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Area 51 and Aliens – Everything you need to know about it


The military base where the United States keeps secrets from both its people and the world public, he has repeatedly been the subject of films and series And do you know why the word is so full of conspiracies? On July 8, 1947, an incident took place in the town of Roswell in the US state of New Mexico and sparked one of the greatest conspiracy theories in modern history

Rescue pilot Kenneth Arnold searching for a fallen plane in the Cascade Mountains in the western part of the United States reported seeing 9 flying disk-like objects a few days before UFO Days after this notification, the sheriff of the town of Rosewell, about 3,000 kilometers away He said an object that could not be understood was dropped on a farm in town The object was declared a meteorological balloon The public was curious because the pilot's testimony in Washington was made available to the press a few days ago, and the alien flurry of the people reached its peak The wreckage of the accident in Rosewell was removed by the US Army This is where the 51st District was involved The UFO wreck was taken to Area 51

No evidence of debris was shared with the public Since then, that region has been home to one of the world's greatest conspiracy theories The actual military and research base is said to be underground, not on the surface It doesn't make sense to make everything that happens in such a sheltered area visible from the satellites The area's private security has the authority to shoot everyone, including senior soldiers

There are special bodyguards in the area called Cammo Dudes, who are described as military personnel These military personnel have no ranks Therefore, even if the person approaching and not listening to warnings is a senior military officer, they have the authority to shoot him Boyd Bushman is a scientist who works in the 51st Region and tells all the facts of the region shortly before his death Bushman said he has seen the 51st district center, which has been repeatedly rejected by US officials

and a group of scientists working on the structure of aliens In his video, Boyd Bushman noted the photos as evidence, pointing to two types of aliens seized in the center of Area 51 He distinguished these two groups as those who showed closeness and hostility to the world Boyd Bushman claimed that the aliens had long fingers and webbed feet and that they came from a planet called Quintumnia Boyd Bushman supported his claim with pictures of aliens and UFOs

One of the most important information he explained was that most of the aliens living in Region 51 are 250 years old or older and 18 work for the United States Boyd Bushman said the US government recognizes aliens said aliens will try to destroy high-population areas of the world thus, they aim to control the remaining less populated areas more easily Here are some mysterious alien images So you're human? I'm an evolutionary family So you evolved from us? Yeah So what are you doing here now? OBSERVATION Don't forget to subscribe to support our channel

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