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    Backstreet Boys' AJ McLean Shows Off His Pool | MTV Cribs


    (upbeat pop music) – Hello Welcome to my humble abode

    Come on in I had to close the door, that way nobody comes in and just starts to sneak around in my house You know, you got tons of people running around the neighborhood trying to jump in my house and catch a pretty glimpse (upbeat techno music) This is the opening foyer in my house All these pieces of sculpture and everything, my girlfriend and I went and picked out

    We pretty much designed the whole house ourselves It took about six guys to lift this and put it on the wall I call it the devil's advocate, 'cause it looks just like the last scene in the movie (melodic pop music) And, that person right there is my girlfriend talking on the phone – Hi! – And, my dog, Vegas, who's about to fall in the pool, again

    Come outside and chill when it's not too hot Come out and lay out in the sun Say hi to the camera, woof, woof My girlfriend's my- – Hi! – She's my receptionist – We've been together for over – Almost two and a half years

    – We balance each other out very, very well – She's very clean I'm a slob – He's the most wonderful man in the world He really is

    – Alright, get out of here – Bye! – Scram! – Bye! – That's my beautiful girlfriend This is my nice, clean kitchen I cook some mean Hamburger Helper, some beef stroganoff My refrigerator, we've got apple juice

    We got day old pizza I cook Burger King I cook Whoppers I do that, that's about it Look at that! We got no food for us, but we got a big bag of puppy food

    I usually go out to eat Come here, baby Come here, buddy This is the newest addition to the household The newest Backstreet Boy

    This is Jack Daniels Hello everybody! This is my posse right here, yo That's Marcus Johnson He's one of our security He's my security and my best friend

    This is my living room area with my nice big kitty cats, my couches And these things, when you sit in them, you're done These, are our four Billboard Awards Very, very proud of that That was a good week

    I watch a lot of MTV, especially TRL so I can, you know, kind of keep up on if we're number one or not This is my pride and joy A fan gave this to me on tour I'm a complete South Park fan Vegas, show 'em the game room, come on

    This is the game room, which I like to call the Sinatra room, since I'm a huge Frank Sinatra fan as you can tell behind me Frank Sinatra, when he passed away, God rest his soul, I was devastated I actually cried 'Cause Frankie is just like, he's just the coolest For the ladies at home, check this one out

    This is my bedroom This is the master bedroom suite With the big ol' columns and the brand new, we had this all made It's all velvet It's pretty padded, pretty comfortable

    I'm more of a bathtub kind of guy I like to chill in the tub Back over here, we have the double-headed shower which is you know, where I was right before you guys showed up And, I had to wash myself I was all stinky

    This is the master closet, where my side is total chaos And my girlfriend's side, of course, is nice and neat I mostly hooked her up with all this lovely, little clothes Like, she's into all the whole studded thing And over here is my favorite pair of boots

    I bought these for about 10 bucks My favorite hat would be this black cowboy hat or this brown cowboy hat I love me some cowboy hats Master P and all these rappers and all these guys, they all got their cars and their jewelry, and their this, that, and the other I have clothes

    I shop too much And I don't even wear half the stuff I got and it's pretty pathetic, but, you know (upbeat techno music) Now, we're gonna go show you the best part of the house My favorite part of the house The place where I live

    Vegas will give you the grand tour Now, this is my theater As you can tell This is the best place in the world This is where I come every single day and every night

    I just watched Baseketball last night Watched Blade this morning At seven o'clock this morning, I was not able to sleep I was so nervous about being on camera By this single remote, I hit it and nothing happens

    That sucks No, I hit it and it fades, black And, then you're ready to watch a flick So, that's that That's my theater

    But wait, there's still more (downbeat techno music) This right here is my big family car This is what I use to pull my jet ski So, this one doesn't have to look all classy and stuff This is my brand new ride

    I just got this two days ago, 2001 Tahoe Just put 20's on it, hooked it up real nice Got to have the convertible 'Cause when you're in Florida, telling you, it gets hot This is my little pimp ride

    When I'm riding by myself and my girl's not around You gotta pimp it, you understand? (dramatic rock music) This is my house This is my crib It's been wonderful Thank you guys for coming in and getting to see how I live

    And, I appreciate it very much Hope y'all enjoyed it Love you, peace (dramatic rock music)

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