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Blac Youngsta Talks 'Church On Sunday' & Becoming an Ordained Minister ??MTV News


– Youngsta, I gotta admit, I'm kinda disappointed, man – Why man? – Because you came here, and I know what you do on IG

You love flickin' the cash I thought you woulda blessed us with some racks or something – Man, it's crazy Look, it's so crazy, I woke up– I had to be on time today So when I have to be on time, I couldn't think of the code to the safe

My manager was already in the car And I didn't wanna call him back up So I just went on, went downstairs, got in the car, and I came here and did the interview with you – Ah man! Maybe next time – [Youngsta] Next time

– This summer you became an ordained minister – Yeah – How did that happen? – I think there need be more love out there Like, I wanna see more love get spread And I know I'm able to like, pay for a wedding, so I'm like, I'mma be the one to go get my license for it

Pay for the wedding out my pocket – Wow! – Help you get a ring and everything, maybe – I heard it's a number too, people could call if they wanna get married? – Yeah, 8-7-7-REV-BLAC 8-7-7-R-E-V-B-L-A-C Make sure y'all tune in, call that number if you wanna get married

I'mma pay for it – Wow! – It need to be real love Don't call playin' – That's fair enough Now let's talk about the album some more

'Church On Sunday', that title, like what's the significance behind it? Did you grow up in the church? – Nah, not really I did and I didn't I did when I was, when I was super little My grand daddy, he was preacher – Oh, okay

– But, the album came about like with me going though things Like, I was fightin' a case or whatever Like they were tryna offer me 20 years So I ended up beatin' it I dropped the song called "Court Tomorrow

" Then I ended up beatin' the case So, you know, that's how God work But, this (bleep) just crazy bruh, I was going through so much And I knew like, in the beginning when I came in the door of music, I was doing like, soulful music, something you can feel Then I jumped into doing hits

Making hits, so I just stared making hits back to back So I started chasin' the hit You know how you chasin' the dollar – Yeah, right – Then, I feel like with me going through the situation with court, beatin' the cases

I was like, "Man, I wanna talk about something" So on my new album, I'm actually talkin' about things I got a lot a features on there I got TI

– [BDot] Right – [Youngsta] I got Chris Brown, Ty Dollar $ign, Moneybagg and Gotti on the same song as me – [BDot] Oh wow! – [Youngsta] Our first song together

DaBaby – [BDot] Right – [Youngsta] I got City Girls, JT and Miami I got a lot of (bleep), I got a lot a people on this joint

– That's awesome, man! 'Cause the first album, '223,' I felt like it was one of the most underrated albums of last year – Then you gone really love this one See like on '223,' I hate to let you down and tell you this But I kinda did what they wanted me to do – [B

Dot] Hm! – Now this one right here, I'm doing what I wanna do – You were gone a lot this year, 'cause you had your first international tour – Man, it was lit, it was amazing! It shocked me, 'cause I ain't know I could go so far and that my reach was that far, where I can go somewhere in a whole 'nother part of the world and sell out – What were the concerts like overseas, versus being here in America? – What I like about London, when I did London The people that came to that show, it wasn't just about like jumping up and down just because I'm doing hype music

– [BDot] Right – The people that didn't know me, they kinda was like, "I don't know this song" They knew every song, but it's like some songs they just don't know So they stood there lookin' like

Tryna really peep, like okay So they were quiet the whole time I got through rappin' (Youngsta claps his hands) You just hear claps, and "Yeah, yeah, yeah" Just like, I'm like, "Yeah okay

" They pay attention – [BDot] Right – So I think it's exciting to me, I like both sides – So if no one has never been to a Blac Youngsta show, what can someone expect? What's a Blac Youngsta concert like? Super fun, no fightin' at my concerts

If someone fight, I stop the music, stop the beat, and I tell 'em break it, break this (bleep) up right now Fun, most definitely fun Whole lot a fun, lot a laughs I do my little dance moves and (bleep) (laughing) I just wanna smile, bruh, you know 'Cause your smile determines how far you gonna go in life

And from the looks of it, I'm going far! (BDot laughs) You too! – There we go! But also, I think you wanna put your life on the big screen too? You wanna put a documentary together? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Since I came in, I did a documentary when I first came out with 'I Swear to God' But it wasn't like this one is This special to me, first of all, because it took me maybe two and a half, three years to make

– Hm – It's not a just overnight documentary – Okay – I think with this one, I'm able to show, like how much I love my family How much the people love me

What type a fans do I have? What I'm capable of doing? How far you think I'm gonna go? – Right – Some people might look a me, and be like, "He ain't gonna last another year" They said that what? Three years ago I'm four years in now So looking at the documentary kinda let you know like, "Ah yeah, he gone be here for a long time!"

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