and the officer had .8 seconds to react once he saw the gun.

  12. “She’s (Rashida Tlaib) calling for ‘no more policing’ or ‘incarceration,’ the criminals will be on the honor system? I mean, I thought defund the police was a terrible slogan, but no police? This is always — I mean, I’ve done many editorials on this, the Democrats’ Achilles’ Heel, common sense, common sense. You strike people as not having any common sense when you say things [like this].”
    —Bill Maher on 'Real Time' 16 April 2021

  13. You can not expect more than that when police training is just about shoot ! And finally talk.

  14. The USA has some serious social issues. The USA always claims to stand for 'freedom', far from. The police should only shoot real criminals, not all criminals are murderers, the police are becoming the real criminals. Your gun laws are the biggest problem.

  15. Sad, very sad.
    To parents…but why a 13 yr old is walking the streets at night..with a gun?🤔
    It's a do or die world!?
    A second or second's to do what's right or wrong!
    The streets will hurt you!
    Be safe!!

  16. In the USA people can easily get guns and then seem surprised about school shootings and children with guns. Crazy.

  17. The police officer defended himself. You can’t see him drop the gun he just swings around to face the officer. It’s time the Black community questions like what was a 12 year old doing out at 230am with a handgun? It’s like Densel said “wheres the father”?

  18. Justified shooting. Video shows gun and and and audio of police officer saying dont move. He moved, he’s dead. End, next

  19. Why can these police not bring kids of color In without shooting them but they can white kids ? This officer clearly shot that kid because he had to run after the kid and they only did the CPR to try and seem like good citizens these cops should be arrested!!! And life in prison period!!

  20. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes! “Protesters” should be going after this boy’s parents instead of the police. I’m sure “lil homicide” was a good kid, but people involved in this BLM movement are too stupid to realize they are being played, ask the founders how “oppressed” they are while their followers burn their own communities, wake up!

  21. there will by 15 shooting in chicago this weekend by people just as young , this will stop when we have the real convertion _{parents}

  22. I like the Social Worker's with the cops if something goes down the Social takes the hit and the Cop will Live to ride with another Social Worker another day …

  23. So the 13 year old had a firearm on him at 2 A.M.? As a reasonable person, am I supposed to have pity on this kid? He was an up and coming crook.

  24. Watch Officer Tatum's report on this and how police think in these situations. He shows me not to get emotional over small snippets of videos the media plays. He goes through the whole video before the shooting happens, not during to get emotions riled up. https://youtu.be/ylY31U7-l9s He's a former officer, but also of African descent. He's a black former cop, so he gives it real. He always says it's a shame life is taken, but he responds why this happened. No 13 year old should be out 2 am holding a gun. Also the officer should not shoot, but he's in a life and death situation too, an unknown suspect shots fired before during a drive by shooting, he doesn't know. You can make arguments, but he's still trying to get home just like everyone else.

  25. Why do people keep trying to paint their own narrative, they never said this child had a gun and you can’t see him holding anything in the video. It’s crazy how racist people will just make up anything to justify one’s actions.

  26. are all immigrants as racist and ignorant as the people who comment on these events lol white haters all of you special classes

  27. How is a cop supposed to know the age of someone holding a gun at night? Visibility is quite poor in our cities. We don't have tons of lighting like in some European cities. It appears a 21 year old Ruben Roman first possessed that gun. I would wager Ruben and other members of a local gang encouraged Adam Toledo, who was vulnerable in school, to join them. I know some will say the socio-economics of those environments beed the gangs. That's not the cop's fault. It's one thing if it was daylight and the cop could easily. Toledo, it appears, evaded the police before later tossing the gun. Remember, this was done at night. I don't want to judge the boy for his wrong decisions. It was more older people who persuaded him to go on the wrong path. A lot of guys in middle school are like Adam Toledo, but he was one who was caught with a gun at night. That's the difference. I am not a big fan of the cops in many cases, but this wasn't something easy for a cop. This wasn't Tamir Rice. Rice wasn't even told to put his toy gun down. Adam Toledo was carrying a real gun and moving away from the cop before turning around after dropping a real gun.

  28. What America needs to understand is that Chicago is crazy right now it’s called Chi-Raq for a reason if you don’t shoot first and ask later you end up dead and churchgoing kids aren’t out at 2 AM running from cops and hiding guns

  29. His name is Adam toledo but he calls himself lil homicide. He is a member of the Latin kings and was out at 3am causing trouble. Now he is dead and his mom wants money and didn't really care about him

  30. This is heartbreaking and disgusts me! To take the life of a 13 year old child is unacceptable and justice must be served! Under no circumstances should this police officer be allowed to wait outside of jail while a “murder investigation” is underway! If someone with training with a concealed weapons permit shoots someone they are detained in jail until the “murder investigation” is complete!

  31. I will never understand the liberal victim mentality. This 13 yr old was out at 230am, shooting live rounds at cars, running from police, holding a handgun. Where were his parents? Their culpable for his death, and the emotional trauma to the officer that was forced to protect himself. The liberal media is one big lying machine. "Police Activity" shows what really happened, unbiased, and complete.

  32. I appreciate and respect our law enforcement! Without laws, this country will fall into anarchy. The liberals would be happy with anarchy.

  33. Noooo This don’t make since he put his hands up our national is in trouble more trouble than we EVER WAS IN

  34. "that is not clear from the video we have been able to watch" The video litterly shows the gun he threw 5 seconds later.

  35. Funny how people here are blaming the cop for shooting a person running around with a gun and not blaming the adult who gave the kid the gun or his parents. Where was his parents and what was the kid doing at 2:00am in the street? Is it now a “trend” to be blaming cops for everything bad that happens in the streets?

  36. 13yr running around Chiraq with a gun at 230 am + Quick hand movements. Where are the parents? What a shame.

  37. It is clear once you slow down the video and know the whole context of why the officers were there. Parents need to be held accountable .

  38. Can someone explain to me why a 13 year old (who was in the company of a 21 year old ADULT) had a hand gun which he threw away when confronted by Police on reports of gunfire was doing out at almost 3AM in the morning?

  39. This young guy threw the gun down raised his hands and the officer saw that he did not have a gun in his hand anymore he shot him for nothing. What about the 17 year old who had the Ak in Wisconsin and shot 2 people did the officers shoot him no he still alive went to jail and got out now he somewhere in hiding.

  40. How many years are between the photo in a car 0:07 and footage by the fence 0:59 ?
    Why am I asking, is because when a good citizen shot an 18 years old attacker in Florida, the protesters and massmedia were showing the attacker's photo taken at 13-14 years age.

  41. 0.8 Seconds guys.
    The footage clearly shows police officer saw that the child had a weapon immediately before raising his hand. From that angle, the officer did nit see him drop the weapon, and hand was going up. For all he knew in that 0.8 second that kid could've been raising up his weapon to aim and shoot.

    Unfortunately that wasnt the case, however, if you were in the officers shoe how would you have reacted?

    You wouldnt have enough time to think. 0.8seconds is all the time officer had to decide between a suspect with a weapon, and a family in home who is waiting for the police officer to come back safely. In that moment, and from what that officer saw that was the only reasonable reaction he could've made.

    And No, I am not saying it is alright that 13 year old kid was shot to the death.

    I think many has wrong idea of what the main issue is. The situation itself where police officer having to chase down a 13 year old with a weapon is terribly wrong. It shouldn't even be happening.

    We shouldn't be persecuting whether what the police officer did right or wrong, we should be persecuting who put that kid in to that situation in the first place.

  42. I like how the media ignore the fact that this kid was a member of a street gang "Latin Kings" and his nickname was "lil homicide"
    He was seen shooting at a car minutes earlier, that's the reason he was being chased by the police.

  43. Mexicans wont riot. Central americans close to southern probably will if they get organized like the blacks. Love the black for having each others backs. Wish it was like that for latinos

  44. Is there a reason the media hasn't done a story about how these shootings involve poor choices? With Floyd it was drugs, using counterfeit money, resisting arrest.. and with Adam it was possessing an illegal firearm and eluding. How come no one wants to focus on the highly evident pattern? Could it be that there is a purposeful divide occurring? You are a failure in life if this hasn't crossed your mind. Those of us excessively paying into the tax system and following the laws seem to think its common sense..

  45. He had to survive in the hood with a gun in the cold street’s and he dropped the gun when he was 13 THIS IS WHAT WE DO IN 2021””

  46. The hypocrisy of some right wing magatards that defend the illegal, treason of adults during the capitol riot, where cops were attacked by 100s of adults with only 1 aggressor was shot (well deserved), while they victim blame a child that ran, but then complied with the officer and was immediately executed. Y'all a bunch of heartless psychopaths.

  47. The parents of this kid should be prosecuted for neglect and not compensated 10s of millions of dollars. But congrats to them on winning the lottery I guess


  49. Unfortunately he threw his gun away WHILE he was raising his hand at the WORST angle for the cop. He doesn't know if he'll be greeted by a hand or gun. Not a simple cut and dried case. Sorry but this instance I have to give it to the cop.

  50. I’ve seen this video from different sources and this version looks cropped. Coincidentally, the gun is in the part of the video that is cropped. MSM needs to be removed permanently.

  51. Search a little more and you'll find the footage that show's the kid and an adult walking and hear about 8 shot's at an obviously decent sized intersection which is what the officer's were responding to. You'll also find bodycam footage initially released which you can see there's a gun behind his back and the gun was recovered on scene. This is just another example of the libs taking advantage of yet another tragedy. Prayers for ALL involved in this j.s.

  52. After reading many of the comments, I realize teenagers in China are so fortunate. No guns. You can go out after 11pm. The cops won't shoot.

  53. He looks so innocent. He looks like Steve Burns from Blue's Clues. I thought that was him for a second the👮‍♂️👮‍♀️ shot. I was like no not Steve from Blue's Clues.😭😭😭.. Steve Burns is not a criminal.

  54. Conservatives: It was impossible for the officer to know if he had a weapon!

    Also conservatives: It was clear he threw the weapon on the ground

  55. But he was such a good kid… They say, out at night with someone 9 years older shooting at cars with a handgun…. Then runs away and tries to conceal the handgun behind a fence. You know, just good kid stuff.

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