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Aurora confesses the truth to Emma | TKB (With Eng Subs)


But why? Camila can help us, Mom – Don't you understand? – I just need to explain– You can't tell anybody! Especially Camila! But why? Why are you scared of her? I did something against her

She might find out Look for someone named Aurora She might be the one who started the fire and took my daughter away Mom? Did you once work at the prison where Camila was detained? Mom! Mom! How did you know? Who told you? So you really used to work there? You must be the person Camila's looking for! Why?! What did you do?! Mom! Answer me, Mom! I hope you understand me, Emma I was hooked on drugs that time

He offered me money and I couldn't refuse Was it Luciano dela Torre? Were you the one who set the prison on fire? Believe me, it wasn't easy for me I knew many people would die But I was clearly out of my mind I just did what I thought I had to do

Her temperature is 401 degrees It's too high Isn't she having a seizure? What should we do? Leave her here with me Get her belongings and I'll notify the warden

We need to bring her to the hospital immediately Okay Tell him, okay? Let's take her to the hospital! I'll go get her things Okay, okay! Ma'am, I'll just go and get my daughter's things She's burning up with fever and needs to be brought to the hospital

[HUMMING NERVOUSLY] [HUMMING CONTINUES] A lot of people died in the fire! And Camila Camila would've died if Papa didn't find her! That fire took the lives of many innocent people! How are you able to live with that?! I know! I know there's a chance my soul's already burning in hell Every day, I pray to the Lord for forgiveness

I've changed, Emma I'm a different person now Emma After the fireyou came into my life You became my refuge I wanted you to save me But my guilty conscience wouldn't let me live in peace

I kept hearing the people's cries and screams That's why I used drugs to drown the pain And in exchange, I lost you Fate played a cruel trick on me because Camila dela Torre found you and took you in I know

I saw Elias at the church I followed him here And when I found out you were at Luciano dela Torre's place, I knew your life was in danger So I talked to Elias to warn you and take you away from there But you still left me! Because Luciano found me! He forced me to admit the truth

It was a miracle that I got away alive! So, he got you to tell the truth? That Vida is still alive Camila's daughter is still alive Was that the truth, Mom?! You know where Vida is?! What did you do to her?! Camila! Camila! Camila! We'll get out of here, baby I'm sure your mom will find us [THUD] [BABY CRYING] Camila! [SCREAMING] – My daughter's in there! – Camila! [BABY CRYING] Vida! [SCREAMING] Vida! – Vida! – She's gone! – She's gone! – My daughter's in there! [SCREAMING] Vida! Vida! Vida!

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