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Best of Candace ? Hilarious & Unforgettable Moments | MTV Floribama Shore


– I'm not excited at all to go to Shell Island I do not do water, I don't do boats, I don't do fish, I don't do sharks

None of that Like, when I had screensavers, my screensavers was pictures of land, not water (upbeat music) I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go – [Aimee] Come on, I'm not gonna let nothin' happen to you, come on! – Okay, so I left my ID on my plane, so I don't have ID, but I'm 26 years old – I can't let you in without an ID, I'm sorry

– Can I talk to a manager? Can you go get your manager? Dear Saint Pete, please, get me inside the club (upbeat music) – Cheers to Saint Pete's! – Woo! – We're in the bar, we're taking Vegas bombs Here's a Vegas bomb, here's a Vegas bomb Like wow, I'm about to be the drunkest I've ever been on a Monday in my life (upbeat music) (all cheering) Where's Candace? – No idea

– Hey ma, listen I have a question So they won't let me in the club, so are any of y'all 21? When I can't get into the club, I decide I'm gettin' a little creative, go try to find another chick with ID that kinda look like me I need a black chick I'm gonna just act like I've been looking for it, ya know what I'm saying? Like brr, I found it, ooh, oh wow, ID! – Hold on Candace, they wouldn't let you in? – No, it's okay

– No, no, no – It's okay, it's okay – No, no, no – It's okay, no, chill, it's okay We're gonna work it out

Go back in the (bleep) club Go back in the (bleep) club – You're sure? – I'm good Go back in the club – I got it, she's good

– Whose ID is this? – Mine (bell dings) – It doesn't look like you – It's definitely me (tense music) Oh, so you want me to leave? Okay Hold on

I still kinda have a little bit of faith that I can get in the bar, so I'm like, looking in my purse, in between all my business cards, find my (bleep) ID You can test it (intense music) – My boy Codi, catching twerk from everyone, bitin' booties, doin' Codi type (bleep) Like, you're going in! (upbeat music) – Candace! – After waitin' two hours outside, I walk into just chaos Jeremiah and his horrible, bad dance moves

– Do you like tequila? – Yeah, I like tequila – Okay! – Gus is cheatin' And Kortni's crazy (upbeat music) It's just all messed up (tense music) And then I see Codi dancing on some random chick, got his hands all up on her gluteus maximus

Codi is so big of a flirt, he can't control himself, but you like me though? Hey! Get your hands off me (upbeat music) I'm like yes, let me turn it up It's time to move the party out to the pool – Damn, oh (bleep), oh, what the? She's been christened into the beach house now (all cheering) Oh, oh no

– It's like "Girls Gone Wild" out here I don't know what happened I don't know how it happened All I know is Candace must be really hammered – [Candace] Okay, okay, okay, I got you

– We don't wanna scare her, we just wanna christen her – I know, I know (upbeat music) (phone ringing) – [Lisa] Hello? – [Gus] What's up, baby? – [Lisa] Nothing – [Gus] Baby, talk to me – [Lisa] You didn't even call me

I waited and I sat by the phone like an idiot in tears – [Gus] I'm sorry, I messed up – [Lisa] I don't want to even talk to you now This is like the worst thing I've ever had to go through Like, I want you, like all I literally want for my birthday is you, and I can't even have it

(lamp clatters) – Oh my god, I'm so sorry – [Lisa] I can't, I can't stop, like I can't even talk to you anymore – Babe, calm down (Lisa sobbing) Damn, Candace – [Lisa] I've been hysterical for like 12 hours, and I just don't feel like, I don't know

– Do I need to, do I (bleep) – What? – Move Move out of the way

– [Candace] No, I'm trying, I'm trying – [Lisa] You're hurting me really bad, and I'm sick of this (bleep) – [Gus] It's fine – I've been drinkin' all day – It's fine

– [Lisa] Like, I literally just want to see my boyfriend on my birthday – This, okay – No, please leave it I'll do it, I'll do it – Breaking my heart – My bad, it was an accident

– [Lisa] I think this is doing too much damage I'm not asking you for anything crazy – Sorry, Candace is drunk and knocked over a lamp and a plant – I'm not drunk! I am– (Lisa sobbing) – [Lisa] I don't ask you for that much – I'm sorry

♪ I've got an open mind ♪ – Oh god Oh, hell no Oh, hell nah You look like Clifford for real now – Oh, okay

– He's a big red dog – Oh my god You should wear 'em – I think I'm gonna have a great night in these boots I'm hella excited

– They look great – Taxis are here Hey, hey I'm hoping these boots like you know, I can click 'em and get a man like click, click, and a man will appear – Bitch, where did you find those? – In the hood

– [Nilsa] Wonder what kind of ruckus we're gonna get into tonight? – This is so pretty, y'all, I love this view Pretty (siren wailing) Well, damn! – What did the boys do now? (women laughing) – We're not worried about what the guys are doing, 'cause they have just been so drama filled lately I'm just trying to have fun with the girls, and we're here to thot and plot Well, not really me, but they are

– [Nilsa] Damn, I'm glad the boys ain't here – I'm just here for the chips (Aimee chuckles) – How you feeling after last night? – Like, I can never bring a guy into the house ever again – That ain't true, yes you can Just make sure he don't fight

– [Man] Nice shoes, ratchet Dorothy! (ominous music) Y'all look like a bunch of strippers! – What? – [Aimee] What did he say to you? – [Nilsa] People gotta be rude? – Did he say something rude? – He, he (bleep) up These dudes wanna come up to us, and start (bleep) with us – Dorothy! – Why is your friend being an asshole? Tell him to stop You're being rude, and that's not nice – But I don't really care to take no advice from somebody that has zero style, and I don't really care what you got to say about my boots, honey

You talkin' mad (bleep), and I'll come over there and take these mother (bleep) heels off, and beat your mother (bleep) ass! – And we're doing this again – Oh this shoe will come off in 35 mother (bleep) seconds! I don't play with mother (bleep) Wanna sit there and (bleep), they'll come all the way off, hoes! – [Man] Put your boots back on! – No! You about to get this sparkly ass heel in your bitch ass head Bitch, this shoe bop on that ass! – You know what, it's not worth it

I'm gonna do whatever it takes to calm her down Can y'all see my bush? Aimee? – A little bit right there – Oh no, that's a string – [Aimee] We're at a classy restaurant, and here we are (bleep) (Aimee laughs) – I got something for your ass, Candace, hold on

– I did eight hours of anger management – I know what you need – It seems like twerking is just way more calming than anger management – Ah! (mystical music) – Candace is zen, and calm, and not angry Nilsa, you can teach a class whenever you want

– [Man] St Pete's Taxi, how can we help you? – Yes, I need a pickup to the jumparina I need to go to the place that has a bunch of tramps that line – [Man] Okay – I'm jumping in these

Comin' with the heat! – [Man] Tramps that line – [Candace] Hey! (ukulele clattering) (Candace screaming) – [Codi] Holy (bleep) Oh my god – Oh (bleep), that's not good (Candace groans) – Oh my god

All of a sudden, there's this big commotion coming down the stairs, and it's Candace – [Man] Hello, are you there? – No, I think my friend just broke her neck, hold on – And all you see is just hair just bouncing all the way down (plucky music) – I just fell down the stairs – [Codi] Are you okay? – All I saw was her hair going like, boop, boop, boop, boop

– Holy (bleep) – [Candace] Oh, my shoulder hurts – [Codi] What were you trying to do, cartwheel down the steps? – No, these socks, and the dust, and I slipped It was kinda funny, but (all laughing) Falling down the stairs before going to a trampoline park, it don't really, ain't a good match

Especially when everything hurts so bad – I thought it was a bottle of Henny falling down that bitch – Me too, and I thought it was her falling after it – Ah! – Follow Henny, ah! – No! (Nilsa giggles) Let's go to the bikini competition! (all cheering) – Cheers! – And chichis up! – Yeah, I ain't got no chichis – You might win if you do chichis up

– I ain't got no chichis! – It's okay – What chichis? – Listen, it ain't about the boobs or the booty, you hear me? It's about the confidence – I think my odds are really good I grew up competing in pageants, so I've been in so many bikini contests, but also, I've got good chichis, I've got a big butt, got a pretty face, I mean, come on It's a given

(upbeat music) Candace, you need me to help you with anything? – I'm good I'm just nervous – Are you ready to get this contest started? Somebody say hell yeah! – [Crowd] Hell yeah! – Contestant number one! (intense music) (crowd cheering) Come on, St Pete's, make some noise for Nilsa! ♪ Just started, bottles gonna pop ♪ ♪ Keep the party going, the party don't stop ♪ – She's comin' out shining like a disco ball, her chichis are hangin' out My best friend looks good

♪ Good time ♪ ♪ Gonna have a good time ♪ ♪ Wanna have a good time ♪ – Nilsa's got a bikini body I don't have that much meat, you know, to be shakin' around onstage, so I really don't wanna do this – Keep it comin', give it up for Nilsa! (crowd cheering) Next from Memphis, Tennessee, make some noise for Candace! (tense music) (crowd chattering) – Get up there, strut your stuff, baby You can do this! – All right, here we go, Club La Vida, are you still with me here? Give it up for Candace! (crowd cheering) – All right, they swooped my head up to do this competition, so I'm like look, let me just go ahead and just rock this crowd (crowd cheering) (upbeat music) ♪ Speed it up, up, up ♪ ♪ And let your body stand up, up, up ♪ ♪ And make a choice for freedom ♪ – Yeah Candace, get it girl! That's my bitch! ♪ Stand up, up, up ♪ ♪ You know it's time, speak up, up, up ♪ – I have just, oh, just fallen for Candace

(crowd cheering) ♪ Livin' it for you, stand up ♪ – It really isn't as bad as what I thought it would be The crowd likes me, I'm just bein' myself, so the fact that I'm even able to get up here is a victory in itself, so I don't care if I win or lose – [Announcer] Make some noise for Candace! (crowd cheering) Right, here we go – Nilsa, Nilsa, Nilsa, Nilsa! – Nilsa, Nilsa, Nilsa! – Candace, Candace, Candace! – [Announcer] All right, my second runner up tonight goes to, Candace (crowd cheering) (upbeat music) – What? I actually placed in a swimsuit competition? Like, that's crazy

So, basically God can take me now (upbeat music) – We're goin' on a boat, bitches! (upbeat music) We're gonna have so much fun today Where do we get our boat from? – Let's go, we gotta go this way – [Candace] Is there a way that like, y'all could go and I could just watch y'all? – [Codi] I don't think so – [Aimee] Come on, Candace

– I'm not excited at all to go to Shell Island I do not do water, I don't do boats, I don't do fish, I don't do sharks, none of that Like, when I had screensavers, my screensavers was pictures of land, not water I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go – [Aimee] Come on, I'm not gonna let nothin' happen to you, come on

– I've seen "Titanic," and I know how that ends, so I just, I'm not feelin' it Sir, is there sharks out there? – Yeah, there's sharks out there, baby, this is the ocean – Are you serious? – Yes, it's the ocean – Lord Jesus (man laughs) – All right, you all ready to ride? Let's do it

– [Nilsa] All right, let's go, let's go, let's go – [Candace] I really need a paper bag (Aimee laughs) (upbeat music) – It's a beautiful day – There's the Titanic, look! (horn blares) – Woohoo! – I'm the bird whisperer (gulls squawking) – This sun is like, extremely hot, and will cook your ass in minutes

I need SPF, like one million Stop, them are hood birds Once you feed 'em one time, they just keep comin' back – [Nilsa] Ooh, this is the island? – [Man] Woo! – [Aimee] Candace made it here alive – I'll drink to that

– To Shell Island! (all cheering) ♪ Hey ♪ – I'm so excited to be here right now After everything that's transpired the past two days, it's definitely something that we need as a group – Aimee, you wanna go and get some starfish? – Yeah, where's my binoculars? ♪ Hey, bring back those summer vibes ♪ ♪ Get together for good times ♪ ♪ Leave your troubles all behind ♪ ♪ With summer vibes, get together for good times ♪ ♪ Leave your troubles all behind ♪ (Candace screams) – I am lovin' this boat trip right now It's so fun scuba diving, and it is so beautiful I'm seeing all kinds of crabs

– You mother (bleep), where do you think you're goin' mother (bleep)? Cook it and eat it, for real – I see everyone else is in the water, lookin' for shells, swimmin' out, you know? Even Candace is in the water on a floaty – Look Candace, come here, put your goggles on Look, there's a school of fish – Y'all not movin'! – Son of a bitch

– What happened? – I've got my (bleep) wallet in my (bleep) pocket that whole (bleep) time Son of a bitch This is the only part I'm worried about, that American Express Had to pre-qualify for that (bleep) In the lake, back home, it wouldn't be that big of a deal, 'cause oh, it's just like freshwater

But here, this is saltwater You know, saltwater can like, eat stuff And, I don't wanna lose my 12 months free no interest – Y'all, Candace is way the hell out there (ominous music) What is that? – Oh (bleep)! (bleeping) – We saw a fin, I was like, Candace! You see that? – Oh I can see that! (woman screaming) Oh my god, oh my god, you gotta come get me! – Put your feet up! – I can't! Oh my god! – It's a dolphin! – It's a dolphin! – It's a dolphin! – [Aimee] It's a dolphin! (bleep) – My bad

– Girl, I'm done, I'm done, that's it I'm through, I'm done I'm done in the water, that's it, that's enough for me, I'm done (pleasant music) – Everybody ready, or what? – Let's do it – I had so much fun

– Me too I just had to get out of the sun It was a fantastic day Everybody got along We're not having any drama, we're not fighting at all, and I didn't get burned

Oh, you mother (bleep) – It's our last night together, and I wanna do something special for this occasion (rock music) – What are y'all cooking? – Low country boil – [Kirk] Oh (bleep), it's live? – [Jeremiah] Yeah, they're alive – Low country boils are a Southern tradition

We throw some corn, potatoes, sausage, crab, some crawfish, some shrimp into one pot, add a bunch of seasonings and it boils for a couple hours Once it's done, you take it out, dry it off, and throw it on newspaper or paper, and everyone just goes at it with their hands Oh yeah, now we let that sit for like, 30, 40? – [Jeremiah] Yeah – [Codi] There's one left – Yeah

– Ooh, that's a big one – Oh yeah, that's huge – [Gus] Oh yeah, sh, sh Who's in there? – Get Candace – All right

– Get her away from the sink – Yeah, yeah, I will (men snickering) Shh (plucky music) – Candace? – Yeah – Can I talk to you? – Uh-huh

– Please? – [Candace] One second Like, look at this, do you see this? Freakin' disgusting – Okay, you want some help with the dishes over there? – [Candace] So what I'm doing is I'm just – [Gus] Loading the dishwasher? – Yeah, I'm just loading the dishwasher and then what I do, then I'mma wash the– – The big stuff, yeah, well I'll help you get the big stuff, yeah – 'Cause you know damn well I don't do dishes, Codi – You're right, you've done dishes this whole time, so I'm proud of you – Oh, don't do that I've washed a pan or two since I been here

– Well, let's see it, 'cause I don't believe it – I wash my dishes after I use 'em (Candace screaming) (men laughing) (upbeat music) – Oh my god – Why would you do that? I almost had a heart attack I love crawfish, when they're dead, not alive inside of a pot where I can touch it, and it can attack my hand, and give me a disease

I don't do that I hate y'all I'm drinking the rest of the day (men laughing)

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