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Arturo blames Cardo for the misfortunes in their family | FPJ's Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)


Looks like Cardo and sis are in a lot of trouble That's the sad reality in our country, son

Those who wish to serve the peopleare being made to suffer for it But, son, I still believethat truth and goodness will prevail Where's Clarice?! Why isn't she with you? You said you'd rescue her from Cardo! That sneaky bastard! Damn him! I don't want to lose our daughter! Don't ever say that! I will exhaust all of my resources to get Clarice back

And that's not all I'll have that bastard, Dalisay, killed I'll kill him, his family, and everyone helping him! Art? Have you taken Clarice back? I really thought we'd end Dalisay this time [SIGHS] To think he still managed to escape from your powerful clutches! All my life, I've always protected my children Ever since they were little, I've never let them experience any suffering, and I always made sure their bullies would pay! What are we even doing here? It's so boring! And this place looks isolated! That's exactly why we're here, Miss

We're hiding Why can't you just let me go? This place will drive me nuts! If I only knew this would happen to me, I wouldn't have rescued Cardo Uh, Miss Sir Cardo's a really good person, you know Don't worry I'm sure he'll let you go home soon Don't blame yourself for what happened, Art Oh, I won't, madam

There's only one person to blame And it's that bastard Dalisay! Exactly Dalisay has done nothing but ruin all our plans That's why we should plan our next move more carefully We're in a very difficult situation

We've gone up against the government And I'm sure they'll stop at nothing to find us By the way, Cardo, how are Flora and the others? Don't worry, Grandpa I made them stay at Grandma Nena's They'll be safe there

That's good to hear We can still get in touch with them Dalisay has outsmarted us too many times At this rate, we'd go down in defeat! Don't worry, Lily That will never happen while I'm here

But I didn't expect you'd get outsmarted again Then again, you weren't trained to catch people like Dalisay Are you mocking me, Renato? I'm just worried for my daughter She must be suffering right now! Let's not get on each other's nerves We have to work together

So, what now? Are you asking me for more suggestions? Even if I come up with brilliant plans, they will all just end up in vain if you fail to carry them out properly And don't be mad, Arturo Be realistic I just want you to be careful So, what is your bright idea?

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