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[Arknight]breaking the fourth wall ! Rhodes island know we are the player ?


Hey doctors ! I am Mustard Arknight is a very interesting game

not only the game is fun but also full of Easter eggs today let's watch the first is a in again Because I don’t get the Arknight global CBT license so I used Chinese videos I will translate the different parts to English When finishing the first mission “???” jump off the game and log in again It will show the special plot I mean AMYIA said what just happened Doctor doesn’t say anything as the whole time stopped ??? "According to the recode, Doctor switches the running APP" AMYIA say I see,Then let Doctor return to the situation just now

Now we know at least AMYIA and ??? know we are not in the same world We can guess the ??? is PTRS But the question is: Who am I? Who is “doctor”?

Source: Youtube

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