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Andrew Neil accuses Nicola Sturgeon of 'breaking the law' after failed lawful promise – News 247


 In a BBC interview with party leaders ahead of next month's election, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon was grilled by Andrew Neil on Scotland's NHS promises The first minister previously said all "patients should receive treatements within 12 weeks" The guarantee for 100 percent of patients to receive that was written into law but Ms Sturgeon admitted: "We aren't meeting that target"   Host Andrew Neil said: “You made this target a legal guarantee I mean you or health minister been charged with breaking the law?” Speaking to the veteran interviewer on BBC One, Ms Sturgeon said: “It’s not a criminal law ” Mr Neil added: “But it’s a civil offence though

 “You’ve broken the legal guarantee ” Ms Sturgeon added: “We have set out £100 million to improve waiting time  “The audit Scotland report which you’ve quote to me as well, more patients are being seen within these targets than the year before " Mr Neil said: “What’s the point of the legal guarantee then? It means nothing, does it?” Ms Sturgeon replied: “Well there’s 1 8 million people since that came into operation that had been seen within that target  “15 million have benefited from that, it’s the point of having those kind of targets ”  Mr Neil added: “Well, you are way behind, you are 30 percent behind” She said: “All health services have these challenges, we’re here addressing these challenges  “In A&E for example we are way ahead than in other parts of the UK” Her comments come as the first Scottish opinion poll of the election campaign suggested a major Tory advance north of the border    Trending  The poll revealed a Conservative surge of seven points, holding 28 percent of the vote  The Panelbase poll of 1,009 voters in Scotland pointed to a collapse in support for Labour since the 2017 general election, from 27 percent to 20 percent  The news of a Scottish Conservative bounce have dashed Jeremy Corbyn’s hope Scottish voters could help him lead the biggest party at Westminster  An analysis of the poll reveals a surge in support since last month for the Scottish Tories since Boris Johnson secured a revised Brexit deal with the EU

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