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    ASMR 궁금해서 먹어봤어요 UFO우주캔디 먹는색종이3가지맛


    Hello, I am Heb(hebiscus) Today I'm going to have a UFO-shaped space candy and food colored paper Pink tastes like strawberry

    Can you feel the texture? It's name is colored paper, but stronger than I thought It's an apple-flavored colored paper It's harder to eat than I thought, so it'll take a long time to finish the whole bag I don't know what it's gonna taste like I've tried it, but I don't know

    I'll read the ingredients labeling It just says "Fruits" I think it's a mixed flavor I'll try three things at once Space candy Inside the candy is a sour-flavored powder I will show you

    The taste is the same, even though the colors are different Can I have three at a time? to be hard Today's eating show is more delicious and fun than I thought What's that look for?hahaha I had a good meal today Thank you

    Source: Youtube

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