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Art announces to the public that Cardo kidnapped Clarice | FPJ's Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)


Thank you, Lord, for keeping Cardo safe But why is Padua's daughter with him? Did Cardo kidnap her? How'd that happen? – I have a job for you

– What is it, sir? Go to Ricardo Dalisay's family – Find out where they're hiding – Yes, sir Let's settle your fees later I need the information first

– Can I count on you? – Sir, I'll handle it Okay Villafuerte They're already having dinner I'm hungry

Let's join them Didn't you hear Cardo? He said we should watch her And follow her wherever she goes So, we have to wait until she decides to eat – Did you find anything? – Sir

I'm at their compound It's empty What do you mean? Sir, the house is abandoned

Most of their belongings are gone They left in a hurry I'm sure they're all with Dalisay Ask around Find out the people who are connected to Cardo

So we can track that animal down Yes, sir Missaren't you hungry? Come on, let's eat Go eat by yourself

I don't want to eat I don't like the food here Miss, stop being mean to us We're doing this to protect you We're not going to hurt you

We're good people You're good people? What do you call this then? Isn't this kidnapping? I have to go home My dad's looking for me Let me go Miss, we can't

If we let you go, your dad will know where we're hiding Do I look like I'd rat you out? Would that even do me any good? I just want to go home! Miss, just do as you're told We'll let you go home eventually Whatever – Art

– Madam What's this, huh? You can't appear before the press looking like that Could you fix yourself? And who told you I'm going to face them? I know that our enemies have your daughter But you have to stay strong, Art Madam

Do you know how it feels to have your child taken from you? Clarice is still alive, okay? That wretched Task Force Agila just happens to have her So, will you let them win? If I were you, Art, I'd use those reporters outside to my advantage to let the whole country know what Dalisay did to you and to make everyone hate him for what he did! [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Look, the secretary's here Sir

Mr Secretary– I will make this quick Cardo Dalisay and Task Force Agila kidnapped my daughter

Do you know what their motives are? Cardo Dalisay held my daughter hostage to help him escape As a parent, I am extremely worried about my child's life and safety Especially when Dalisay and his groupare like savage animals on the loose Do you have any message for the public, sir? I am appealing to you all as a parent to inform the authorities immediately should you have any information on where Cardo Dalisay and his group are hiding

Right now They are number one on the country's most wanted list, as their group is a threat to society, and they are very dangerous – Now, if you'll excuse me

– One last question, sir

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