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Atlantis, Aliens and What Could Have Ended A Lost Civilization of Giants


The third disaster How many human civilizations were before us? If you look across different online sources, You might find a theory that aliens or civilizations are missing and technically advanced civilizations Atomic weapons were used in the ancient past on Earth From Mauritania to Iran, there is evidence of an advanced ancient race of man, perhaps Amalek It could have been eliminated using a technique similar to what can be found today in the 21st century This raises questions, who are they, and what has they spent? While the disastrous disasters in the ancient past are not clear Given that the ancient texts from every corner of the globe speak of an epic flood of the people of the planet While science asserts that an extinction in the past, dinosaurs may have wiped out And what if a third catastrophic event wiped out entire cultures across the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa and even the lost city of Atlantis? In 1929, a curious 400-year-old artifact was found in the Imperial Archives in Constantinople, Turkey

These artifacts were a map drawn in 1513 by the Turkish admiral and cartographer named Perry Reese This made the map controversial as it accurately showed the geographical locations of North America, South America and Greenland Only a hundred years after the discovery of the Americas, much of the continent's planning is still unknown However, the real mystery was not the location of the Americas, but the annexation of Antarctica, However, the real mystery was not the location of the Americas, but the annexation of Antarctica, because it was not discovered until 1820 How did the 16th-century cartographer have knowledge of a world that should not be known? A map that is said to have been made from a variety of ancient sources is what is now classified as OOPART (Which represents an uncommon artifact) Rumors say that some of these sources allude to an ancient civilization that was universal This suggests that it was at least one prehistoric civilization that was much more advanced than we expected There are many other OOPARTS

Greek mythology speaks of giants with more advanced knowledge than current technology But where are they today? Why is there no real tangible evidence of their presence, technology? The area of ​​Greek influence encompassed all of North Africa and North Africa, which had a relationship with the Levant, Southern Arabia, and ancient Persia, They all point to a kind of human and technological understanding that goes far beyond what was expected in the 21st century From Mauritania as the home of the city of Atlantis, to the giants of the Moroccan Fumorites (supernatural explorers who are said to have traveled to the far north of Ireland), to the god of Egypt like the giants who may have originated from the lost southern Arab city of Erem It can erase every record of these different peoples and civilizations from existence It has been stated in the Koran that God told the angels that he would make a successor in the land Some talk that this is a reference to the existence of jinn before humans But others point to the existence of a human civilization before Adam, who God will make a successor after them Which raises a somewhat disturbing existential question, how many human civilizations existed before our civilization

A marginal theory states that the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Levant were destroyed by atomic weapons Others refer to the ancient Hindu text of Mahabharata, as a mythical interpretation of a real nuclear war that could affect the Arabian Peninsula and even beyond it In 2001, The Secrets of Lost Races: Rene Norbergen, states that an increasing number of historical and archaeological discoveries made around the world have been classified as "unfamiliar artifacts" They called it because they appear unexpectedly in the ruins of the past without evidence of an earlier period of evolution Its technological development seems far from the capabilities of ancient peoples, including the Chaldeans, Sumerians, and Babylonians And what can be strong enough to erase almost all evidence from history? Nuclear war As the world's largest desert, archaeologists say that more than 10,000 years ago The landscape of the desert baron was in fact a vast green immersed in lakes Geologists say the desert was born 7 million years ago through the movement of tectonic plates that created the Mediterranean and the Alps, a movement that turned it into a desert But what if the cause of this vast desert landscape was not natural, and it was caused technically

It was noted that the rate of desertification in the region could not be easily explained scientifically, simply because it happened very quickly Perhaps it was because of a disaster that occurred hundreds of years ago or so, which turned the green areas into a barren desert Because of this transformation, events helped to eradicate an undocumented human civilization Any atomic war that could have taken place there would have led to the arid desert land as it exists today, so there is evidence In December 1932, Patrick Clayton, a surveyor from the Egyptian Geological Survey, while driving near Saad Plateau in Egypt, heard a voice under the wheels of his car, He found large pieces of glass in the sand Glass was naturally present in the area and mixed with sand but the strange thing is that there is nothing on it The earth can naturally raise the temperature of the desert sand and turn it into yellow or green

This glass can be found all the way from Palestine to the Libyan desert Libya's light green glass is similar to Sakhrallah, a precious stone used in Egyptian royal jewelry Ten years after Clayton's discovery, archaeologists who excavated in Israel discovered a layer of molten green glass The layer is a quarter inch thick and covered an area of ​​several hundred square meters A similar discovery was found in Iraq shortly before the 1940s

In 1996, at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Italian mineralologist, Vincenzo de Michele, discovered an unusual yellow and green jewel in the middle of a necklace of Tutankhamun When verifying the origin of the necklace, geologists succeeded in tracking it and when the jewel was tested it turned out to be glass, and it was also found to date back to ancient Egyptian civilizations When verifying the origin of the necklace, geologists succeeded in tracking it and when the jewel was tested it turned out to be glass, and it was also found to date back to ancient Egyptian civilizations It is suspected that the probable cause of the presence of this glass came from meteorites that exploded in the atmosphere, causing the explosion of glass rocks several miles above the ground In the Libyan desert, there is evidence of at least two separate explosions, so the probability of two separate meteor traces occurring is very close to each other Evidence of a separate nuclear explosion can be found in the Dindar synagogue complex in Egypt

It is one of the best preserved temple complexes in the country that has a stone staircase and has melting marks For this to happen, the temperatures you need to melt the hard stone like this, will be incredibly high Using the hypothesis that the ancient man had access to weapons as powerful as modern man puts the events listed in the Hindu Islamic, Hebrew and even ancient texts into a technological perspective With this in mind, some researchers point out that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the distant past The Qur'an states that God rained stones on the people of Lot

Could silicon dioxide be a byproduct of the nuclear explosion? In the Bible of Genesis it says The Lord then rained the burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah, toppling those cities and the entire plains, and destroying all those living in the cities – and also the vegetation of the earth In Hinduism, the epic text of Mahabharata refers to weapons similar to modern nuclear weapons in both their delivery methods and the radioactive effects of their effects Vimana threw one powerfully charged universe shell, shaped like a bright column of smoke and flame, as bright as ten thousand suns It was an unknown weapon, and an iron bolt, which led to the retreat of both the Frishness and the Indhacas

The bodies were cremated so they could not be identified He fell hair and nails The pottery broke for no apparent reason, and the birds became white After a few hours all the food was spoiled To escape this fire, the soldiers threw themselves into the waterways to wash themselves and their equipment " Some say that this text is a dramatic real conflict between ancient India and the land of Atlantis

But what if Atlantis were off the coast of North West Africa or even the Mediterranean, this could theoretically explain why the Sahara is the wasteland of today's wasteland Expanding the quota of the conflict, which encompasses all of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, Considering the evidence in Egypt and Libya on the excess heat levels there The ancient Sumerian texts found in Iraq indicate that the god of Ninurta, used a powerful weapon against his enemies Anuna They fled across the horizon to their flight machines to escape destruction The writings describe a rudimentary perspective of the explosion and disaster after a powerful nuclear explosion

This event is referred to as the "Great Disaster" This event is likely to be the cause of the extinction that ended the era of dinosaurs on Earth? At the end of the third millennium BC The great Sumerian civilization ended Its demise was described as a surprise in many texts discovered by archaeologists The texts attributed the disaster to an evil wind that came from the west (from the direction of the Mediterranean) – a deadly cloud that caused the aggravation of all living beings, people and animals alike, which destroyed plants and poisoned water

Frederick Sude, a famous physicist from the turn of the last century, said: "I think there were civilizations in the past that were known for atomic energy, and through their misuse they were completely destroyed" However, no scientist or historian supports the idea of ​​pre-historic atomic bombs, and almost all experts believe that the evidence cited to support the idea is misinterpreted at best and falsified at worst Until the first nuclear explosion in 1945, no human civilization had the power to completely destroy civilization, But according to Jason Colavito, imagining such a civilization in the deep past that had the power to erase nations served powerful purposes

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