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Animated Spider-Man – Funniest Moments


LORRAINE CINK: We have got the weirdest wall crawling '80s moments from Spider-Man, the animated series In 1981, that was a truly magical animated series that webbed the hearts of many, Spider-Man

From great quips to strange clips, here are our favorite weird and wonderful moments from Spider-Man in his 1981 animated series My spider sense tells me this cake isn't for eating It's for throwing! Your cake! I'm sure I'd have gotten the big bang out of it Hey, that's city property! So? I'm a taxpayer Stairways are for Peter Parker

Spider-Man can take a shortcut [GROWLING] See you later, alligator Sir, you on the ceiling, you can't board this plane without a ticket Don't worry I promise I won't get in the plane

[CLUNK] Sshh Some days it feels good being your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man I'll just use this pipe to– uh-oh You're no pipe I am now master of the world

Look, I don't care if you're master of Melvin's Supermarket When real spiders do this, it's called ballooning Hope it throws them off Look I'm not just a nut in long johns I go to college and everything

Hey, I thought you were standing guard outside Uh, I've got something to tell-a the kingpin Oh, yeah, sure And in sports today– Hey WOMAN: The picture's gone

MAN: It's the antenna A Spider-Man's work is never done Well, hey, kid's, pro tip, shush your chairs, because they're noisy Yeah, I don't want those chairs talking back to me I have an exploding cake, and I'll use it

Oh, well, listen, that is just the tip of the web for this amazing show So tell us some of your favorite moments with that hashtag, #EarthsMightiestShow And if you want even more wonderful, webbed weirdness, go check out Spider-Man, the animated series from 1981, over on the new streaming service, Disney+, where you can also catch tons of other Marvel animated series Yeah, we'll see you next time I'm Langston

I'm Lorraine And this is Marvel Your universe

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