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[Audi e-tron] Breaking the sound barrier / Audi e-tronの空力音響 [アウディ ジャパン]


e-tron project In both aerodynamic and aeroacoustic fields Combined all kinds of expertise I am Moni Islam Audi Aerodynamic Development The problem of aeroacoustics that traditional cars also suffered e-tron has also been working I'm Gerhard Vickan e-tron aerodynamics Aerodynamics for electric vehicles It greatly affects the cruising range Aerodynamic sound is also important It is an essential element for quietness in the car At first the wind tunnel Industrial with ground simulation Like a F1 car, it was a moving belt Audi's wind tunnel is quiet Suitable for developing cars without sound In e-tron aeroacoustic development Quietness is essential It ’s quiet with no combustion engine Other noise sources are more prominent

The goal was to make it the quietest car e-tron is for aerodynamicists It was the best project Starting from a blank state Dreamy results Because it had the potential to be gained What is unique about e-tron Sporty and coupe-like silhouette Not like an SUV The fundamental reason for this shape is Comes from aerodynamics Because it ’s a battery-powered electric car You need to produce optimal aerodynamics We had many possibilities Being a flat underbody It's like a dream for aerodynamicists The underbody is flat Because the battery is under the floor We are particular about cover design under axle As well as the bottom of the battery There are more new features Movable inlet shutter Can control the flow of cooling air Less cooling than gasoline cars Cooling shutter is closed Inlet duct installed at front Very efficient Direct air from front to side In addition, because we adopted soundproof glass We can remove wind noise that frequency is conspicuous Make the most of all the technology you have Dedicated to development If you look at the real thing, you will be surprised at its performance The calm interior environment Highest quality in this class

Source: Youtube

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