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Baga Chipz: It’s A Wrap! | Served! With Jade Thirlwall Episode 6


Three, two, one This is Served, the Wrap Party

Each week I'm joined by some of my favourite drag queens as we take on a different food challenge, all judged by the OG queen, me mam, Norma You'd better slay in that kitchen We're serving you gossip, we're serving you guests Knowing my luck, I'll probably be serving you something inedible Oh, I'm putting in a bit of Flake in with me ham

One queen, one theme, one package of random ingredients and just one culinary cook-off winner We're ready to serve God, I hate us – Right, hun, switch it on Be fun

– Right Time to call up today's fabulous queen She's described herself as stunning, classy, sexy, but we all like to describe her as "Much better" – It's Baga Chipz! Woo-hoo! – Oh, my God! Hello, Jade, how are you? Hiya, love How are you? I'm good, my darling

I'm loving your t-shirt That t-shirt looks much better! I had to! I had to Iconic, honestly I thought it was Kate Moss on your t-shirt You know, you do look very alike

Oh, I've had that many a time, dear This is wor Zack – Hello, Zack, darling, how are you? – How's it going? – You good? – I'm good I'm in lockdown with me fella, Mr Chipz Come and say hello

This is me fella Mr Chipz Let's have a look – Hello – Mr Chipz! Hiya, Mr Chipz

It's our Vince, from Birmingham Birmingham, is it? So judging the competition is none other than the icon herself, me mum, Norma – So, are we ready? – Oh, I'm gonna be star struck now Oh, God, don't Oh, my God, hello, Norma! How are you? You look like ******* Honey G

– Don't spill the tea! – How do you feel, Mum? What do you mean, how do I feel? I feel frigging stupid What do you think? I love it Right, Mum, do you wanna tell us about this week's theme? So, because it's the last of the series, the theme is It's a wrap – Woo! – Yeah, it's a wrap I'd like to see some weird food combinations in your wraps and I wanna see you eat them, too But the weirdest wins Oh, God, I'm dreading this, then

If there's anything fishy in that hamper, there's gonna be hell on Thanks very much, Mam I'll speak to you later – Okey-doke – Love you, Norma! Bye! Right, Baga, so me mum sent us both food parcels, so shall we have a look? Let's see what's in your package

I've got mine in a big bowl Oh! Oh, very posh I've got some prime cuts of roast beef curtains Lite cheese Oh, this

This looks absolutely minging, all of this Used to go to bed with one of these every night Same, same, to be honest

Single life, eh? – I've got some guacamole – Love a bit of guacamole What the **** is that? Smoked mackerel fillets I hate olives and all This is everything I hate

I hate olives Gail from Coronation Street loves olives – Wanna see my Gail impersonation? – Go on, then! David? – Bang on, isn't it? – I can do Deirdre Oh, Tracey, Tracey, love Ken, Ken, shag me, Ken! Right, OK, it's time to get cooking

Are you ready? All right So we're making a wrap? Oh, yeah Ready Steady Cook style I don't know where to begin Do the squirty cheese and something really random

But you've gotta eat it, remember I'm not putting that in my mouth Are you joking? Everyone wants to see you gag Right, Baga, after you did Drag Race UK, you are officially now one of the biggest queens in the whole of the UK On Drag Race, I would never think we'd have a top ten hit in my life

– "Break Up (Bye Bye)" – I couldn't believe it! It was number two in the bloody iTunes I nearly fainted It was that Dua Lipa who knocked us off – That Dua Lipa

– Was it? Oh, I'm putting a bit of Flake in with me ham Am I allowed to use some Daddies Sauce? Oh, use whatever you want, love I love to be covered in Daddies Sauce Beautiful with black pudding Lovely

God, how do you I've never cut a cucumber before – Is it making you feel sick? – ******* hate 'em

Honestly No, you're gonna have to put it away You're gonna have to It's made me eyes water Sorry

Sorry Right, OK, I think it's time now for a special guest Oh, who could it be? Who coul surprise, surprise! Surprise, surprise, this will be our contestant number one! – Flippin' heck! – Oh, hello! It's Marcus Collins or summat! Summat! How are you, Baga? Well, the two of yous have something in common Yous are both runners-up on a reality TV show Oh, rub it in, Jade, rub it in Got any salt in that cupboard? The shade jumped out I'm loving your hair

Your hair looks amazing Blond hair – It's my hair! – Gorgeous Marcus, you've done some hairy musicals, haven't you? Done a bit of Hairspray, obviously you've done Kinky Boots Was that your first time doing a bit of drag? My first time in drag was Kinky Boots

Your drag character was called Sissy Elliot, which was just an iconic name I'll never forget it I was so proud, seeing you up there If you ever wanna do any drag, Marcus, we're always looking for a fourth Frock Destroyer I would love that

I would love that It'll mix it up, a bit of competition if we had one more member Baga? Like, what's gone on since Drag Race? Cos you look like you've gone from Croydon to Hollywood It's called money, darling, money and success We loved you before Drag Race and we love you still, even more now

It's wonderful to see you succeeding We love you I've always said I could win the EuroMillions but I'd still be puffing on a ciggie, eating a Gregg's Steak Bake You can take the girl out of Birmingham, you know what I mean? Right, OK Let's wrap this up, Marcus

You know I love you so much – Thanks for joining the party – Love you, babes See you soon! I hope you've had a whale of a time Love you lots

Bye! All right, Baga, it's time to get ready for dinner I'm excited to see your glad rags, pet Yes, gonna look stunning Right, I'll see you soon, love – See you in a bit, darling

– Bye! – Hello! – Woo! – Oh, my God – Yes, Baga! – You look stunning! – Oh, thanks, doll, so do you I've got me Baga cap on I'm the biggest, baddest bitch in the game I'm a rapper

I'm gonna be on the next Little Mix single Nicki Minge, watch out I'm serving, like, Diana Ross, '70s realness This outfit was from a old music video that didn't get to see the light of day Basically, any time I have the opportunity, I get this catsuit out

Right, it's time to get Norma back in on the call to judge us – Are you ready? – Yeah, bring on Norma! – Oh! – Oh! You look like you're going to the Oscars Right, we're going to show you our dishes I'll go first cos I know mine's shit I am serving the Ruins of Wrap, the Ruins of Wrap, because these are abs

I just got a whiff of the fish Diabolical Firstly, we have ham, cheese and chocolate

Secondly, we have chicken, guacamole and rice pudding And then, lastly, we have cucumber and mackerel Honestly, the kitchen stinks! So, Baga, what are you serving? I think you Can you see the fillings? – Wow! – Oh So, we've got beef curtains with scampi friescucumber, brown sauce and I've added a little bit of toothpaste – Lovely – Get rid of the scampi breath

I've also got ham, honey and thyme This is Peri Peri chicken with red pepper, spring onion and what was the sauce I put on it? – Reggae Reggae Sauce – Reggae Reggae Sauce That sounds quite nice, actually You've gotta have a taste of one of them

– Jade, which one are you eating? – Mackerel No! I dare you – Do the other end You're cheating – I can't

– I can't do it – Ten points for having a sniff – Do the ham and chocolate one – Right, I'll do that one

– Do you know what? – What? – Not bad – Is that nice? Chocolate doesn't go very well with the cheese and ham, I have to say, but do you know what? It was edible I'm going to be a ***** – That'd be right – He's going for the nice one

Have a taste of that, hon You should do that with the mackerel one OK, Baga, so now it's time for my mam to judge our horrific wraps Right, just gonna move this down Who's it gonna be? I've got a lot to lose here

I'm on MasterChef – So, so tense – It is really hard, I've got to say, cos yous have both made fantastic weird wraps But there can only be one clear winner It's got to be

Oh, Jade, well done! Do you know what, Jade? I've got to admit it, for you to even go near mackerel and even smell it, hats off to you – So courageous for you – Thanks, Mam

So, the score was Queens four, Jade three So she wouldn't have won, but she's done well and I'm proud of her Thank you, Mam All right, Baga So now, you know, it's a party

We're gonna have a few guests dropping in to say hello Woo! So, Mum, you can stay since you've been a doll Oh, here she is Oh, cheers, Mum Chin-chin

Oh, I'm so sorry, Jade, but I'm dying for a wee I'll be back in a minute Don't go anywhere Don't be too long, love So, while Baga's on the loo, I'm gonna dial in one of my very dear friends

He's an actor, director, singer, rapper, does musical theatre, creative direction, choreographer There's nothing that this guy can't do It's the one-and-only Todrick Hall

– Hello, my love – Oh, my God, I've missed you! Miss you too You look gorgeous Hi, Mom Here's my mum

You've met before at my birthday party, right? I think I fell asleep on your shoulder and I wanna apologise, OK? Thank you Ah, always, always Just wanna know what you're up to What have you been doing in lockdown? I've been decorating and making some questionable choices I love it

My house was like a storage unit, basically, of all my costumes and props from my old videos So I took the time to decorate it and make it feel like a safe haven Cos we don't know when we'll get to tour and perform again You haven't stopped You did another version of your song, which I was in the video for, which is very exciting

Your part in the video was so gaggy I was like I love that you were just, like, spraying in slow motion but not

It was very Beyoncé I just have to say I don't say that very much Wow What a compliment

That's what I was trying to serve Like, "If I'm gonna be in Todrick's video, I need to deliver" Sorry I was so long I think I had to have a number two – Oh, hello, Todrick, how are you? – Hello! Have you met before, Todrick, Baga? – Several times

– Yeah Oh, my God! – Oh, my gosh – Michelle! – There she is – Hi, guys – Hi! – Hello, Michelle

– Hi, Baga – Hello – How's your head, Michelle? – Haven't had any complaints yet – Hi, Toddy, baby – Hi, Mom

– I love you – I love you, honey This party's really going now Have you seen my mum? – Hi, Norma Miss you, babe

– Miss you Michelle, why are you yelling at us like you're an 85-year-old screaming out of a car window? She's on a She's on an iPad! I don't know if she can hear me! You've both done the West End, yeah, in London, which is incredible

Todrick, you did Chicago Michelle, you did Everyone's Talking About Jamie You tackled the was it a Sheffield accent? I did How was Chicago, Todrick? Doing that show, it was It was so much fun because the

The amount of passion that the Brits bring to the West End, it's just, like, unprecedented I feel like British people act like they're over it and, like, whatever, babes, it's not a big deal, but when they get on stage, they bring it every single time – and they – Yes! they put their heart on that stage

I also think British drag is along those lines, which is why I love it so much and fought so hard for this show to be made, the UK version of Drag Race, because there was something about the passion and the heart with British drag, that I fell in love with I would travel all over, whether it was Newcastle, or Manchester, or wherever, Cornwall, wherever it is, there's a passion that comes along with their performing, every single time They went to the Nth degree I just wanna say, just in case anybody else on here doesn't say it, like, you using your humungous voice, it can affect so much positive change for so many kids, it's awesome Both ladies here, you're just the most amazing allies that could be with LGBT, Black Lives Matter

You just both are the dog's bollocks Basically

Thank you for having me on I think that's my husband – There's your cue – There's my cue to get out of here Thank you so much, Michelle and Todrick

– You know I love you – I love you too Nice to see you, Baga, as well Nice to see you, Norma – Bye

– Love you, bye! That's a wrap to the wrap party It's been a pleasure Let's go out with a bang Are we ready, guys? Three, two, one Oh, my God! You've been

Served! Thank you, Jade, for having me I love you and I – Love you, Baga – I will see you soon And everything will be Much better! – I love you, Norma! – Bye! – Mum, have you enjoyed the show? – I've loved it – I've loved every minute – It's been amazing – Ah! – Turn it off, turn it off

Jesus, it's hot in there I've even liked dressing up in all the ridiculous things I've had to, you know, be! Yes! The Rubik's Cube! Mam, you actually look amazing – Doesn't she? – Oh, I love it Yes, I loved the red wig You should bring that out another time

What are we gonna do every Friday now? I know We'll have to think of something else Aye – I've glued me fingers together – What are you like? Even on your honeymoon night, you don't swallow, do you? Ah! All right, Mum, do you wanna judge wor heads? It's been lovely seeing you every Friday and spending time with you, cos it's been months

I know I can't wait to cuddle you It'll be emotional, won't it? Oh, God, this is the longest we've ever, like Ever gone without seeing each other Well, thank God for Served, eh? Just do a quick "that's a wrap", go on That's it Just That's a wrap Yeah, that's a wrap, yeah Don't A little bit of wee has come out

I can't help myself I've wet meself Jade just pissed herself – Right, right, right – Do it, please

Mam, you've got 20 seconds, honestly, or the ******* heavens are going to open That's a wrap

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