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ANTHA (ಅಂತ)- Kannada Short Film 2019 | Thriller | Reach Entertainment | English subtitles (CC)


What happened? I think i saw something I dont see anyone I get a sense that someone is watching us wait I need to pee Oh! Sorry to scare you Hello Sir! Hello! Sir, I work for KMF and had come for collection this way My friend was suppose to come, but he ditched me and phone battery is also dead If you dont mind, can you please drop me near a bus stop Sir, I am an executive sir! I am going through rough day today phone battery is also dead, please drop me near a bus stop

Do one thing, i will give me phone you can call someone! Sir, these days who remembers phone numbers I dont even remember my wife's number okay, get in Sir, where do you work? I am work for a bank thats cool, sir, can you please get me a loan Its a cool job sir, Look at my life, i have to keep roaming acros the towns for collection First installment, they pay on time, after that i need to roam around them

Just for 25,000 i have to come all the way I am also waiting for some opportunity, I plan to start a business in 2 years What is this Sir? My car is so dirty Looks like havent cleaned it for years Madam, Is that buscuits? Can i have some? Do you mind not leaning to my seat? Can you move back? Sir, can you please change the channel I get headache when Rapid Rashmi (RJ) talks Please sit back

<<Singing>> Sir, poor fellow Rakshit Shetty People ditch! Cant trust anyone these days! Madam seems to be serious Doesnt talk much you are very lucky Sir, my aunt opened her mouth when she was born, till now she has not closed it you also seems to be serious Doesnt laugh much! This song is of our veteran actor Rajanna, evergreen song sir

Can you please sit back Madam, you are wearing 3 rings in one finger Sir, did you vote? Madam, how about you? can you please get down and get help from somebody else Sir, please look over, not even 1 vehicle I see on the road Sir, just drop me at the bus stop Sir, you want me to keep quite? I wont talk sir please sir you have become a burden for us What was so hurry for you? I was pulling the car to side anyways because of you the car is of blood now Where are you people heading towards Neelsandra village near by Come we will drop you its okay No, its about to rain, we will drop you So how come you both are on this isolated road? We were collecting money for our grand-daughters marriage

Source: Youtube

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