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ATEEZ Get 'Tangled Up' Answering Our Questions | MTV News


{an8}(translated to English) – Eight makes one team! {an8}Hello, we're ATEEZ! {an8}(translated to English) – That's kinda hurtful– {an8}- I can't believe {an2}(translated to English) – Turn around, turn around {an2}(translated to English) – Oh, I'm in trouble {an2}(translated to English) – Everything {an8}(translated to English) – My love for Hongjoong

{an2}(translated to English) – They look so intimate right now {an2}(translated to English) – Right here Hey, stop it! {an2}(translated to English) – Stop it! {an2}(translated to English) – I've never had any {an2}difficulty while being a member of ATEEZ {an2}(translated to English) – Then let's make it hard now! {an2}(translated to English) – San, San, San, San {an2}just move your left foot up

{an2}- San, I can move up for you {an2}- Up, up! Just right there! {an2}- Your left foot, right there {an2}- Right there, right there {an2}- Help him out, man {an8}(translated to English) – What, where are you going? {an2}(translated to English) – Oh, about each other

{an2}- Well San is able to showcase his many sides on stage {an2}(translated to English) – Even though he is {an8}the youngest, Jongho is How can I say it? {an8}Someone I can rely on {an8}(translated to English) – Hongjoong and Mingi look {an2}like they're coaching right now {an2}(translated to English) – Yes, it's to {an2}block the members from the camera {an8}I don't want them on the footage

{an8}Just shoot me, just me {an8}(translated to English) – Stop grabbing me Stop! {an8}- No, I can't! Don't leave me! {an8}- Stop grabbing me! {an2}- I can't! Stay with me! {an8}(translated to English) – He can be cute at times, {an8}but also be sexy on stage {an8}(translated to English) – Let go of me! {an8}- I won't! {an8}- I don't want you anymore! {an2}- No, take me with you! Don't leave me! {an2}- No, you can't! {an8}(translated to English) – This is getting serious {an8}(translated to English) – Oh yeah, it's Wooyoung, me, and Mingi {an8}who are the main dancers in our group

{an2}(translated to English) – Oh, yeah, yeah, we do {an2}- We're always relying on each other {an2}- We actually play this game all the time {an8}(translated to English) – When times are hard, {an8}we're always there to talk and listen to each other {an8}- Hey man, why are you leaning on me right now? {an8}- I'm relying on them right now! {an8}(translated to English) – Hey, let go of me! {an8}(translated to English) – Can we speed this up {an8}a little faster, please? {an8}(translated to English) – No, don't let go! {an2}(translated to English) – We really like {an2}fried chicken

{an2}(translated to English) – You keep getting that! {an8}(translated to English) – This really doesn't {an8}look good Poor Yeosang {an2}(translated to English) – Min Mingi? {an2}- Right here, here {an2}- Where? – Here {an8}(translated to English) – What happens {an8}if you push them? {an8}(translated to English) – Don't push me! {an8}(translated to English) – I won't, I won't {an8}- I'm totally comfortable here {an8}- He's pushing down on him {an2}(translated to English) – Yeosang's in trouble {an8}(translated to English) – Yeosang, {an8}just stand up all the way! {an8}(translated to English) – Hey Yeosang, {an8}you should just stand up! {an2}(translated to English) – I de-stress by playing {an2}around with the group {an2}(translated to English) – Oh, Seonghwa stepped out {an2}- Where? {an2}(translated to English) – Hey Yeosang, {an2}can't you just jump up? {an2}(translated to English) – Stop it! {an2}(translated to English) – Oh my {an2}- Oh my {an2}(singing: "I'll show you Every Hidden Part of Me") {an2}(translated to English) – Trying to mess others up {an2}is hard work isn't it? {an8}(translated to English) – This act of love isn't real! {an2}(translated to English) – What are you guys doing? {an2}- What's happening? {an2}(translated to English) – Kick Mingi! {an2}(translated to English) – Well, we're known as {an2}"Two Ho Brothers

" We're that close {an8}Two Ho {an8}- Jongho, Yunho – Jongho, Yunho {an8}- "Two Ho Brothers

" {an8}(translated to English) – Well we're always playing {an2}around with each other So this feels pretty normal {an2}(translated to English) – It's right there, {an2}next to Yunho's left hand {an2}(translated to English) – Wait, I'll have to {an2}cross over? {an2}Ah, Yeosang {an8}(translated to English) – Oh, {an2}if Jongho plays this right

{an2}(translated to English) – To your left {an2}- That was unnecessary– {an8}(translated to English) – Who's the coolest {an8}of 'em all? {an8}(translated to English) – I had so much fun playing {an8}this game today {an8}I'd like to take this back home to Korea {an8}and play it again with the ATEEZ members

{an8}Thank you MTV News for making this happen {an8}Thank you Please show lots of love for ATEEZ! {an8}Please show us love! {an8}- We are going to get tangled up with {an8}- [All] MTV News! {an8}(cheering) (clapping) {an8}(bell dinging) – [All] Let's go {an8}- Let's go {an8}- Baa

{an2}- Oh! {an2}- Seonghwa, right hand {an2}- Okay, Seonghwa where are you, where are you? {an2}- He's – [Together] Here! {an2}- Ya! {an2}- Okay

– Yeah {an2}- Wow {an2}- Yeosang {an2}- Yay! {an2}- It's me, it's me {an2}- Yeosang

{an2}- My turn {an2}- Okay – Okay {an2}- It's little bit hard {an2}- Okay

{an2}- You can do it – Okay (groans) {an2}- Okay – Wooyoung, right here {an2}- Okay! – Whoa

{an8}- It's not difficult {an8}Come on Come on – Ooh {an8}- Come on! {an8}- Hey

{an2}- Yunho, left hand – Okay {an2}- No! – No! {an8}- What? – Boo {an8}- Yeah, he's bad guy {an8}- Yeah

– Best friends {an2}- Without Mingi, we are best friends, yeah {an2}Turn! – Whoa! {an8}- Okay – Yeah {an2}(chanting Hongjoong) {an2}- Left hand, Mingi

– Left hand, Mingi {an2}- Bye, Mingi! {an2}- Okay, bye (cheers) {an2}- Everything – Oh, wow {an8}- I don't think so

{an8}- I don't agree – Yeah {an2}- I can't agree – He's liar {an2}- Right foot, right foot

– It's too easy, look {an2}(translated to English) – Hey man, this is really hard {an2}- Bew, boop Okay! {an2}- Okay – Left foot? {an2}- Ooh, where is– – Cross, cross

{an8}- He looks like Spider-Man {an8}- No, no problem! {an2}- Oh, my favorite superhero is Iron Man {an2}- Yeah! – Tony Stark {an2}(imitating Iron Man) {an2}- [Jongho] Okay! – [San] Okay! {an2}(groans) {an2}- See you next time {an2}- Help me

– Bye bye, Mingi {an2}- Okay, goodbye Mingi {an2}- Ooh! {an2}- Ooh! {an2}- Left hand Hongjoong? {an2}Where is he? {an2}- Hey, look at me {an2}(shouting) {an8}(cheers) {an8}- Bye, Mingi {an8}(mocking) {an2}- This is my turn? {an2}- Oh, no

{an2}- Ooh, ooh – Yeah! {an2}- Ooh! Nice, Jongho {an2}- Wow – Yunho, Yunho, Yunho {an2}- Left foot, San

{an2}- Wow {an2}(groans) {an8}(laughs) (applauds) {an8}- Yay! {an8}- Okay, I'm in {an8}(laughing) {an2}- Okay, okay {an2}- Right foot, San – Right foot, San? {an2}This here – Okay! {an8}- Okay

{an8}- My face {an2}(laughing) My face {an2}- Left hand, Jongho – Okay {an8}- I love you, Jongho

– Yeah {an8}- I will give a challenge {an2}- Right foot – Hey, that's me! {an2}I'm here! {an2}- San is sweat {an2}San is sweat

– Okay, I can do it {an2}- Oh, it's too easy {an2}- Oh – Left foot, Hongjoong {an2}- My face! – Okay, bye

{an8}- [All] Oh! {an8}- Oh, no! {an8}- Oh, my God (exclaims) {an8}- This is so strange – Oh no, dangerous {an2}- So weird – So hot

{an2}- So weird – So hot {an2}- Mingi is – Mingi {an2}(shouting) {an8}- [Producer] Jongho's the winner! {an8}- Okay! (all cheer) {an8}(chanting) – Jongho, Jongho, Jongho

{an8}Jongho, Jongho, Jongho, Jongho, Jongho, Jongho {an8}- Okay {an8}- San is dead {an8}(laughing) – I'm dead! {an8}(bell dings) – Oh, yeah! {an8}- I am nervous {an2}- I guest the first loser is Wooyoung

{an2}- Ah, okay {an2}- I! Me, me, me, me, me {an2}- I think Yeosang {an2}- Oh, no – No, no, no, no

{an2}No {an2}- Okay {an2}- Left hand, Mingi {an2}Where's Mingi {an2}- No! {an2}- What? {an8}(laughing) {an2}- Left hand, San, okay! {an8}- San! – Yeah! {an2}(laughs) {an2}(laughing) {an8}- [Hongjoong] Oh my face! {an8}- [Yeosang] Oh my face, oh my God

{an8}- Hello, hello {an2}- Yeah – Yeah {an2}- Everybody is a great dancer {an8}- Yeah, woo! {an2}- Woo! – Woo! {an2}- Okay

{an2}- Bye {an8}- Eight makes one team – Yes {an8}- Hurry up, hurry up (laughing) {an8}Please! {an8}- Are you artist? {an8}- Oh my god! {an8}- Are you singer? {an8}- Are you artist? {an8}- Are you singer? {an8}- Fast please

Fast please {an8}- Help me {an8}- Excuse me {an8}- Hello, Yeosang {an8}- Oh my god

{an8}- Excuse me {an8}- Hey! {an2}- Oh – Ooh! {an2}- I love chicken – I really love chicken, {an2}very, very {an2}I love you

{an2}- Oh, yeah, yeah {an2}- Yeah! {an2}- Okay {an2}- Yeosang – I'm here {an2}- No

– I'm here {an2}I'm– – Whoa! {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Bye {an2}- Oh my god {an2}- Okay (laughing) {an8}(groaning) (laughing) {an8}(groaning) {an8}(laughing) {an2}- Yes

(laughing) {an8}(laughing) {an8}(shouting) {an2}- Yeah! {an2}- Help me! {an2}- Left foot {an2}- Oh, Yeosang is standing up {an2}- Okay – Ooh {an8}- Oh, my God

{an8}Oh, my God {an8}(laughing) {an8}(laughing) {an2}(groaning) {an2}- Oh, out, out! – Ooh! {an8}- Out – Oh! {an8}- He out {an8}(laughing) {an8}- You're dead {an2}(groans) {an2}- Right hand, Yeosang, okay

{an8}(shouting) {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Okay, sorry {an2}- Right hand, Hongjoong {an2}(laughing) {an2}(groans) (laughs) {an8}- Okay, okay, okay {an8}(laughing) – Oh! {an8}(laughing) – Yay! {an8}- Okay – Yeah, yeah, my boy! {an8}(grunting) {an8}- Okay

{an8}- Wow, very scary {an8}Scary {an8}- Yo, fight! {an2}- Okay {an2}Okay – Mingi

{an2}(laughing) This here {an2}- Okay – Oh {an2}- Right foot, San, okay {an2}- Nice to meet you! {an2}- Okay

{an2}- Okay – Okay {an2}- Okay {an2}(groaning) (laughing) {an8}- Ho Ho – Two ho

{an2}- Left foot {an2}- Okay {an2}- Goodbye, Jongho {an2}- Okay, bye {an8}- [Together] Oh! {an2}- My face! {an2}- Left foot

– You can do it! {an2}- [Together] Whoa! {an8}- He's here {an2}(grunting) – Ooh, man {an2}Okay! {an8}(groaning) {an8}Spider-Man, Spider-Man {an8}(laughing) – I love him {an8}- Okay

– Yeah, perfect {an2}- Left hand, Yunho – Yunho? {an2}Oh, this here – Oh! {an2}- Okay {an2}- Right foot

{an2}(grunting) {an8}- Push – Okay {an2}Okay {an8}(cheering) {an8}(all chanting) {an8}- Yunho, Yunho! {an8}(chanting) {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Game key: Jeong Yunho {an8}- Take that, take that, take that

{an8}- This is mine! – Take that, okay! {an8}Let's go! {an8}- Bye! {an8}- Bye! – Bye! {an8}- Bye! {an8}- Bye!

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