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Better Boyfriend Material: Joker or Pennywise? | TIFF 2019 | MTV News


– [Josh] 'Cats' or 'Joker?' Which of those films do you need to see? – Oh, god – You have to choose one

– What? (both sighing) – Oh, man, for me, it's 'Joker' – 'Joker' – 'Joker' – I'm fascinated by 'Cats' – Yeah

What was your take on the trailer? What do you think? – It's a lot, it's a lot to take in – I did see the 'Cats' trailer (laughs), and it freaked me out a tiny bit (laughs) – I wanna see 'Cats,' too – Okay – But, I want to see 'Joker' a little bit more

– Are you kidding me? I would combine the two of them, some cats just want to see the world burn – I'ma see 'Cats,' I feel like, you know, I'ma be entertained (laughing) So, you know what I'm saying? Like, "How did they make them look like that?" – I want to watch you watching 'Cats,' if that's what you're gonna– – Yeah, yeah, yeah get to look like (laughing) – I think 'Cats' around Christmas, 'cause (laughs) it's gonna be jolly film and then 'Joker' in that period before when all the good films come out

– Oh That's called fence-sitting – I plead the fifth It's controversial, I don't want to get in trouble – Are there any cats in 'Joker?' – How about this? This is almost as controversial

– Okay – Better boyfriend material: Pennywise or Joker? Pennywise or Joker? (crickets chirping) – [Sam] Pennywise or Joker? – Yeah – As a boyfriend? – If you have to date a clown – That's a hell of good question – These questions! – (laughs) Are those the two options? – Only two, man

– Which dating app are you using? – I have a thing for the unknown (laughing) So, for me, I mean, I got married after I knew Nick for like, just a little bit, so the Joker, probably – All Joker, I'm all Joker (laughs) – I'd say the Joker – Is better boyfriend material? – Well, yeah, at least he's human

– I mean, he'll kill you, but he won't eat you – Pennywise is human – Eh, he's not – No, no no no – Oh

– Pennywise comes from the ether – The gutter, but– – From another realm – He comes from the gutter – No, he doesn't from the gutter That's just where they meet him

(laughing) – He lives in a drain, too, so – He lives in a drain, too, so – He'd give you a lot more space, because he lives in the sewers right? – He's not like Javert – He's not a gutter– (laughing) – So, you'd get a lot of space If you feel claustrophobic sharing space with people, you'd be like, "Well, he's in the sewer, so–" – He does murder children, just so you know

– But not in your space – Right – You know? – Me and the 'It' guy? – Yeah (laughing) – Absolutely (laughs) Come on, It-y, let's go! (laughing) – But waking up next to that person every morning like, "Oh, my (beep)!" (laughing) – You know what I really love in a man? To be a psychopathic killer

– I think Pennywise might be a little, it's a bit of a downer – Care to comment? – I don't have a comment on that (laughs) I don't want to offend either of them, 'cause I have been with both of them – Oh, you have a history with both? – I don't want to choose, 'cause then the other one will find out – I got you

– Smart – The guy who plays It, maybe – Tim Curry – He's pretty handsome (laughs) – Right, Bill SkarsgĂ„rd, yeah yeah yeah

– Oh, the new guy – So, maybe in real life– – Oh, you're going old school? You're going to Tim Curry? – Child, I was talking about Tim Curry (laughing) I'm thinking about him, sorry (laughing) – And was that a yes or a no? – (laughs) The actors, shwhy not? – I mean, Pennywise, who wants to date that bag of (bleep)? – Neve, what would you do? (laughing) – I think Pennywise The Joker, that thing just freaks me out

(laughing) – You're cursed, apparently – See, that was literally– – See what happens? (laughs) – That was literally Pennywise punishing you – Wesley, you go with Pennywise? Have you seen 'It?' – For my daughter? – Yeah – (scoffs) Sheeeeeeeeeeeeee (laughing) (beep) (laughing) Neither one of them

He'd wake up, and Blade would be standing over him one day – Is that right? (laughs) – With a sword, he'd be like, "Look here, take that clown stuff off I ain't playing with you no more" (laughing) – I just naturally have a lot of empathy toward Joaquin, and so, I'm like (whimpers) – That's fair

– Joaquin Phoenix is such a method actor like, when I see him falling down the stairs, I knew he really fell down the stairs And not just once, (laughing) like, 100 times And so, I was like, (whimpers) "Oh" Like, If he looks cold, he's really cold (laughing) – I want to play him some day

(laughing) He just, it's such an amazingly written, developed character Like, I'm a little bit of a Joker fan, so– – Okay, your Joker smolder for me? (laughing) (laughing) Ugh! She's creepy – Ronald McDonald – You're choosing Ronald McDonald? – Yeah – Oh, that's cute! – Yeah, free chicken nugs

– Yeah, free chicken nugs – Yeah, free chicken nugs (laughing) – Hmm – You've thought about this (laughing) – I, just enough of the clowns, I– – You're sick of it? – They're clearly an evil force in society, so let's just conclude on that, yeah

– (laughs) Ban the clowns, it started here – (laughs) Ban the clowns, it started here – Yeah, just go off the grid and go celibate if those are your options, yeah, if those are your options, yeah, if those are your options, yeah, I think, yeah – (laughs) Take a break – Work on yourself first, yeah

– Better boyfriend material – Wow – Better boyfriend material – Wow – You really made it, man

(laughing) – Breaking news (laughing)

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