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    Beautiful News | I’m breaking the rules of fashion to honour my African heritage


    My name is Gift Kgosierileng I'm from the Northern Cape and I'm a costume designer

    My late mother, she used to make her own clothes and that's where I actually started m aking my own stuff as a child It's evident that as a country, we've become very westernised and kind of losing touch with our indigenous roots What do we tell our great-grandkids? Who are we really? Are we really African people because we've lost so much of ourselves I don't believe in fashion trends I don't believe that people are supposed to tell you what it is that you need to wear

    So No Modern Slave is really just being rebellious and allowing yourself to tell your own true story I am Khoisan Tswana mixed and my work is very rooted in that identity and I celebrate that a lot My clothing represents identity and individuality I think it's very, very important for every single African person to celebrate their heritage and obviously to also be the writer of their own narrative

    Source: Youtube

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