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Asian American Woman Brutally Attacked In New York City | NBC Nightly News


  1. They deleted comments unbelievable. As I said mental health issues aren’t addressed well in America. Same for guy in At.lanta

  2. The guy who attacked this women also killed his owned mother two decades ago and was on lifetime parole. His name is Brandon Elliot, this person already a killer that roam the streets. There are issues bigger than racism here such as the employees who stood by effeminately. Those guys must be called out.

  3. This bs us gov is so predictable we know this is a state act right i mean common! someone states big bosses/CIA behind this, its too obvious this is well planned but predictable all the attackers selling their souls for money and false patriotism and even worst the attackers are promised to be freed in jail immediately incased they're captured by police. There's one way to prove intels from the russians and chinese or asian-american justice gang abduct those attackers and t*rture them until they speak out who's behind this attacks.

  4. What do liberals want they hate masculinity but then want men to step up when people go crazy. Sorry we ha a generation of boys in this country now.

  5. i just can't believe this fools just watched and closed the door on that beaten old lady. Big SOBs that hide!

  6. I understand why the man closed his door: because if she died in his
    business then the police will close it down as a crime scene plus if he
    gets involved the business can be sued. So I can understand why the
    store guy closed his doors for legal reasons Smart man!

  7. Mainstream Media is responsible for the hate, racism and division in America!
    They keep blaming President Trump for these anti-Asian hate-crimes and yet… this attacker is CLEARLY not a Trump supporter.

  8. This an outrage I'm afraid to let my mom walk by herself now. Is this what we have become now? I'm so ashamed to call myself as a New Yorker.

  9. America shouting for human rights violation in the Philippines and yet this is what happening in America's own soil,? What a joke..!

  10. Shame shame America… America has still a mind dieses… Dark skin people still suffering in USA. An exsoldier shown his scars to prove himself patriot… America should stop lecturing others about democracy…

  11. Suspect black
    Security guard black
    Passersby black
    Victim=65 year old Filipino female
    CNN still believes White Supremacist responsible

  12. These lawmakers saying to criminals just stop it and slapping them on the hand like a parent disciplining a child not to curse or something. Like they will really listen. I got a solution for the defunding law enforcement is bring back Alcatraz or make the prison life harsher and no family or friend visitation period for the severity of the crime no and if or buts period.

  13. Did they find and arrest the person?

    Imagine this is what we have come to, they witnessed someone brutally attacked and they just close the door and walk away.

  14. Deblasio, you stand back and watch everyday of your life. Letting criminals out and supporting terrorist groups.

  15. 50 million dollars the weekend get Justice for any black murders this is sad. Stop attacking Asians stop killing blacks who died and left these white men in charge?

  16. 🔴 LMAO let's be honest pathetic Trumpsters started the jealousy and hate because Asian Americans does better than them academically, make much more than them afterward and China is going to past them economically (how is this different from GER 1930s) NEXT TIME THEY NEED HELP ON HOMEWORK YEAH

  17. 🔴 LMAO let's be honest pathetic Trumpsters started the jealousy and hate because Asian Americans does better than them academically, make much more than them afterward and China is going to past them economically (how is this different from GER 1930s) NEXT TIME THEY NEED HELP ON HOMEWORK YEAH

  18. 🔴 Trumpsters started the jealousy and hate because Asian Americans does better than them academically and China is going to past them ecomonically NEXT TIME THEY NEED HELP ON HOMEWORK YEAH

  19. Some of yall comment as if you are really going to take action when in situations such as this,these people do not even try to stop anything,sometimes if you are scared to stop violence,try to at least bring the people around you to the scene,i did it once when i saw an attack so could you too.there is strength in people together

  20. Asians will NEVER support BLACKS LIVES MATTER anymore….i regret supporting that too before…

  21. Watch.Doesn't matter gender,nationality,orientation of the citizens.All relations of between citizens should be considered and decided by the court and the lawyers of citizens. It's the foundation of modern society.

  22. He said "you don't belong here" and they're still contemplating if it was a hate crime.

    I would like to remind everyone that chauvin didn't say anything racist and his incident was immediately called a hate crime. To the point people got hurt/killed and homes and businesses were destroyed.

    Please understand the masters don't care about any of us unless we can benefit them. That's why they're backing blm because they give them most of the donations instead of black neighborhoods or businesses. Even the ones they helped destroy.

  23. It sounds like much of the focus is on the security guards that did not help rather than the perp. If the prep was white the media would be quick to meantion it and speak about white supremacy. The media molds how people in this country think as a whole. There are enough people in jail and in the cemetery trying to be the good sumeritian. Certain states you shouldn't help namely California and New York because it may not be good for your health.

  24. Its time that the US president should more focus on this situation to punish those anti asians to provide heavy cases of perpetrators in the society to be determine as a lifetime imprisonment which perhaps nor money cannot be buy justice and must be done according to law and order! This frame shows how US President is in focus on his own government individually and take heavy punish directly to eradicate perpetrators and evildoers as much as possible!

  25. we americans should rephrase our anthem "… the land of the racist and home of the Be-eL-eM……"

  26. Arm yourself and carry, when every bad person is shot and killed because they wanna harm you for no reason. All be left are good obeying majority of Americans of all color

  27. The attacked on the 65yr old woman is so disturbing and painful to watch, but the 3 guys who just watched and didn't do nothing and even closed the door from the old woman gave me some sleepless night.

  28. Pretty interesting that the media hasn't mentioned what race it is. If the assualt was from a white person then they would be plastering it everywhere. Also the cowards should honestly have been beaten up. Disgusting people

  29. Murderer of his own parent dressed all spiffy out and about going merrily along streets of ny? She should sue for 1 trillion and she’ll win woohoo

  30. such behaviors are the result of improper upbringing of parents because if they were raised properly they are not such people without respect for the elderly. Please repent for the cruel things you are doing to Asians. You have no right to be hurt, even if it is Asian or a different race.

  31. White racist black, black racist yellow, this rasict circle must be cut off, the law enforcement & government just to late to react, should it be a Street Justice or kind of???
    We have to stand & fight together against those hater.
    Punishment must be tune much heavier & promote it to let the community know if you do this you could be sentanced to this or that.

  32. She suffered multiple head stitches and a broken pelvis. Atleast, severe harm could have been prevented if those three grown up men intervene, instead of closing the door. I know how it feels being in crowd, in need of help but people just look at you on the eye with blank face and do nothing, so pity.

  33. What is so special about New York City? I see a lot of evil in New York. Even the doorman is evil. What would be reason closing the door on her like that? They all have the same seared conscience.

  34. A brutal jail violence is happening today with the oppositions lieder Alexei Navaljnyi! It is a need for helping this brave man!

  35. Where are all the BLM crybabies now???

    Many Asians get assaulted and nobody bats an eye.
    One black man gets attacked and everyone loses their mind.


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  37. Anyone who was suspected with hate crimes should be charged for damages and put them in prison for Life without parole.
    And They should not to receive any Stimulus packages or money from the government.

  38. All I'd really gathered from reading about this was that no race was mentioned so the perp couldn't of been white.

  39. Filipino are mostly nurses and healthcare provider
    I guess They need Filipino nurses from Philippines To be hired in United States after all The Filipino Asian attack

    Healthcare Insurance Pls

  40. What's the name of the company where after the attacker left the employees/owners just closed the door on her laying their suffering?

  41. And thats the meaning of blacklivesmatter you are a trailor of motherland !
    Try to come here in asian letsee also,

  42. I understand the attacks against Asian Americans are up. What about the violent attacks against Whites are they up also? NBC talking heads you seem to for get the Whites, Latino, Jews? Do your ducking job.

  43. Bring back the draft. This generation of ignorant people will understand the true cost of FREEDOM. I'm a Filipino American Army VETERAN OEF(OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM). My father is a disabled Filipino American retired Navy VETERAN. My father and I earned our FREEDOM and I won't let any racist ignorant people take that away from us by any means necessary.

    Carry On! Have a blessed day
    #StopAsianHate #AAPI

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  46. I am Asian from the Himalayas and I love every one. I see everyone same plus life is very uncertain/very short. We are born to love and forgive those who commit mistake. May the attacker realize his mistake someday and I hope for the innocent elder woman’s speedy recovery. May all sentient beings be happy. Peace.

  47. the people in this country has a lot of issue ,we are vietnamese american or filipina american ,we are not chinese , even all the chinese american they are also a part of this country ,we are not covid 19

  48. प्रयागराज@मंत्री नन्दी और मेयर ने प्रयागराज भाजपा के सभी मंडल अध्यक्षों के साथ खेली होली।


  49. That man who attacked her is a monster, a demon. He doesn’t deserve to take up space among human beings.

  50. United Nations, what's your opinion, please? Any condemnation, or just normal to be ignored.

  51. Asian-American, start coloring yourself white and probably it will work for these haters who only know that they are of a superior bloody race who will also perish just like all of us. Whites hate blacks, blacks hate the Asian. What kind of people are these? I hate the American society to fall to grace just because of these few haters, non-achievers, parasites and disgraced by their parents and their society. USA's no. 1 adversary, an Asian giant, and superpower, will have every justification that the American society is full of haters, bigots, and untrustworthy people just because of these few haters.

  52. America is the most racist country on the planet! Thanks to Mr. Whitey. Nothing is going to change. Stay woke people a race war is coming. Instead of people of color turning against each other we need to come together and stand up against the real enemy and we all know who that is!! JS If Trump hadn't said China is the cause of the corona virus this would not be happening.
    Keep it real people.

  53. Hello.. first time here 🙂 pls stop hates all asian people all over the world… Why a foreigner and black foreigner hitting and hurting people.. and why they say bad words. Like that. And she was filipina woman. Many asian country all over the world.. we respect all foreigners come in our country.. and foreigners need to respect us too. we both human. We all God created…. Let's spread love and peace 😘🇵🇭 I'm asian woman too. From Philippines Watching from Manila Philippines 🇵🇭🌹 godbless

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