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Behind story of the KBS entertainment award [The Return of Superman/2020.01.19]


(December 21st, 2019) On December 21st of last year, the entertainers who worked hard gathered for an event "2019 KBS Entertainment Awards" took place

The families of The Return of Superman can't miss out on the year-end party (Which family showed up first?) Which family showed up first? – Do you know where we are? / – William and Bentley! Yes – KBS / – That's right You are the son of KBS

– K / – B – B / – S – Ice

/ – Ice KB-Ice He is excited – He is so cute / – Party people! – Party people! / – They're familiar with the place

They are relaxed since they have been here Every year, The Return of Superman gets a waiting room for the children It's like a kids' cafe where the kids can play freely The kids must love the place He enters naturally

It's a ball – A ball / – It's a ball – A ball / – He found a ball

A ball Goodness How cute! Dad, will my friends come as well? Today, all your friends will come Everyone will gather – That's right

/ – Who do you think will come? – Rawon / – Rawon – He remembered Rawon first / – Gosh, I (Gosh, I) Bentley is thinking about Jam Jam

Jam Jam (I miss her) It's hot in here I am hot Put your hands up

Baby is wearing my clothes – His clothes? / – Last year, you wore Ben's clothes That's right William wore those clothes to last year's award ceremony (William wore the same cardigan

) – Shoot! / – In a year, – Bentley grew big enough / – That's cheating – to wear William's clothes / – Dunk shot! – His head became a lot bigger / – Dunk shot, baby! – I know He grew up a lot

/ – Dunk shot, baby! Dunk shot, baby! Shoot! Baby grew up a lot Dad, will I get an award too? A meal? If there is a meal award, – Bentley would take it / – That's right "The Meal Award of 2019 goes to Bentley Hammington" (There is no food I can't eat!) "What beautiful rice!" (What beautiful rice!) You may just win the Best Rookie Comedian Award

(William shows slapstick comedy) William was born to be a comedian "The Best Rookie Comedian Award of 2019 goes" "to William Hammington!" The Best Rookie Comedian Award William (Who is it?) – Say hello

/ – Who is it? Shall we enter? (The doppelganger family is here!) Ta-da! – We are here / – Say hello It's you, Kyungwan Hello Hello

Bentley, say hello Hey – He greeted you warmly / – You should speak politely Say hello

Hello He said the syllables separately The three of them look the same William thinks the three of you look the same She is a girl

A girl (I am Mini Do) – Play together / – She is the cutest baby Here

Thank you – Yeonwoo joined the show last, / – He's so cute – but he is the eldest / – That's true – That's true

/ – That's true Totally – I didn't know Eat fast / – "I didn't know

" He can speak Hey, William Yes? Do you know how old I am? – Hey / – I don't know – Yeonwoo, speak softer

/ – Is he trying to awe him? Do you know how old I am? – I don't know / – I am six years old Hey, Bentley And – You're younger than me / – His hand's in his pocket Yeonwoo, don't be like that Seniority doesn't matter

Senior, it's nice to meet you It's nice to meet you too, Junior Please take good care of me – William is so cute / – How cute! I am Senior! I am the oldest! He always does that

(He expresses happiness by dancing and singing) (What is he doing?) Calm down You are too excited – My goodness / – The third family is here

– Hello! / – How cute! – Where are we? / – She's the one Bentley waited for – Jam Jam arrived / – It's a TV station I will be back, Dad I will go to a TV station

– We are here / – That's right – This is where I work / – I have always wanted to go to a TV station – We are here

/ – Have you always wanted to come? – How cute! / – Yes How does it feel to be here? It's nice – Is it very nice? / – Yes There will be older girls and boys, as well as friends your age Okay! Shall we go inside? – Yes! / – Shall we go inside? – Jam Jam, let's go

/ – It's here – It's here / – Jam Jam is excited as well – Jam Jam is here / – Hello, everyone

Bentley must be excited (Jam Jam is finally here) – I'm here / – Kyungwan looks the happiest – Hello

/ – Hello – Hello / – My goodness William is giving her a hug How cute! Hello, Bentley

They are friends I am on a diet Hug me – Hug me / – "Give me a hug

" (Suddenly) (Turning away) Give me a hug – "Give me a hug" / – Jam Jam didn't see him Ben, what are you doing? (I want to be alone) What are you doing? Bentley is disappointed

– Who is he? / – What? – It's your first time meeting him / – That's right My name is Yeonwoo I am Jam Jam How old are you? Six years old

Jam Jam, how old are you? He used a different tone with William (Yeonwoo's tone changed) Three – You are three years old / – Three years old

– You are pretty / – Is she pretty? – Where is she prettiest? / – His feelings came out Her face What? Her face (Jam Jam's face) He is my son

– He is my son indeed / – Her face is the prettiest? – Am I pretty? / – Yes My goodness I didn't know about that exchange (Yeonwoo and Jam Jam become the sweet siblings

) – Gosh / – Gosh Go to Jam Jam She walks so well How old is she? – Right, she's fast

/ – It's past her first birthday – Really? / – She walked into the party You dads only talk about your children Why isn't Rawon coming? – You are right Where is she? / – I want to eat it

They are here! Hello Hello They came with their mom My goodness My gosh

– Hello / – Baby! – You are wearing blusher / – She is so cute She is wearing blusher Raim looks so cute

– Raim grew up a lot / – She grows up fast – She spotted a baby her age / – That's right – She grew up a lot

/ – That's right – She is so cute / – She can walk She is so cute She is wearing a headband

(My goodness) (Are you okay?) Where is Kyungmin? He's having a shoot That's why I brought them here My goodness (Shall I heat up the atmosphere?) – Music, cue! / – That came out of nowhere

(Music, start!) (Call me DTS) Look at Yeonwoo Look at Yeonwoo He is dancing He is getting all the key points

(My goodness) He is dancing so passionately – The babies are impressed / – ♪ Set it all on fire ♪ (He is cool) Yeonwoo, you are good

Do you want me to teach you some dance moves? It would be an honor Dad, play some music Music, cue! (Jam Jam dances to her mom's song, "Bar Bar Bar") (Her moves are spot on) (Like mom, like Jam Jam

) She is so cute – ♪ Jumping, jumping ♪ / – ♪ Go! Jumping, jumping ♪ (Jumping) – They are so cute / – ♪ Jumping ♪ (What is my body doing?) It's the best song to get the children excited That's right Good job

(Good job, Jam Jam) What's playing? – Whose theme song is this? / – What is this song? – Whose theme song is this? / – What is this song? – It's William's song / – Whose theme song is this? Let's go! (He steps to the beats) (My body is moving on its own again) Yeonwoo, copy me! (Do this) (and that

) (Okay) (This is how it goes, right?) Why is he suddenly changing the dance style to trot? (You can sense trot music in his dance) I guess it's in his blood – Good job / – Amazing

(Things are heating up) – Hello Guys / – Jooho is finally here We're at KBS again following last year

– Naeun, Gunhoo / – Gosh, the kids – Is it nice to come back or not? / – I bet it is It sounds like you don't like it – The kids are speechless

/ – Let's have fun today From this angle, it looks like they were there – Let's see your friends / – Where did he get those? – Hello / – What is this? – Hello

/ – Nice to meet you – The kids are startled / – Hello – Hello / – His kids aren't moving

Hello Hello – Hey, guys / – Your kids – Your kids' faces are frozen / – Yes This is Naeun and this is Gunhoo – The kids must be stunned

/ – They're your friends Where are your kids? The kids are in Switzerland I see They're abroad – Hello

/ – The kids are in Switzerland with their mom as she prepares to give birth – Hello / – Goodness Who is it? Hello (Jung Ilwoo) It's Jung Ilwoo

Hello – Hello / – Gosh Hey, guys – Were you next door? / – Yes, I was next door

– Nice to meet you / – Ilwoo is very handsome Hello, guys Uncle, you're handsome just like me I came to give you Christmas presents

(Presents) He's not only handsome He is also sweet – Thank you / – He brought presents too Give me

Here I came because I wanted to see you Thank you By the way, who are you? Me? I'm Uncle Jung Ilwoo Uncle Righteous? – No, I didn't say "righteous"

/ – That's nice too – He has a righteous heart too / – Jung Ilwoo Do you watch "Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant"? – I'm a member of the show / – We are doing "Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant" together

– Thank you / – He likes children – I'll see you later, right? / – Yes, later I'll go over later See you another time

– Thank you so much, Ilwoo / – Bye – Please visit our studio next time / – Yes – I want to buy snacks

/ – You want to buy snacks? – I want to eat snacks / – You want to eat snacks? We only have clementines here – How about / – Jam Jam Would you like to run an errand with me? I'm sorry, but do you show him a lot of dramas at home? It's like a drama scene Dad, we'll be back Uncle, can we go together? Of course Here, take this bag

The money is inside – What a pretty bag / – Do you want to wear it? Yeonwoo, you should wear this Yeonwoo, Jam Jam has her own – Is he imitating Bae Yongjoon? / – Exactly

(Holding hands tightly) Bag We'll be back You can't let go of that hand – Make sure you hold on / – Okay

Did you and your family ever scatter away? – Yes / – You did? – We did / – What does he mean by "scatter"? I'll bring back snacks You can go a little later We'll eat it together

I've been here before – My dad is an announcer / – Yes – He came here / – I know where we're going – with you before

/ – My mom is a singer too – My mom is a singer too / – That's true What song did your mom sing? ♪ Jumping, jumping ♪ – I danced to it earlier / – They're conversing

I know I remember that (I remember dancing earlier) Be careful (Thank you, Yeonwoo

) – Good job / – Be careful – Good job / – Okay (Yeonwoo adjusts to Jam Jam's pace

) What should we buy? – He's so considerate / – What do you want to eat? Juice Let's buy what you want to buy (Considerate) Also It's Dad! That's my dad's picture, and that's my mom's picture – Jam Jam's dad! / – There – They're right beside each other / – That's Dad

– My dad hosts a music show / – That's right I love you, Moon Heejun! – How cute / – I love you, Do Kyungwan Yes! They have good chemistry

My dad is Do Kyungwan, KBS' representative announcer He's the face of KBS – I say it like a spell daily / – What's an announcer? An announcer is They go on the news My dad was on the news I've never seen him That's because I haven't done the news yet

– That's why she hasn't seen me / – By the way, didn't you say you want to eat snacks? – He's changing the subject / – Let's get some (Right! Snacks!) Aren't you cold? I'm not cold Men are animals that are born to stand the cold

– So I'm okay / – I say that all the time – Really? / – Let's try going outside It's cold – Did they go outside? / – It was cold that day

Yes – You're cold, aren't you? / – I don't know Gosh Aren't you cold, Jam Jam? – I'm not cold / – You have to be careful

He's not thinking about how cold he is – He's only worried about Jam Jam / – I know If you run down the stairs, you could roll down That's why you should be careful

Okay Why is it so dark? That's because it's nighttime When the sky turns dark, it means it's night – Jam Jam, go in first / – He's good at explaining

Gosh, he opened the door for her (Yeonwoo takes good care of Jam Jam as her elder) This is what we call good manners (They're holding hands tightly) They won't stop holding hands

– They went there by design / – Let's find your juice Where's your juice? – It's not here / – He's picking – I see others / – what she wants

How about we get this instead? Okay – Have you had this before? / – Yes – Gosh / – Okay – They look good, shopping together

/ – This one I like that a lot I want to eat cake Okay, let's see We'll buy this

Three I found three – Candle / – Hold on This candle is bigger

Let's buy for our friends too Okay I'm a tall guy – Will seven be enough? / – Yeonwoo – shops like you / – Doesn't he? You're right

You have keen eyes – This is coffee / – He likes shopping This is coffee It's for Dad

– They're getting some for others / – Five – He's looking after them / – Six You're really strong

How will they carry all that back? Let's go now! (Let's go) Gosh, gosh Come this way I'm strong, right? Yes, very strong (Jam Jam's compliments make Yeonwoo move

) That feels better (The money is here) Here – Here you go / – They're paying

– They're doing everything well / – Thank you Let's go They bought so much – I'll

/ – You can't let go of her hand Hold my hand He won't let go of her hand

Good That's nice (Yeonwoo won't let go of Jam Jam's hand) – It'll get warmer in a little bit / – Yes

– Be careful / – He's still worried – about Jam Jam / – Our friends must be hungry Let's go Gosh

He has groceries in one hand, and in the other, – Jam Jam / – he has Jam Jam Shall we take a break? Okay (Struggling) – My goodness / – Are you tired, Yeonwoo? – Are you tired, Yeonwoo? / – Are they taking a break? – Yeonwoo, what are you doing? / – Yes? Sit down

No wonder he passed out on his bed that evening Your shoelaces (Kneeling) This is

– He's so cool / – It's dangerous if this gets undone You have to keep it tied tightly

Hold on Yeonwoo is so sweet, – Like this / – and Jam Jam is sweet too

(Yeonwoo is looking after Jam Jam with love) They're so sweet together He tied it so they don't get in the way Thank you, Yeonwoo – It's giving him energy

/ – Let's go Let's hurry back (Blowing) I want to blow Let's do it here Cake

(He does it right away if Jam Jam wants it) We don't have a fire What do we do? I'll help you Jam Jam wants to blow out a candle They made up a fake birthday

(Happy birthday, dear Jam Jam) If there's cake, all the kids have to get their turns What is that? (Her saliva drops) It won't go out (Yeonwoo brings it closer to her) He's so considerate

– I did it / – But she drooled a bit – Wait / – That's it! You must do that to wrap it up Our dads must be waiting, so let's hurry

Let's go and share this – Okay / – They are so sweet – Isn't that heavy? / – Gosh, they are so lovely No, it's not heavy

Good job, Yeonwoo I should compliment him Did you bring my clothes? I did Do you have to wear that? Yes, I want to wear it – It's my favorite

/ – Let's put it on – What outfit is it? / – Let's change inside I love this outfit Elsa What are they wearing? – They are Will-sa and Ben-laf

/ – I'm Will-sa (Ben-laf) Let's give out steamed buns to people – William seriously / – Okay? – looks like Elsa / – No, that's snow Snow

Okay Let's share this snow Dad, what is that? It's a tent That's a tent for the uncles Why is this here? Let's go inside

– It's our house / – They must be happy to see – the tent they often see at home / – I'm Will-sa This is Will-sa's home Hello

(Chuckling) – He's so cute / – What was that? (Welcome!) What was that? – Bentley has a bulging stomach / – Hello? What are you doing? (Slapstick comedy) – He can't get up on his own / – We should carry this (Will-sa likes the tent

) How can we carry the tent around? Right, the princesses live in a castle (We can push it like this) Let's surprise people with this We're having a party today Party, party people! – Great

/ – ♪ We used to be best buddies ♪ Is anybody there? (He spotted people ahead) – Hello / – Hi I'm Will-sa Gosh, uncle

Hello – He always says hello / – Have some snow – He calls the steamed buns snow / – Snow

– Snow? / – Dad's nose – It's white too / – Dad's nose That's my nose? – Snow / – It melts away Thank you for the food – Enjoy it / – Go

We have steaming snow It's hot – What kind of snow is it? / – It's hot – Hello / – Another one? – Have some snow

/ – Okay Thank you He keeps us safe – Another one? / – We have a lot – Bentley is feeling generous

/ – Thank you – He's giving out food / – Thanks for your hard work Let's go It's like a bus

– Are you all right? / – Are they okay? This house won't do Thankfully, the kids aren't hurt – No / – Snow – Let's go back inside

/ – The house collapsed – Go back in / – I'm glad they're fine – You need to be careful now / – Why? – This

/ – Why? (Why?) This is the waiting room for Mr Yang Sungdong (Waiting Room for Yang Sungdong) – Who's Sungdong? / – "Who's Sungdong?" He's the owner of KBS

You can't be rude to him You need to be polite to him Hey (Opening up) (Hey) No, no

No – No one is inside? He's not here yet / – Sungdong – Sungdong isn't inside? / – "Sungdong" Call him Mr

Yang – He's the owner / – We can't just barge in there (I see) Come out

He didn't come yet since the event hasn't started What a relief I guess other people aren't here yet Where are you? – Is there someone in here? / – Who? You'll love this guy Who is it? William

Bentley What's going on here? – Have you been well? / – It's Moon Seyoon Hi – Hello / – Say hi to him

– Hi / – He and Ben should get along better Is Olaf a snowman? Are you Olaf? – Yes / – Who are you? – I'm Will-sa / – You're Will-sa? What's that? (Seyoon spots the steamed buns

) – He identified food right away / – It's snow Is this snow edible? – May I eat it? / – Give him one It's the meeting of two professionals eaters Right

(Hold on!) (Will-sa removes the paper on the bun) – How nice / – William is so nice (He shows something in return for the delicious snow) – What is he doing? / – No way

Will he eat that in one bite? (Who is this guy?) What? What happened? (It's magic) – Now Bentley has a goal / – See? – He finished everything / – Seyoon won him over (You ate it like this

) He can do it because – he has a big mouth / – That's right – Slow down / – Be careful – There you go

/ – Make sure to chew How cute, he copied Seyoon immediately I have a big mouth too How big is it? – I'll show you / – Show me how big it is

Show me (Oh, my goodness!) – Goodness / – Gosh – He swallowed his fist / – Even Seyoon is surprised

Oh, my gosh – William has a big mouth / – Can you do it? – He has a special skill / – What? My fist is too big – I can't do it

/ – He can't (Will-sa wins) – Mister / – "Mister" Dad

Mister Dad Mister The same (Different faces, but similar vibes) My show just started

Give some good energy for "Two Days One Night" "Two Days One Night" – Can you do it? / – "Two Days One Night" (Hit it big with the TV ratings!) Good job (William and Bentley will root for the show

) Who else should we give this to? Take the snow Hello – William, who is that? / – Who is it? (Whose voice is that?) – They must be close with her / – Aunt Bang Geulyi (I missed you, William

) (A moving re-encounter) Have you been well? I see That's Ms Bang Geulyi, the director She's the director in charge of the boys from when they were babies Now she's on "Two Days One Night"

– I came back from a cold place / – Aunt What took you so long? Right? – You missed her, right? / – Yes – You missed her this whole time / – Yes

– No / – Aunt – Thank you / – Eat it What? What did you say? (Don't be shy

Please have some) He's making sure she's eating it (Ben-laf keeps offering it) – Anything you want to tell her? / – She ate it (You know I like you, right?) – Dad, let's go over there

/ – Hey How long will he drag that tent? – Knock if you want to go in ? – Knock, knock (Who is inside?) – Who is this? / – Hello – Hi

/ – Hello – William looks frozen now / – Hey, the house – Gosh / – That's too big – I'm sorry / – It's one of these two She's either scary or pretty

Hello He climbed over the window (Excuse me) Dad, you can come in like this – It's too small for Sam

/ – Me too Aunt Who is she? The kids are going wild Do you know who I am? I think you're a princess Are you also a princess? – A princess? / – No

My name is Dambi – Princess Dambi / – She's a princess (Her heart skips a beat) – She's beautiful

/ – Thank you I'm Princess Will-sa Princess Dambi – and Princess Will-sa met / – What's he doing? He melted Princess, have one

Thank you I'll enjoy it Why are you acting so shy? – She's pretty / – William – seems shy / – You're shy around pretty girls

That's right Why are you singing all of a sudden? (Ben-laf is singing a song as he's happy to meet her) (Meanwhile, inside) – Hello / – Rawon, your dad is here – Kyungmin is here / – He's here His wife is the happiest

– Kyungmin / – I'm sorry – You must be tired / – Nice to meet you – Nice to meet you

/ – Dad Your hair looks pretty Hello, Raim – Goodness Gosh

/ – I'm here Hello – She knows her dad is here / – Yes – Thanks

Look around the station / – I'm leaving – I'll get going / – They had so much fun – Thank you for your help

/ – Thank you – Bye / – Say bye (See you at home, Mom) Hayoung, do you want food? (Yes! Food!) – She's a big eater indeed

/ – Do you want food? Raim can't eat that yet – Raim can't eat that? / – What's that? Noodles? She's good with that Hayoung, do you want this? – She wants it now / – Okay Let's try this

It's like we're watching The Return of Superman Right – I should / – It's like watching TV Gosh, I know how Kyungwan feels Rawon, how much sesame oil should I drizzle? – Look at that / – Gosh – Will she do it? / – I guess she's right-handed

Should I drizzle more? Gosh, that family looks so amicable (The other dads besides Kyungwan are having fun) You made it sound like "Screening Humanity" I'm sorry (When Hayoung does something, the dads copy her

) Please mix it I wonder how it feels to have a daughter like her (Laughing) I guess you were pretty upset about that No, no That's too tightly tied

Look – Let me untie that / – Rawon kept trying to untie it He didn't see it earlier He just started to untie it

(Kyungwan is knocked down) I won't do this (Teasing Kyungwan is fun) I won't narrate on the show anymore – We know how it goes

/ – You are good at it – I reflected on myself / – If you don't mind – Where are you going? / – Are you leaving? I want to look around a bit Last year, I came with my kids – It must've been hectic / – I couldn't look around – I will be back

/ – Okay (Jooho Weekly) – I will take a look around KBS / – Hello – and greet a popular celebrity / – He's working hard I have always wanted to meet him

– He became a hit through a drama / – Who is it? (Curious) Let's take a look He is also the MC of the day – MC? We already saw Son Dambi / – To cheer for him, I will enter his waiting room

(Which celebrity will Jooho meet?) Who is it? (Expectant) – Hello / – Hello It's nice to meet you (Who could he be?) The celebrity who made Jooho excited is – He is Nokdu, Jang Dongyoon / – Nice to meet you – Hello / – I watched the drama

In "The Tale of Nokdu", he pulled off a crossdresser perfectly His acting skills were perfect He is really popular these days (Jang Dongyoon) – He is really popular / – Hello

(Gorgeous) – He is glowing / – I know – Hello / – I watched the drama – Hold on

/ – I really enjoyed it – My children did too / – Didn't they come? – I wanted to come with them, but / – I see – they're in Switzerland / – He wanted to meet them

I see That's too bad – He is disappointed / – You can see them next time – Really? / – Yes

– Naeun is so cute / – Naeun? His eyes keep going to Naeun – You are working as an MC today / – That's right To give you energy, I brought – some nokdu pancakes

/ – People bring it often – I really like it / – Really? My favorite dish changed recently – Did it change to nokdu pancake? / – That's right You know that scene with the gaze

– What gaze would it be? / – Well "You are looking at me" (It was too much

) Is he acting all of a sudden? (What was that?) (Is he talking about this scene?) (It's a great line from the drama) – He ruined the line / – You really watched the drama – Yes, I did / – I see

Please call me if you need an extra – You'll get 20 percent ratings / – He's so greedy – Thank you / – I hope you succeed

Good luck (Jam Jam walks behind them) – It's Jam Jam / – What? – This is / – I am giving her a tour Jam Jam, hello – It's Uncle Bolt / – Hello

(Uncle Bolt?) – He is really famous / – Uncle Mimi (He is as pretty as Mimi) Since he's pretty, – he becomes Uncle Mimi / – Are you having – a nice tour? / – Yes

I'm learning how to act Do you want to be an actor? Jam Jam, look at me "You are looking at me" (He tries it again) I can't believe him

When he becomes obsessed with something, – he doesn't stop / – She was like, "Stop" – Give it to him / – Are you giving it to me? (Uncle, it's a present) – She is nice

/ – Thank you (Touched) – It's a couple's ring / – A couple's ring – The two rings are the same / – Thank you

– Good luck hosting the show / – Thank you You will do well Good luck – See you later

/ – See you later – Good luck / – Good luck – Good luck / – Please look kindly upon me

– Bye / – Say, "Goodbye" – Bye / – I hope I will see them someday – "Uncle, good luck

" Good luck / – I hope he meets Naeun and Gunhoo next time If you want a lunchbox, – come here / – It's time for dinner That's right

What are you bringing? It was something I prepared I prepared something great "Do you know why I make money?" "I make money to do this" What is it? Is it a present? Yunjung couldn't come because she had to perform in the countryside, so she sent food instead Goodness

(That's) Mom! Mom! – Mom / – She is my mom! Mom! It's Mom! Mom What is she doing? Aunt Yunjung sent this food for us to eat Thank you Why isn't she saying hello? Do you carry her cardboard cutout everywhere? Food! (She stretches her face before eating

) It would be nice to eat together, but it's impossible since it's a live broadcast I put aside some food for William and Bentley, so let's eat first (It's hectic to feed the children) – Goodness, the dads / – They can't even eat – That's right / – Look at this Don't you want to eat? It's gimbap, Rawon

Come here He ate all sorts of food Jam Jam (He is deboning a chicken) You look happy today

I can eat in peace If you need anything, please ask me I'll gladly help (Raim wakes up from sleep and cries) What's wrong? Don't cry

Jam Jam is looking after the baby My goodness What's wrong? It's Jam Jam I guess you seem like a mom – My goodness

/ – A mom? I will be your mom Mom Mom Baby Baby, you are pretty

(Today, Jam Jam will be their mom) Dongyoon, it's your first time working as an MC How does it feel? – They are having a rehearsal / – I am very nervous What? I see Yeonwoo and William

(The opening rehearsal ends) – We had to have a rehearsal too / – William, I'm here if you're nervous Look at me – Look at me if you are nervous

/ – Okay – Ready / – William Last year, Sam and Sian supported Donggook, who was a candidate for the Grand Award (William roamed the stage

) – William was on the stage too then / – That's right (Yeonwoo and William will deliver words of support) This year, Yeonwoo and William prepared something to support the dads – That's right

/ – Hello My name is Do Yeonwoo My mom is a singer I will sing diligently on the stage – He speaks so well

/ – Please look kindly upon me Dad (Why are you suddenly bringing me up?) eats while he watches TV Really? (Sam feels guilty) – What was that? / – He suddenly exposed Sam – Those weren't words of support

/ – Okay That's exactly why we have a rehearsal Let's go For the dads, the two of you prepared something What did you prepare? A song! Did you prepare a song? Music, cue! (Come on and trust Dad) – It suits the occasion

/ – Right? He changed "Me" to "Dad" (He sings confidently) He sings so well without the music (His vibe exceeds that of his mom, the queen of trot) – ♪ Hold you ♪ / – During the rehearsal, I kept hoping he does as well during the real thing

(He is cool) Good job William, good job It was nerve-wracking during the live broadcast I was really worried

Before the awards ceremony, the red carpet event took place The atmosphere was heated up (Yu Jaeseok and Cho Saeho) There are so many people (Reporters are eager to cover popular celebrities) A van rolled up

Which star will take the red carpet this time? (It's Bentley!) It's Bentley! (There are a lot of people) – William / – William! (William looks relaxed) – They are so popular / – William

William and Bentley look so cool (They enter the red carpet) They are walking on the red carpet at such a young age (Ben smiles) They are walking without being nervous

(Walking elegantly) (Bentley leads the way and William waves) – They have different styles / – Hello (William and Bentley are so cute) My goodness

He is having fun (He gets jelly!) (Receiving jelly) He became happy after receiving jelly It's time for photos Good Good

(William is relaxed despite the cameras) What's with that face? ("Bentley Just Wants to Eat Jelly") ("William, Sam and Bentley Are Superstars") Please say a few words Okay (Happy New Year!) – He understands / – We will have a good time

– Dad / – Okay (Please give us lots of love this year as well) Okay – My goodness

/ – Bye Thank you – This time, / – They did well – Jam Jam is entering / – Jam Jam

Please take good care of them (Thank you for giving me lots of love in 2019) Jam Jam is making a heart (Hello) While Heejun has an interview, Jam Jam makes a heart

I love you – She is so cute / – She is so cute She is so cute No? – I am wearing a skirt

/ – Oh, I see She can't dance since she is wearing a skirt Yes, she can't dance since she is wearing a skirt Shall we go? Say goodbye – Bye

/ – Good job ("I Won't Dance Since I Am Wearing a Skirt") ("Jam Jam Is More Popular Than Me") "KBS Entertainment Awards" will begin now (Five minutes before the live broadcast) – "KBS Entertainment Awards"! / – It looks like – they are even more excited / – I need snacks – Snacks? / – Yes

– Snacks? / – Yes William, here (He gives it to Jam Jam) They weren't nervous They sat there quietly

I am so thankful for them (I am excited about the awards ceremony) (Hayoung is in a good mood!) (Who is he?) Say hello – Hold on / – You're cute

(Looking around) He seems to be looking for someone – Hello / – Hello Yes, hello (Jooho is frazzled after seeing Yu Jaeseok

) It's Yu Jaeseok No wonder I hear Jooho has been Yu Jaeseok's fan for a long time Last year, I could only see him from afar I wanted to take a picture with him, but I couldn't

I hope we'll get to meet today His wish came true – Thank you / – Gosh, even that little gesture You're as fair as starch – Yeonwoo, say hello / – Hello – Hello

/ – Aunt Sook is here There are some below – Hello / – They're from "Two Days One Night" – Hello

/ – Hello – Gosh / – He took our pictures for us Youn Junghoon was our photographer We have one minute to go! Please take your seats

– Go to the middle / – It's going to start now (I'm nervous!) He must be nervous now that it's starting Who's the star tonight? I'm the star (He continues to practice every break he has

) (Do a good job later, Yeonwoo!) Finally, the "2019 KBS Entertainment Awards" started (2019 KBS Entertainment Awards) (The opening stage is like a musical) (Screaming) They're so happy (William and Bentley are shown on the screen!) Dad, William is up They must be excited to see their faces

I'm sure (It's so exciting right from the beginning) (There are no other entertainment awards like this) (The awards started with a fancy performance) (They have good shows here

) It's Princess Dambi and Uncle Mimi (Princess Dambi and Uncle Mimi come on the stage) Jam Jam likes it (Screaming) (She was seen live on air) – She was in the shot

/ – How cute – How do you feel right now? / – They caught her I watched the show at home that day The kids were so cute It's my first time, so I'm very nervous

These are shows I enjoyed watching at home (Bentley is thirsty after eating his snacks) (That's when the clip of The Return of Superman plays) Hello, I'm William (Bentley, who is on the screen is

) – What? / – What do we do? Aren't they being introduced as one of the best shows? (Sam hurriedly stops him) Oh, no! (He got slapped with milk!) What is this? It's all over Bentley's face (The clip is about to finish

) What do we do? (Bentley is covered with milk) (2019 KBS Entertainment Awards) (Milk-soaked Bentley gets aired across the nation!) Gosh, did he go on-air with milk all over him? (He's acting cute because he feels sorry) Good job, good job

(You're a cute little one) (2019 Best Icon Award!) (The presenters are Kim Sook and Kim Kanghoon) In the drama, you say that you hate The Return of Superman the most How about in real life? In real life, I really like The Return of Superman (Amazing) The Best Icon Award goes to (Who is the winner of the honorable award?) the children of The Return of Superman

– Congratulations / – Congratulations – Me! Me! / – Congratulations – He's so excited / – Our kids – won the Best Icon Award

/ – They're all here (With Yeonwoo leading the team) – The kids won

/ – They're all here (Hey, Pilgu!) Bentley decided to say hello to Kanghoon If you received your trophy (Sam is giving his speech!) Thank you so much for loving The Return of Superman Do you have something you want to say? Happy New Year Also, please give your love to my mom and dad – He didn't forget / – That's enough

– He's my representative / – My dad keeps on just (Should I say it or not?) – He watches television / – That's when his dad won

– No way / – while eating No, don't say it Why would you stop him? – Sam is nervous / – Let's hear him

– Dad / – Thank you "KBS Entertainment Awards" We'll be introducing the nominees for the Grand Award I wonder which supporters came to show surprise stages

Please look forward to it We'll reveal the first candidate You were rehearsing your speech as a supporter earlier (They have supportive speeches for the dads) Yes, hello

I'm Do Kyungwan of The Return of Superman You already made an impression off the bat TROS is a candidate for the Grand Award (Determined) Do Yeonwoo – Yes? / – What did you prepare? – I prepared a song

/ – Great Will you give them the sign? Music, cue Hello! I'm Jang Yunjung's son, Do Yeonwoo! That's my daughter She's a girl, not a boy Hello

(Good luck, William!) (Come on and trust Dad) He managed to do it so well without getting nervous (His stage mannerism is classy!) He does better when it's the real thing I think Yeonwoo is a natural on stage – You're right / – He's always been like that

(They've split up) (the singing and dancing parts perfectly) (Rising trot singer Yu Sanseul is attentive) (We like Do Kyungwan and Jang Yunjung) (I will) – Look at his stage mannerism / – ♪ I will ♪ (I will hold you) (Perfect) (Superman dads, cheer up!) They're so adorable

They're cute They could've been nervous on a live broadcast, but they did really well They gave the dads a lot of strength (He's feeling lighthearted) Look at how William is sitting after his stage

(He's stealing everyone's attention) Where's Dad? Dad Right That night, Kyungmin performed to congratulate everyone (Her eyes are shaking

) What is this? Rawon looks so happy – She looks proud of him, doesn't she? / – I know (Her dad is looking cool on stage) She must be so happy (Her dad is looking cool on stage

) Seeing her dad on stage might make him look different in Rawon's eyes (Kyungmin's performance ends) We'll announce the winner Excellence Award in Entertainment Do Kyungwan

(Do Kyungwan) – Congratulations / – Gosh, thank you Yes I'm sorry to my kids who look like me instead of their mom I'm so embarrassed

– Also / – Don't do this – Don't do this

/ – No way – All the time / – Why did I

Why did I do that? (He's getting emotional thinking of his wife) It's moving, but I'm cringing She's my cheat key for everything

I've been living as Jang Yunjung's husband I hope we continue to live well Thank you Baek Soonyoung, the writer of The Return of Superman – Congratulations

/ – Ms Baek won too – Congratulations / – The Audience Award goes to The Return of Superman Congratulations

We even got the Audience Award for the best show "2019 KBS Entertainment Awards" We're announcing – the winner of the Grand Award / – Yes (Who will get the glory of receiving the Grand Award?) It's the dads of The Return of Superman

Congratulations (The Return of Superman won the Grand Award!) Our dads are so cool (The Return of Superman won the Grand Award!) I really couldn't believe it – The Grand Award / – I also screamed while watching

– How did it feel? / – Actually, I was embarrassed to go up I got the award after being on just two episodes I should work harder (It's a moving moment) I also got emotional when Sam started to cry

– He went through so much too / – He is a deserving dad (His heart is swelling) First of all, we want to thank all the viewers I also want to thank my mother

Thank you very much for supporting everyone in The Return of Superman, and being huge fans We really appreciate all your love Thank you They have fans all over the world He did a speech for them too

On this special occasion, I'd like to share some good news Naeun and Gunhoo will get a little sibling (Congratulations!) Next year, I'll come back as a father of three His news surprised many people Naeun, Gunhoo

I won an award thanks to you The Return of Superman won many awards at the "2019 KBS Entertainment Awards" because of the huge love from our viewers We'll work harder to give you bigger laughter and enjoyment – Thank you! / – Thank you!

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