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Bangladesh extends lockdown to keep India’s COVID variant at bay | DW News



  1. If covid gets into our country, we will suffer AT LEAST as much as the Indian people did ,and possibly more

  2. Example of why HUGE populations are extremely problematic. India Pakistan and Bangladesh should look into extreme population control to reduce their population. The concepts of Hospital Beds availability, Oxygen availability based on supply demand doesnt work with such massive populations – spikes and lulls cannot be calculated – only tiny populated countries like Australia can manage such situations.

  3. I think it's too late. The goverment did not close the borders with India soon enough. I'll bet the Indian variant is already present in BD.

    If Indian Hospitals are struggling, BD hospitals would be alot worse. Consider that many BD people go to India for medical treatment, that speaks volumes about the state of Healthcare in Bangladesh!

  4. The situation is very difficult. A poor country cannot protect its population. This is very similar to India …

  5. Why does it make sense to that shop owner, to let his dates rot in his shop instead of donating them to one of the food. Support groups in the city? Either way he has no income from them but, at least he could be saving lives of his community.

  6. Wow I can’t believe my eyes! So many unvaccinated people together without masks on and not social distancing! It’s such a tragic recipe for disaster! I understand that the situation
    in each country is something that I can’t possibly understand and what’s happening is circumstance based but it doesn’t change facts…. it’s NOT like a tsunami heading their way though because the government only needs look at what’s happening to their neighbors and take immediate measures no matter the costs! Why don’t governments across the world value humanity over the o mighty dollar!! The report seems to worry about the India strain crossing the border but the virus creates strains at any time or place! Bangladesh can have it’s own even more deadly strain at any moment! Let us pray that countries and governments will do everything to UNITE AND HELP EACH OTHER EVEN AS HOT SPOTS BECOME APPARENT BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY BEFORE THEY DO! WHY CANT ALL COUNTRIES JUST HAVE A DECLARATION OF UNITY FOR THE SAKE OF HUMAN KIND AND EARTH CRISIS AND USE UNITED MILITARY CARGO PLANES TO MOVE FOOD, MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, MEDICAL PERSONALE AROUND THE WORLD AS NEEDED TO CONTAIN AND CONQUER THIS VIRUS QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL HUMANITY AND ALL COUNTRIES! A TEMPORARY TRUCE! THIS VIRUS NEEDS TO BE CONTAINED EVERYWHERE FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL COUNTRIES! it CAN be slowed and so many lives spared! …..Oh darn! Just woke up to the real world! I’ll pray for it to happen anyway….😭🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️🤝✌️🌎🌈 🛳 🧸🛍💊💉🩺🛫 🌏🚂🍚🛩💉🧫🦠🧼🧬🧪🏩 ✈️ 🌽🥦🌎🍒🍇🚁 🏥 🌍🚊 🏥 ❤️❤️❣️

  7. People are dying from COVID and starving. They are seriously in a bad spot of ‘picking their poison’. Gotta love that g’vt taking care of their ppl. 🤨

  8. DW's news looks like BTV news… They hide real scenes… Lockdown is just a word here not like other country like Europe…

  9. Why the world 🌎 is low on vaccine manufacturing & is dependent on India 🇮🇳, is the WHO and UN so 🤔 incompetent that they never set up any major vaccine manufacturing unit .

  10. India should have stopped outbounding flight 2 weeks ago to stop its virus to other countries.

  11. Bangladeshi current Prime Minister Seikh Hasina is very experienced PM Bangladesh ever had. She is serving Bangladesh for her 4th time.
    She has taken covid – 19 very seriously and has strong control over people. She is balancing life and livelihood thus Bangladesh had 4% GDP growth last year. In lockdown the major labor intensive industries are running, inter district communications has stopped. She is giving cash money to poor people and selling daily necessary products by government agencies at a very low price to poor people.
    I strongly believe, as long as Seikh Hasina is on driving seat of country, Bangladesh will not face disaster.

    Bangladesh contracted with India for vaccine, as India is in dire situation, Bangladesh has contracted with China and Russia to produce their vaccines. Our pharmaceutical industry has a good capacity to produce vaccines.
    Hope we will able to check it up inshallah.

  12. Even in Ramadan, these dishonest people who are funded by the mafia government of Bangladesh are still continue their lie. He said government is providing financial support everyday, which is a big lie. Just 2 days ago a proposal came to provide financial support to 3.6 million people with just 30 USD per capita for only one time. Do you think it is enough in a country which has 160 million people?!!! This is still now a proposal which hasn't been implemented yet And 20 million people just live in capital city dhaka. Experts believe even this small amount of money will be distributed among their party members not in general people. Nobody ask question about it. If you do, either you have to be kidnapped or be killed by the brutal administration of prime minister shekh hasina.

  13. DW why interviewing a pathetic liar? So far no help for the needy people from the illegal & illegitimate govt. Also, actual number of death & infections are at least 5 times more than the official figure.

  14. Bangladesh is doing well in sense of Covid cases but the lifes of poor people's is becoming hard day by day due to extreme lockdown… But what can the govt do.Vaccine is the only way to fight COVID but india stopped its exports of vaccine suddenly 😥

  15. No lockdown madam,it is a drama literally 🤣🤣.people and government Comedy and drama

  16. Praying for my brothers and sisters in Bangladesh , please follow protocol . learned from India.. Sending Love from Philippines 🇵🇭 Namaste 🙏

  17. Well done Bangladesh lock 🔐 down will help In Sha Allah 🤲🏽 and pray that we don't end up like India pray for them

  18. They have to take care of their own people first. This is the right thing to do! I don't disagree with what they are doing!

  19. Rohingya crisis + Coronavirus + dealing with tea seller illiterate PM modi = Bangladeshs tough time

  20. Save India, stop the spreading to other countries . Keep talking is useless. Stop sending warships to south china sea to start war instead use the resource to help other poor countries.

  21. Looks like India should have sold their vaccines to the highest bidder GREEDY SCAMMERS 🙄

  22. Really how can you lie so easily…. Govt is not helping the poor people financially or by any other way …. This people are govt chamcha….. Bloody lier

  23. We all should be vigilant…protect yourselves and others from COVID…follow precautions. Hopefully healthcare facilities are well equipped and ready to handle this crisis…praying 🙏

  24. Can't even imagine their condition 😭 though india produce vaccine it is unavailable to the masses yet..hope we fulfill the needs of both the countries.. love from India ❤️

  25. A triple variant 8 million infected and what about all the variants is the vaccine going to protect from these powerful variants i have my doubts

  26. Govt. Doing nothing truely. Rich become very rich , lower middle class becoming poor. Govt. Giving to govt. Job holders great opportunity to grade 1 to grade 10 salary holders.

  27. Hee is just laying…he is a big liar…bangladesh poor people don't get any economic support from the government… here poor people is suffering very badly ..

  28. The footage of the pandemic in India that was posted on Facebook and Twitter turned out to be of a gas leak that occurred in India last year.

  29. a Dead man cant sells nothing. so close the Damn!! business down and stay alive and don't be foolish

  30. What an incridible COVID game every ruling corner are acting willingly or unwillingly. This is the world under UN. Out of 700 billions only the 1% knows the truth about this situations. What a tragedy. The artificial situation make people cry make people smile. Incridivle!!!!!!!??????? Bangladesh.

  31. May Bhagwan help Bangladesh 🇧🇩. It's really a tragic situation for all of us, specially we, Bangladeshis are living in one of the most densely urban areas in the world, therefore there is a high risk for a covid outbreak.

  32. India or the private company Serum Institute? The Indians don't care for the SII company calling itself an Institute

  33. how can you prevent it Mam, if it's airborne i surmised since Princess Diamond docked in Yokohama bay, salamat at magandang umaga from China to Europe to America's especially Brazil now India lack of oxygen how to explained it Mam keep safe

  34. End times are here. People please repent and pray to Lord Jesus Christ for His divine protection and healing. God Bless you all……

  35. What government support is being given may I know? Stop malls! EID shopping is not important rn

  36. All countries need to be alert what’s happening in India can happen any country
    Everyone should continue follow rules and listen to government

  37. Nepal is in bad condition now .poorest country..free borders with India still (open) corruption and no vaccines for citizens …

  38. I am from pakistan Be safe 🙏🏼❤ out their my brother and sister alot love from pakistan

  39. the govt pays the poor in the villages ALOT: pay them so they go to school, retirement, and what not?
    What this video is showing are the poor who came to the city to earn

  40. How can any country depend on India at this moment in time they cant even depend on themselves .

  41. Lockdown in Bangladesh is a joke. Everything is open. Shopping malls, offices, airport even now a days local busses are running on streets too. But lockdown only imposes for the poor rickshaw pullers and small retailers.
    We have major government monitoring issues. And people r taking advantage of it.

  42. If the government can't learn from mistakes by India then there's no point in having such a government.

  43. God is the answer come to him thrue his son Jesus Christ…This world will come to an end, the problem is no dying but dying with out a savior is the problem, Jesus is the answer come to him before is to late he died on the cross for you and me!!!

  44. I may have been born elsewhere, but my Spiritual Growth, took place largely in India…….
    Shame to see 'Contamination', short changing the World's People…..
    There is a Bridge from Tamil Nada to Ceylon, however there is nothing that can bridge the gap between Need and Availability, for places like India and the
    People bear the brunt of these events……

  45. government are supporting those poor people's who actually need help? hhhhhh it's kind of joke?

  46. Bangladesh people are generous, rich always help poor and i used live Bangladesh village, I never saw anyone suffering for food. People are very healthy plus children of Adam do not eat much, few dates is enough

  47. Bnangladesh govt provide nothing for poor people they provide for their political parties

  48. Condition is still better than many countries in west considering its heavily densely populated and many are poor. and it is also one of the fastest in asia to start vaccination.
    Plus it also has full capacity to manufacture vaccines for itself.
    95% drugs sold in bangladesh are all locally produced and come almost 1/6th the price sold in west.
    Currently sputnik v has been approved by the drug administration
    to be manufactured locally as astrezeneca and serum failed to supply its vaccines because of india.

  49. Bangladeshis should be ashamed of their attitude of always expressing their happiness whenever some calamity strike India and celebrating the deaths due to covid in india. Don't be so overconfident as the worst is not yet over for bangladesh too. And don't forget that our PM donated vaccines to your country.

  50. বাংলাদেশ কি অন্যান্য দেশের মতো এই করোনার সঙ্কটে ভারতের সাথে সব ধরণের পরিবহন যোগাযোগ বন্ধ করে দিয়েছে? কারণ ইতোমধ্যে বাংলাদেশ ওমানের সাথে বিমান যোগাযোগ বন্ধ করে দিয়েছে, তবে ভারতের তুলনায় ওমান করোনার ভাইরাসে শতাংশ কম !!! তাহলে বাংলাদেশ সরকার ৩০ জুন পর্যন্ত ওমান থেকে সমস্ত ফ্লাইট যোগাযোগ বন্ধ করে দিয়েছে কেন ???? আপনি কি এই সম্পর্কে একটি প্রতিবেদন করতে পারেন!

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