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Animated Spider-Man – Best Entrances


LORRAINE CINK: We have the most spectacular entrances from Spider-Man, the 1981 animated series Wow, Spidey sure is something isn't he? [MUSIC PLAYING] Great, no windows to break

Guess again, web head [GLASS SHATTERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [THUD] You done great, Kingpin I'm not even perspiring Tomorrow Tomorrow

Hey Hurry! Before Spider-Man comes! Nevermind him! [ZAP] He'll– [GRUNTING] Tsk, tsk You shouldn't talk with your mouth full Shall I fetch your weapons, master? Yes

But first, comb your hair Your lack of grooming is intolerable Not bad, Petey, old boy Not bad [SCREECHING] The Vulture! What's happening? The weather report was for a perfect day

[WIND BLOWING] [THUD] [LAUGHTER] Fools The weather is perfect, but no one can forecast the coming of the Sandman [MUSIC PLAYING] Enjoy your meal, Sabretooth It'll be your last in a savage land [GROWLING] Out of my way! [SCREAMING] Hold it, folks

Have no fear Spidey's here Gee, don't everyone thank me at once Mommy! Help! Well, I ain't no mommy, but I know a cry for help when I hear one [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, we've all been there, right? You're shopping for men's clothes, and another grown man dressed as a vulture shrieks into the building

Yeah How else are you going to know you look good? Also, can I get me that outfit from Kraven? [LAUGHTER] I mean, there's no better way to wrestle anything, really You're not wrong Yeah, well listen We have only scratched the surface of this amazing show

But tell us some of your favorite moments with the hashtag #earthsmightiestshow And if you want even more of Peter Parker rocking that yellow turtleneck and a leisure suit, be sure to check out Spider-Man the animated series from 1981 on the new streaming service, Disney Plus, where you can also catch tons of other animated series That's right We'll see you next time I'm Langston

I'm Lorraine And this is Marvel– Your Universe Oh, who's flapping in now? No, enough Enough – [CAWWING] – Vulture, relax


Source: Youtube

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