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Bill Nye On Helping Kids Understand How Covid Vaccines Work | NBC News NOW


  1. Doesn't meet the criteria to be classified as a vaccine Bill. Why would you give this experimental cocktail to a child when they have a 99.99% survival rate? Bill believes humans caused the last ice age.

  2. Yo, why are people attacking Bill Nye. Who cares that he doesn't have a Ph.D. in Epidemiology? His job is basically to be a science-based entertainer and you don't need a Ph.D. to discuss basic human health and biology. As long what he's saying is factual and based on reputable souses does it really matter he's making a show to explain basic biology to kids? Literally, anyone can go read a scientific paper it's just that Bill Nye is making it more accessible which is undeniably a good thing. But, I guess you need to have a Ph.D. in Epidemiology just to explain and understand basic science… It's not like we expect grade school students to learn the fundamentals of Biology or anything like that…

  3. Why don't we inform children of why they prevented placental transfusion by clamping off the umbilical cord immediately after delivery, then took them in the other room, strapped their arms and legs apart in a "circumstraint", and proceeded to amputate 30-60% of their penile sensory apparatus? I think they need to know why these things were done to them. We should show them videos of circumcisions being done, as well, then go over the full penile anatomy so they know what was cut off.

  4. Bill Nye is not a scientist! Bill Nye is a television actor who played a scientist for children! This is like saying Mark Wahlberg is a Navy Seal

  5. Testing an untested gene therapy drug on children sounds beyond stupid and evil. Since this minor pandemic began the "experts" have contradicted themselves many times. People cant be gullible and trust the so called experts like Bill Gates or Bill Nye. Or even Fauci who has changed his story a bunch of times.

  6. They just started the rercall effort on one if not two versions of this miracle BS. Better hold off on promotions.

  7. Bill Nye is a Liberal, PAID Hollywood ACTOR- who’ll say Anything to fit the agenda they pay him to. pulease! 🙄

  8. I remember when Bill Nye, was a stand up comedian. He wasn't funny then either. And Bill, I DO HAVE A CHOICE. MY BODY MY CHOICE.

  9. Kids here ya go it's an experimental vac that is on its way to being moot bc of the many variants never put anything into your body that hasn't been trailed for the correct duration of time.

  10. Thank you Bill Nye for continuing to be an amazing science educator in this country- there are only so many of you and these days you really have a tough crowd when it comes to science unfortunately. IDK wtf happened to my generation, but kids these days are smart af compared at least to the comments I've been reading and man – lets just skip my crew and let the kids run this place in 10 years, we'll be all better off- Bill Nye I hope doesn't read these comments but I'm sure on some level he would agree.

  11. I swear antivaxers brought in Billy Nye to try and discredit vaccines. It's hard to find a more damaging ambassador for COVID vaccines than Bill Nye.

  12. Well it seems like this guy is miss placed in the lies that are coming outta his mouth. NO SHOULD BE LETTING THERE KIDS WATCH THIS GUY !!!

  13. Bill Nye, Dr.Fauci, Bill Gates and everyone else who advices the vaccine are either satanists or decieved. The vaccine doesn't save you from anything. You still have to wear a mask, and you still can get covid after vaccination. The Lord is warning all His children to avoid the vaccine. Bill Nye will not change the minds of the people. Jesus Christ is Lord.

  14. Take your shots and shove them. Stop people are not test rats. Now your going after the kids. Sick. Really the media Script readers need a lot of praying for. Bill nine the lieguy with a bow tie told us we live on a spinning ball and that’s a lie and now the vaccines. What a joke

  15. There are SOOO many things going on. They know very little for sure. Vaccines RUIN the immune system. ALL ABSOLUTE B.S. It is CRIMINAL TO GIVE THIS POISON TO ANYONE, IMMENSELY WORSE TO CHILDREN WHO ARE HARDLY EVER AFFECTED.

  16. You ask; what is the reason we are bing pushed into getting vaccinated. The answer; because the vaccinaters want control of YOU. And this is how they are going to get it; The vaccine destroy your immune system and those who people who were vaccinated will need to get a vaccine for every year of their life for the rest of their lives. This will make them dependent on getting vaccined which will give complete control of the vaccined people to the vaccine makers. Guess what ….the vaccine makers become your dictators.

  17. That’s funny, these people, they don’t know if and how this treatment works. Lets mind wash the kids to help us spread the narrative. How CCP is that???

  18. These vaccines clearly do not work if they're telling is that we can't eat or drink indoors even if you've been vaccinated……🤦

  19. Everyone injecting children with Covid19, HIV, genocide vaccines need to be tried for crimes against children.

  20. He looks like a total buffoon..also he looks Insane..what a clown… I know he's a actor on the dumb masses

  21. Anyone that buys this utter nonsense..much less from this dummie n.w.o actor..what a demonic lying piece of garbage

  22. A beautiful 17 year old neighbor of mine will be sterilized this weekend. This morning she told me she was getting the "vaccine".

  23. Is this like how bill nye says gender is a spectrum and theres thousands of genders? Lol, way to destroy any chance of people taking the vax, also pls keep this creep away from the children.

  24. 4:48
    "There's an Expression, I Don't Know if YOUR Familiar With IT….."



  25. `Hi, kids! Roll up your sleeves! These injections will assure you a shortened life of mental illness, ovarian failure, cancer, and pain. Do your part to help fight climate change. There are too many people in the world. Starting with you!'

  26. anybody else noticed the fake laughs and gimmicky interactions between Bill and the news personnel, disgusting.

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