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Bachelor in Games and Entertainment Technology


Hi! My name is Steve Ford, I'm one of the lecturers here at the games program at Nord university What we have the students do is they run a company simulator, they run their own game company

The students come here to build games and we make them do it From the first semester you have to start building viable games They have to be fun to play, they have to look great otherwise we can you The students leaving here have up to six game prototypes and all that the experience coming from building those prototypes, so they're ready to sell their skills right into the job market, and they really feel prepped for working life The best thing about studying is probably the hands-on experience you get, how they simulate a job environment with our studies, and how they group us up into teams to create our games

It's very challenging and it's not easy at all but it's really rewarding in the end, we've really get it straight into the vein We have quite of social study if you ask me, we do things like the game testing sessions and we're also really like social in the game lab groups where we're working so it's a proper work environment We get to know each other pretty well, so you get to work with a lot of different people, and meet other people from all over the world

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