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Birdman on His 'New Cash Order' Docuseries & Cash Money’s Legacy | MTV News


{an8}- You know, being in the music business, {an8}you gotta stay up on it {an8}You can't sleep on it

{an8}Without the music, I don't feel like I have nothing {an8}and music is like my energy with life, {an8}'cause when you're going through something, {an8}you can listen to music and that (bleep) change your vibe {an8}- Right {an8}- So for me, I give my soul to the game {an8}and I'm still in it like that {an8}And I ain't ready to change that {an8}- Well, props on the new docu-series with Spotify, {an8}New Ca$h Order

{an8}Why was now the right time to put this out, Birdman? {an8}- They reached out, {an8}Spotify reached out {an8}They got this thing they're doing {an8}with this documentary series {an8}and I was like, it would be a great time {an8}to showcase new talent that we have {an8}So, I was looking forward to giving {an8}a platform for our new acts {an8}- So, who are some of the new artists that's gonna be {an8}featured in the doc? {an8}- You already know we got the Jacquees, the Blueface, {an8}but first, will be Nino Calvin {an8}It's a four-part series that drop every Friday, {an8}and every Friday we're gonna drop videos for four weeks {an8}of new talent that's already on the documentary

{an8}So, I'm excited about that {an8}I'm excited about seeing the potentials in the new acts {an8}and see what we do and what they do {an8}It ain't about what I do, {an8}it's about what they do {an8}- When it comes to spotting new talent, {an8}what's the checklist? {an8}What's the criteria? {an8}What are you looking for? {an8}- I just think it's a spiritual thing with me, {an8}that I could see it in them before {an8}they can see it in themselves {an8}But, the most important thing is {an8}I allow them to exercise they talent

{an8}That's one of the privileges of me being an artist {an8}- Right {an8}- 'Cause I stopped being an artist at the peak of my career {an8}and I gave it all to Wayne at the time {an8}So, being able to allow them to see that {an8}and letting them have an open book {an8}to do what ever they want to do and express themself {an8}That's when you really see what {an8}type of talent you're working with

{an8}- You know how to spot talent, man {an8}You've been in this game for 30 years {an8}- Definitely 30 years, right? – Right {an8}What were some of the difficulties early on {an8}when you started Cash Money? {an8}- Just the knowledge of the game {an8}I jumped in the game and it {an8}happened for us real fast, right? {an8}So, I had to catch up

{an8}I was like, 21, 22 years old {an8}I was a kid in a gang with sharks {an8}So, I had to learn all the ropes {an8}and at the peak of my career as an artist, {an8}I gave it all up and gave it to Wayne {an8}and went and learned the business {an8}But all the while, I always owned all my masters {an8}I never was put in a bad situation

{an8}So, for me, I just wanted to be able {an8}to give him, and give whatever was coming after him, {an8}a chance to be as big as they possibly could be {an8}And I was able to open the book for him, {an8}and he was able to open the book for Drake and Nicki, {an2}and I was able to do things for Young Thug and NBA, {an2}and now I'm looking at my little nephew, Nino {an8}I think he gonna be something special {an8}- One of the artist I think about, BG, {an8}he once said Cash Money is an army

{an8}- Yeah {an8}- 30 years later, how have you guys {an8}maintained your dominance? {an8}- I gave my soul to it {an8}I gave my soul to the game {an8}and I sacrificed my life for it, {an8}every piece of my life to be successful {an8}Not just for me, {an8}everybody that was with this {an8}But, I was fortunate to be around great people {an8}who taught me every level of the game

{an8}So, you know, like right now {an8}I'm over 400 billion streams {an8}My goal in life is to have a trillion streams {an8}That's my mission {an8}That's one of my main missions {an8}- [B

Dot] Right {an8}- The continuing {an8}I want to do that within the next three, four years {an8}'cause I wanna retire real early {an8}I've never had a vacation in my life {an8}At some point, I wanna retire {an8}and my life be a vacation for the rest of my life

{an8}- Buy an island? – Off top {an8}(laughing) Stunna Island {an8}- You always had high expectations for yourself, Birdman {an8}- I will never not do that {an8}I set goals and I live by them and I live for them

{an8}They give me something to motivate myself {an8}- What was the most significant release, {an8}in your opinion, under the Cash Money umbrella? {an8}- I mean, when you go back to Cash Money, {an8}you got put it all back to the Hot Boyz and Lil Wayne {an8}Lil Wayne, he rode the wave {an8}He did what he was supposed to do for the brand and {an8}I pay a lot of my contributions to Wayne {an8}And you got a lot of artists, like the Drake and Nickis, {an8}they pay their contribution to Wayne

{an8}All that fall under the same umbrella {an8}And you know, Young Thug, for sure {an8}'Cause I really sit down with him for like {an8}four, five years of my life and taught him {an8}And I think he gonna be something {an8}very, very special in the business {an8}- Absolutely, I know it's kinda hard to pick, {an8}but what's your favorite Cash Money release? {an8}- All of them

{an8}(BDot laughing) {an8}- I ain't gonna never pick no one {an8}Well you gotta always, you know, {an8}the Hot Boyz, the Lil Wayne, the BG {an8}- "Chopper City in the Ghetto

" {an8}- I told Drake the same day I met him {an8}he was gonna be a legend {an8}I knew I seen something in him {an8}So, for him to be where he at now, {an8}it's so much motivation to see that {an8}the person you saw could be something, {an8}become that to a whole other level {an8}So, watching what he did and what Nicki done– {an8}Honestly, I think Nicki don't get the credit she deserve {an8}You know, I come in and everyone female, it was hard for 'em

{an8}She come broke the chain {an8}Nicki broke the cycle for females {an8}Like, Nicki did more than any female artist, ever {an8}And you have a lot of great artists before Nicki Minaj, {an8}- Yeah {an8}- but Nicki Minaj changed the game for females

{an8}Nicki used to be in a studio with {an8}nine, ten (beep) every night {an8}With us in Miami {an8}Every single night, putting in the body of work {an8}to become who she became {an8}So, I don't think Nicki get the credit she deserves, {an8}but, you know, time tells it all {an8}But she still, today, the biggest female in hip-hop, ever

{an8}One thing they say, numbers don't lie {an8}And her numbers speak for itself {an8}- Speaking of lasting the test of time, {an8}Lil Wayne's 'Funeral' just debuted at number one {an8}- Right {an8}- You know, Lil Wayne's been doing this for over 20 years

{an8}What do you credit to his success? {an8}- Wayne is a animal {an8}He was taught that at a young age {an8}You know, you get a kid and his daddy might be in sports {an8}and he become his father {an8}I taught him that {an8}- Yeah

{an8}- I taught him the game {an8}He's like a robot, honestly {an8}He's like a robot {an8}All he know is what I taught him, {an8}and that's studio and music {an8}- Right

{an8}- And I think the 'Funeral' explains his career {an8}He's still putting up the numbers after 20 plus years {an8}- What do you want Cash Money to be remembered for? {an8}- We break great talent {an8}We got three of the biggest artists in the world, {an8}with the most Hot 100 singles and all this {an8}It's just being able to say that we did a lot, did the most

{an8}I would like to see anybody, at some point in life, {an8}accomplish the numbers that we accomplish {an8}If I'm here or if I'm not here {an8}I would like to be here to see it, {an8}'cause I would like to see somebody accomplish it

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