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Those guys are a pain, sister! My English is already at stake! Everyone smirks! Irritatingyou know! Moreover, repeating everything becoming the norm! Twice every time!!! Ah, that's a common problem with accent You will get used to it, soon! by the way Why is it taking longer for your brother-in-law and Hamsa? for just a coffee? As far as I know, no Starbucks nearby! Most coffee shops are a bit far away! Wow

not bad! Getting hang of the city! yaw! No whip cream? ouch Already you are sweet, mocha has sweetener! Thought, why should I add more sweetness Seriously? Unwarranted praises do not impress me hopeless effort Sis-in-law, instead of taking pride why this angst? Not for these type of touches of sarcasm cut it you both are partners in crime Leave it, sister Brother-in-law is always great, proved again! He reciprocates that with you, Raja! True that brother-in-law precedes the pack in relationships and etc what? Kidding right? Is your coffee messed up? Seems like it obviously Even I feel strange, Raja may not handle it! Leave him alone Cut the crap! Rather than focusing and understanding my point Get serious folks! Seriousness for what? Don't stop him, Raja! Let him finish Else he will get disturbed Listen up! Brother-in-law's word is

a sensation, revolution and inspiration! and psychological evolution! wow

such hype for "brother-in-law" Exactly, mind-blowing! Now, I am scared about this bond! So many adjectives for 'brother-in-law'? like a stream of the flood Sheer innocence! Ignorance at peaks! Beat it! beat it? tensed now confused

being a 'brother-in-law' Please clarify, else he will lose sleep His senses will seize to exist Woweveryone mastered comic punches! Super punch pataka family! Listen now, without Brother-in-law There is no Bhagavad Gita, or Vedas! Mind it! Please do warn us ahead! Else We will die out of shock and laughing! You guys are insane! This is serious fact! Seriously! somebody's life is at stake! who else, Raja's Gospels around epics, and Gobels On top, this pseudo anger! I am in a similar state That is your ignorance around epics! Let him clarify, your fate will change! Don't be ignorant, Brother-in-law! Understand the power and pride Tell me who recited Bhagavad Gita, to whom? Lord Krishna! Falguna, Partha, Kiriti, and that savyasachi the powerful warrior, Arjuna! in Kurukshetra Did you realize, how many names you added for brother-in-law What is their bonding? Brother-in-law Why Lord Krishna, didn't recite to brothers or others Even to the elders in the war

not even to other relatives Tell me, why? how do I know? Because Arjuna is brother-in-law Other bonds are with lesser importance That's the power of brother-in-law Seriously, is that bond so powerful? seems more than siblings Listen up Brother-in-law is a special category a blessed boon and not easily attained by everyone Including siblings or spouses even you! Mind it True that! Brother won't say anything without facts! Brother-in-law bond seems noble! Because of Arjuna's listening skills Lord Krishna was capable of reciting Gita He didn't walk away from that scene, abruptly! Even though, his grasping was flaky! He showed respect to the bond! Hence, Lord recited to him in an hour That's it The powerful bonding What a spin? Even gods prefer them first, it seems! maybe possible in those days but in current generations Cut it Sister, It sounds sweet though! Why care about timing? Exactly! You resemble like warrior Arjuna Even today, this trend continues Still that remains as a powerful bond Are you sure? Sheer ignorance folks Ignoring facts around us

and playing dumb! You are undermining me even I scratch my brain unable to correlate such a thing! Look at, megastar and Allu Arvind The solid and mega proof! Ex-CM Chandra Babu and Balayya Can you deny the power of that bonding? Undoubted and unquestionable fact! Awesome examples, brother! Really nice! and more! Being a megastar fan since his blockbuster movies How the heck I forgot Balayya's craze and techy cm pride

Classic examples for the ultimate bond Unquestionable evidence seems accurate now Timeless bonding! Facts

binding facts to the situation is history And leveraging them is our intelligence I declare, in epics or current affairs No such brand exist ever, like "brother-in-law" I can sign any agreement to supplement it Brother-in-law All other relationships look gloomy now Exactly, without this bond history seize to exist! avoiding dark ages mind-blowing facts! why such specialty why not brother why to discriminate that? Geez

she started it again! pity! Don't you remember Vibhishana? or King Vali who deceived Sugreeva? or brothers killing each other for assets Or the Ambanis in recent times Our intelligence is to grind history and connecting dots to arrive at desired solutions, that's it! No questions! Undoubtedly The brother-in-law is great! Anyone without this bonding is hopeless Live without a wife, but not without brother-in-law mind it! That's it! Else, no point in living! The concept is fabulous, brother! You are super, as always! True that I can imagine that vacuum People can survive without brothers but not without brother-in-laws praise the lord! Fortunately, I have a brother Just a brother is different, but a guy Raja with extraordinary listening skills is ultimate! We should declare this clause in marriages Yes indeed A bride should possess a brother, pre-requisite! Not to innocently attend the marriage chores but to make a powerful bond! Like our Raja, with superior listening skills Leave him alone! However, it sounded like a revolutionary slogan Not a communist revolution but brother-in-law's Declare the bond, is supreme! mind it! The relationship should glitter! Sounds like Bhagavad Gita! Trust me If you listen he can recite gita, anytime! A bold and blasted, gita! A dire need of a brother-in-law! Hence our slogan Wanted brother-in-laws Promote this bonding and relationship and value it as a status symbol That's all for today, Folks! wow! You are the ultimate source! A revised Vedas I will start promoting this concept Create waves and history Exemplify this bonding for generations! Let's go now! Do you get it? How intelligent is my brother-in-law? You can ignore other epics Realize the potential of this bonding! Cherish it! Make sure you preserve and secure one! and maintain it Without a brother-in-law, life is hopeless As he said earlier

without securing a brother-in-law Life is dumb Mind it I have to work on promoting this concept See you soon, bye!

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