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Aye Bhai… Zara Dekh Ke Chalo | Republic Day Special | 9tanki Entertainment


Every place is jut filled with thieves and thugs You simply cannot trust anyone What happened? Why do you look upset? Nothing, just these WhatsApp forwards About how there are thieves and terrorists roaming amongst us It does not look like things are getting better any day soon Oh is it? Are these Whatsapp forwards authentic information? Absolutely – it is the most authentic source of information these days Do you get it? Come here, see this Oh! What is it that they are carrying? Maps! They are holding maps! Have a look at their attire and what they are carrying What do you think they are up to? You have a point I have a bad feeling about this God alone knows where they are headed I feel we must do something about this Let's follow these guys and see what they are up to Thank you! Please wait for a couple of minutes Greetings! Thank you so much It's a pleasure that we could be of help I truly appreciate the things you have done for the school Most of our science equipments and books have been donated by you And now, thanks to you, we have all we need to conduct Geography classes We are happy to be of help After all, this school has been helping ours' and other underprivileged kids get educated Absolutely We must leave now Greetings A Whatsapp window titled – My beloved countrymen Communalism, Extremism, Casteism, Hatred, Edo, Jealousy, Riots Deleted hate speech Enters "Love, peace, and harmony" *Spread love instead of hatred* Greetings Hope you guys are doing well The motive behind making this video is to ask people to stop judging people based on their religion and attire Times are changing Why can't humanity take priority over religion? It's easy to spread hatred Spread Love! Not attire, change your outlook If you liked our video please help it reach everyone And if you want us to make more such hard-hitting videos then please subscribe to our channel Thank you!

Source: Youtube

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