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Best Moments from Season 1 of Making The Band 2 | MTV


– Hiphop stars are among the largest pop stars and rock stars in the entire large world, among the largest icons which might be on the market proper now I feel this can give folks an opportunity to lastly perceive and see what I do on daily foundation

I feel it can additionally give folks a real perception to the music business and what we do on a daily foundation on makin' stars Who complainin' concerning the meals? That is an audition – I by no means made a problem out of the meals I simply requested if I may exit and get meals, and so they advised me no – Individuals are taking a look at you proper now, by little feedback you make, little stuff you do

You gotta be hungry You gotta be able to go all out That's how these folks actually make it out right here – She was simply layin' around– – She's uninterested in ready (mellow hiphop music) – She was uninterested in ready? If it was me, I'd be sleepin' right here

If it was me, I might do any, I might do something that was, after all, morally appropriate (all laughing) You recognize what I'm sayin'? You recognize what I'm sayin'? I couldn't sleep A few of these cats, I may even eat I used to be so excited You bought, you wanna eat? (girl laughs) – She complainin' like a idiot

– I'll ship her ass house Ship her ass house, so let her go eat Ain't even being humorous Ship her house, and inform her she's going house 'reason behind the meals (dramatic music) – Mysterious is on the ground, screaming and crying

(crying hysterically) She will't rise up and I would like somebody like – (sobbing) Oh, please! – I would like a, I would like like, right here (crying distorts speech) – (sobs) All this for a file deal! (crying distorts speech) – I come within the room, and he or she was, like, cryin' so unhealthy

She didn't need me contact her no extra And it was like, simply please, simply get her some assist (siren blares) (upbeat hiphop music) ♪ Transfer get out of the best way ♪ ♪ Get out of the best way ♪ (Mysterious crying in ache) ♪ Get out of the best way ♪ ♪ Transfer, get out of the best way ♪ – [Mysterious] (cries) Oh, my legs hurtin'! Oh, my legs! (crying distorts speech) – You wanna keep right here? You wanna keep right here? – No, I'm gonna struggle this I’d surrender It means an excessive amount of to me

As a result of if I keep, it defeated me, and I'm not gonna let this beat me It's necessary to me – I do know, however I'm simply frightened about your security and your well being, and I wanna be sure you get it down ♪ Transfer, get out of the best way ♪ ♪ Get out of the best way ♪ – [Paramedic] Okay, now what's occurring? You're having ache someplace? – [Mysterious] I don't know My leg proper right here

Each of 'em – [EMT] All proper, we're gonna get you out on the stretcher – [Paramedic] Did you are taking any fluids? – [Mysterious] Once I was operating? – [Paramedic] Yeah – No – No? Have you ever taken any since? – [Mysterious] Yeah

(noise distorts speech) – [EMT] Okay, it's most likely been (noise distorts speech) – [Mysterious] I don't like white sheets Please don't cowl me up Don't cowl me up – [Paramedic] Don't cowl you up

– [Mysterious] Don't cowl me up with a white sheet – [EMT] She don't need any white sheet – [Mysterious] Don't need no white sheet on me ♪ First the Fats Boys break up ♪ ♪ Now on a regular basis I get up ♪ ♪ Anyone acquired an issue with Hov' ♪ – She was, like, gettin' out of the bathe once I go into the room And I heard her, like– – [EMT] No

– Ain't nothin' I can do for her I simply don't need them to suppose that she's weak for it as a result of she tried her greatest (cries) I do know we nonetheless acquired an extended strategy to go (siren wails) ♪ The place's the love ♪ ♪ Ain't no love within the coronary heart of city ♪ – Okay, see, Cherry advised me, like, I don't need the home with pink partitions and you recognize We've gotta to grasp that this isn’t, what's the opposite, the O-City cats

That is simply somethin' that's totally different – [Man] I perceive (upbeat hiphop music) ♪ Posters of affection surrounding me ♪ ♪ Misplaced in a world of fantasy ♪ – Each room is totally different colour proper now This simply ain't hip hop ♪ Throw your arms up within the air now ♪ ♪ We received't cease ♪ ♪ It's Unhealthy Boy for all times ♪ We have to have a vibe of New York

We have to have a vibe of some soul, some blackness – [Man] Proper (hiphop music) – The lights blue partitions is an issue You wouldn't put that in your wall at your home It is a fifth possibility

This wouldn't be the colour of your partitions at your home We’d like extra of a impartial colour Earth tone or one thing I imply, come on, child There's not only a comfortable camp scenario

We wish to get it some soul from this tour Play some Miles Davis in right here, some Mos Def Obtained flat display TVs in each room? – No, not proper now we don't – Everybody has flat display TVs in hiphop Come on, you deliver folks to New York, you gotta at the least hit 'em with the flat display TVs

– [Crew Member] You bought a flat scree in your eating room? – I acquired a flash display over my bathtub – Sure (crosstalk distorts speech) – In my bathroom, I've acquired a flat display ♪ Throw your arms up within the air now ♪ ♪ We received't cease ♪ ♪ It's Unhealthy Boy for all times ♪ Now, they're gonna do a very good job We think about them

We acquired religion, we acquired religion See ya'll later – Bye (mellow hiphop music) – Like, once I ask Jamie Didn't Jamie cry or somethin'? He was cryin'? (imitating sobbing) He was about to cry? He was about to cry on TV? – He cried on TV

– He about to cry on tv – He did it already – Effectively, I wanna ask him You recognize what the principles about You didn't run into the toilet or one thing? Effectively, be a black man! (all laughing) Be a black man for me for a day

Jamie, be a black man (laughing) I wanna cry each second, okay? And I'm a wealthy black man You recognize, so I'm nonetheless a black man I can't get cab, neither Exterior of my workplace, with this stunning view

You gonna get a cab earlier than me, Jamie So cry the on that (laughs) ♪ Somethin's in your chest ♪ ♪ Higher get it off ♪ ♪ There'll be nobody left after we set it off ♪ ♪ We ain't gonna take it no extra ♪ ♪ Because it's nearly over now ♪ ♪ Nearly over now ♪ – I hear someone fussin' – Chopper's in my face – Blah blah blah

– He's mad as a result of I woke him up – He should be speaking to me – I requested him to go exterior We will deal with it – [Lloyd] I suppose Chopper is simply deliver him to that time the place he's simply fed up

And so they simply needed to get it off their chest – So we strolling ♪ Come on ♪ We get exterior – I reached for the trash can – A trash simply hit me on the aspect like growth

(crosstalk distorts speech) – Carry 'em once more Carry 'em once more Wanna swing with the– (crosstalk distorts speech) – 'Sup, boy? How 'bout I knocked you (beep) out? – I suppose I attempted to present him a good struggle but– – He's grabbin' my non-public elements – I'm not a good fighter That's simply the best way I’m

– He bites me on my arm – I'm a grimy fighter Actual soiled And have a look at you You're bleeding

– Get away – You threw a bottle in my eye! (man yelling) – I'm good – You wanna choke out and play, bitch? – Have a look at your face (siren wails) I'm good – (noise distorts speech) A bottle, man

Simply hit me with a bottle, yo – What's goin' on right here? – Wow – Carry the hood to the suburb – Yeah – What's goin' on, man? – Nothin', man

(crosstalk distorts speech) – Who? – (beep) threw a trash can in my face! – [Officer] Who, who? – Ain't no person – [Officer] Nobody? – Nobody – Anybody see what occurred? – No person – Nobody? – Then what the hell occurred? – What did you see? What occurred? – [Sara] Allah and Chopper coming down the steps – That's who, that's Chopper over there? – That's Chopper, yeah

– The place's Allah? – [Sara] I don't know – [Woman] Oh god Homegirl was in a lifeless sleep – Yo, Jessie – I had a– – (beep) – Oh no

– Oh man – [Tracey] You guys staying on this And this isn’t critical, like – Proper And I got here up right here to characterize New Orleans

And I'm the one which acquired swung by gettin' rocked within the face right here with a trash can – No matter your participation or no matter you probably did to contribute to the construct up, I actually don't know And I'm not even gonna pull at straws with that However I gotta transfer on, and I'm not gonna sit right here and get gossipy and infantile with the story 'Trigger this proper right here is stupidity to me

You've gotta extract all that road Actually, 'trigger on the finish of the day, it is a profession It is a enterprise When you undergo life worrying about what persons are saying on the street, you gonna find yourself on the street with them (hiphop music) ♪ Y'all playin' your self ♪ ♪ With all that speak about ♪ ♪ Playin' your self ♪ – Good day, is Machita there? I referred to as over to my little sister's home the place she stays at

And so they like, "You recognize she's been lacking for, like, two days" So I'm pondering like, okay Did you name any of her pals' home? Did you name her boyfriend home? (tense music) – I imply, I simply really feel as if, I finished began rattling close to two fights I actually do wish to be within the group However I really feel as if I don't wish to be in a bunch with someone that's gonna hate me

– The way in which he was talkin', man I don't know, man Maintain on I'm gettin' prepared to depart, and I see Mysterious cryin' on the steps So I'm wanting like, why is she crying? I do know she ain't cryin' as a result of I'm leavin'

What's unsuitable? Huh, Mysterious, why you crying? (sobs quietly) Somethin' occur? She advised me the information I simply couldn't imagine it, man – [Mysterious] My god brother calls me from Detroit He was like, "Effectively, earlier in the present day, "this girl was going to take her rubbish out "She discovered, like, some, you recognize, "physique items in there

" And so they discovered that it was my sister – [Girl] Mysterious – [Mysterious] (sobbing) No! (mellow music) – I'm all cried out I noticed this too many instances, canine Too many instances

– Lots of you’ll take issues as a right, the little issues that they’d However you by no means know All the pieces you’ve got may (snaps) be gone identical to that – [Sara] Similar to that Similar to that

– That is the craziest day to me, to inform you the reality – I don't even know what to say I'm kinda, like, to inform you the reality, I'm form of scared to even go on the market Trigger I don't know what to– – Yeah –

even anticipate proper now I don't even know, man – Simply don't distance your self from her 'trigger that's the worst factor that we may do

As a result of she's already feels lonely as hell proper now (upbeat hiphop music) ♪ No tombstones ♪ ♪ No graves ♪ ♪ Think about ♪ – [Mysterious] Ever since I used to be youthful, that is all I've been positioned in midst of is dying I keep in mind asking God, like, why? I imply, every little thing happenin' for a motive What's the explanation? (sirens wailing) (upbeat hiphop music) I by no means acquired flowers earlier than, Jamie (Jamie laughs) Simply to see those who's not associated to me, like, console me and luxury me simply was like, I'm not alone

– Tonight is an excessive amount of, you recognize I made a decision to remain as a result of, you recognize, I felt as if it wasn't price it to depart However I additionally wanna hug Mysterious and inform her every little thing is gonna all proper (mellow hiphop music) – [Alison] Jamirah, we have to speak to you Come upstairs on the deck

You prepared? – Yeah, I'm prepared Is it unhealthy? – [Alison] It's not unhealthy unhealthy or something I’ve a query – [Jamirah] Okay – From yesterday, by no means actually thought this earlier than yesterday, however I’ve very very sturdy feeling that you just're pregnant

– [Jamirah] Actually? – [Alison] Yeah, I do Like, I’ve really– – Why? – [Alison] Like, I used to be observing you all day yesterday I don't know in case you seen, but– – [Jamirah] You have been starin' at me all day? – [Alison] Yeah, however you look, like, 4 months pregnant Like, straight up You appear like you're at the least 4 months pregnant

– [Jamirah] For actual? – [Alison] For actual – Alison thinks I'm pregnant (laughs) A lotta folks used to say, "Are you pregnant?" 'trigger I at all times had little chunkiness across the waist – However you're not pregnant? – [Jamirah] No – [Alison] You're not? – No

♪ Oh no ♪ ♪ Oh no, hell no ♪ (upbeat hiphop music) – [Jamirah] Alison, can I communicate to you actually quick? – [Alison] Mm-hmm – [Jamirah] I did it, and I’m – [Alison] You took it? – I discovered that I'm pregnant So, I'm positively gonna have my child 'trigger I feel it's a blessing Though it was not on the proper time

– You okay? – Mm-hmm – Are you positive? – Yeah, I simply, it's rather a lot to swallow – [Alison] I do know, I do know – I don't know if I'm keep or depart – Why? – I don't suppose they're gonna decide me if I'm pregnant – [Alison] No Jamirah, that, no

– Why would they decide me over all people else if I acquired a scenario like this? – Give me replace (cellphone rings) on whereas I used to be gone The place we at The place we as much as – There are mad points in the home proper now with few forged members (upbeat hiphop music) ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪ Mysterious' sister acquired murdered

She went again house to Detroit Dylan, within the warmth of this entire Mysterious factor occurring, he involves me, he was like, "I’ve an emergency" He stated he had a court docket date Jamirah took a being pregnant check final evening It's constructive

It was hectic final evening – You imply all of this was occurring on the identical day? – Mysterious, Dylan and Jamirah, yesterday – All this data? – Yesterday Y'all, come into the livin' room, please Effectively, have a seat

Everyone have a seat, on the ground, wherever Jarimah wants to speak to y'all – Principally, I simply wish to let all people know final evening I discovered I used to be pregnant (man gasps) And, um (emotional music) I wouldn't say I'm able to be a mother

However that is a type of conditions the place you simply must develop up and have to simply accept the accountability – Don't even cry about it It is a blessing – Congratulations – Staying constructive is the factor

I'm gonna have my child I'm not gonna let it, like, cease me from doing what I wanna do – She's positively feeling down She's kinda arduous on herself proper now I can inform

– It occurs and also you simply gotta dwell with it I gotta cope with it And I'm gonna cope with it – [Sara] That's proper, yeah (all applauding) I've acquired three of my very own

And they are often nerve-racking at instances However they're stunning And if you would like this dream, nothing's gonna maintain you again from engaging in your purpose – That is the second y'all all been ready for That is what y'all labored so arduous for

(exaggerated groaning) (all laughing) – I'm about to spaz out, Puff! (groans) (upbeat hiphop music) – Safety! Okay, to start with, I'd wish to introduce y'all to my safety again there They've been with me for years They're not gonna tolerate something excessive Please simply have a peaceable decision to the scenario (dramatic music) Test it out, y'all, This the second we've all been ready for

To be sincere, I assumed it was gonna be a approach simpler job I by no means thought that each one of y'all would step as much as actually, actually be contenders to be within the group And that's what occurred Everyone stepped up Everyone had a unique taste

I'm simply pleased with y'all I'm a say the names now And I need y'all to deal with it When you're upset and also you break down, it's all proper However attempt to deal with it as sturdy as you may

You recognize what I'm sayin'? Okay For the group finalists of the "Making the Band 2" Diddy model, and those that to be signed to the Unhealthy Boy household We gonna begin Primary – That is the primary time throughout this second, proper now, that I'm feeling like I don't know

– That is Puff Daddy sittin' in entrance of you Yo, you got here a great distance You probably did rather a lot with your self, so I'm simply significantly to be right here, man – Primary, with Lloyd Mathis

(all cheering) – Yeah, child! (noise distorts speech) (laughing) – Quantity two, Fredrick Watson (all cheering) – Child! (girl laughs) – Quantity three, Sara Stokes (all cheering) – [Sara] Oh my god! There's three of us! I'm crying I'm sorry – Quantity 4 is Dilinjah

(all cheering) (all chattering excitedly) – [Man] Whoa! – Quantity 5 is Babs (all cheering) – What's up, BK! (cheering distorts speech) Come right here, child! – I wasn't positive if I used to be gonna decide 5 or 6 folks I made a decision to select six folks Final however not least, in a final minute determination (intense music) Chopper

(all cheering) – I'm a Unhealthy Boy! I advised you that! I advised you that! That is all, child! (cheering distorts speech) – When he shouted out Chopper's identify, I seen a variety of faces drop and shock (group applauding) (chattering excitedly) (upbeat music) – I wanna say to y'all, ya'll all acquired nice expertise, and we gonna be hollarin' at y'all And it positively had nothing to do with the expertise It needed to do with the make-up of the group Hopefully, we made the best determination

(mellow hiphop music) ♪ You imagin' what I'm feelin inside tonight ♪ ♪ Might you think about ♪ ♪ It's a dream ♪ ♪ It's a dream ♪ (sobbing) – Goodness (grunts) (glass smashing) (grunting) Goodness! (dramatic hiphop music) – Anyone spazzin' on the market (Mysterious groans) Take care, y'all ♪ Shut up and pay attention ♪ (Mysterious screaming) (grunting) Don't speak to me! All that for nothin'! For nothin'! And all my time in right here! All you! (glass shattering) Goodness! Misplaced my sister 'reason behind y'all! ♪ If I wasn't then why would I say I’m ♪ (screams) ♪ Within the paper, the information ♪ ♪ Day-after-day I’m ♪ ♪ I don't know ♪ ♪ It's simply the best way I’m ♪ (screaming)

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