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AQ3D Breaking Benjamin Battle Concert Guide! ALL 54 Drops & Items! AdventureQuest 3D MMO RPG


Closed Captions/subtitles brought to you by: Bailey 🙂 (Happy, electronic music) [Bailey] There's a new Breaking Benjamin Meet and Greet! You can buy a ticket for $0 Gold And if you have a ticket from the last concert event, it will automatically be update for this event

Here, you can get to know the band members of Breaking Benjamin Bryce Platinum is located here now too and he has two new Guitars in 'Concert Crafting' And if you didn't get the Rocker Dravir Travel Form at the last concert, it's back now! You can visit Jane for the Breaking

Benjamin Concert Shirt Quest The Quest is completed by defeating the Monsters and Bosses in the concert When you enter the concert, you'll notice a yellow portal and a blue portal

We're supposed to each choose which portal we want, and fight for the Boss we want to appear But, the Players had something different in mind (Use Blue Server for blue portal and Eclipsion boss

Use Yellow Server for yellow portal and Pulsarian boss Use Red Server for both/to battle each other for winning boss) There are 54 drops in this concert! The Energy Swords, Halos, Wings, (and Heads,) are Guardian-only There are also three new Titles! (video linked at the end & in description)

Source: Youtube

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